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  1. Flinto is a toy really. It doesn't import SVG and it doesn't export html so it's a waste of time. You might be better off looking at Google Web Designer. It's similar FREE and is web compliant.
  2. Hahahaha, that would explain it thanks. I will use a different front / typeface. Thanks for the input.
  3. I am having issues with the font changing size in the same text box. I have tried with other fonts and it's the same problem. Currently, I'm using Bodoni 72 Oldstyle. I'm designing an old style watch face. The computer isn't playing up and everything else is behaving properly. No matter what I do I can't get the last NÂș, 8 (for the year) in this case, to be the same size as the others in the same text box. I have another text box for the day and month and I have copy and pasted that and tried to change it for the year but no, it's the same. I thought that perhaps I had somehow formatted the text box but apparently not. In the uploaded file I have the third text box which I don't need and that too is showing the same problem. Weird. Thank you in advance. Nige. oval classic clock face..afdesign
  4. Thank you. I'm learning how to make SVG elements animatable and interactive on triggers for webpages. The idea is that different things (animations) happen on scroll and mouse events.
  5. For some reason, some SVG elements keep turning into images? The file I have uploaded is part of a bigger illustration. However, whenever I export it as an SVG it turns into a png (i think) and the quality is terrible. I have opened the file up in Brackets a free Adobe code editor and reading the code you can see it's a PNG. Is there a workaround? I have also included the greater picture (not finished) and it looks like everything below the eye level is images. Thank you very much for your prompt response. I have noticed that this has been happening all the rime but now I'm turning pro and it can't continue really. JUST DECKING SVG.svg broads-animation.htm 01-2 NORFOLK BROADS WINDMILL.afdesign 01-2 NORFOLK BROADS WINDMILL.svg
  6. I have recently become aware of the ability to animate SVG (Affinity Designer) for the web. There are applications coming out that make it really easy, however, the file size is a serious problem if you intend to have your work in a web page as Affinity does not offer the reduction of file size. Here is a youtube video I made on 09/03/2018. It is impressive what one can achieve. This is a concept for a web homepage. If you look closely there is some really subtle animation. The balloon has a flame which gets turned on and off to make it rise, the balloon also changes size in that as it moves away into the air it gets smaller. The clouds in places are semi-transparent. Also, the sun has a haze around it which disperses as the sun bets higher in the sky. All these really subtle changes make for huge file sizes. One online SVG animator which is still in beta is svgator.com which is free but limited. I have included a file of a puppy wagging its tail and turning its head which I animated in svgator. Just drag the (1A 76 questioning puppy.svg) file onto a web browser and it will automatically play and is on infinite loop. You have to export the files as an SVG from Affinity Designer and then upload that file into the svgator system. The head, body and tail have to be different and separate files to be able to animate them: i.e. the head would be nested in affinity designer the body would be nested and so would the tail. Exported as SVG and then imported to your animator of choice and there are many out there some free. 1A 76 questioning puppy.svg
  7. I downloaded your file and it caused my AD to crash instantly too. I couldn't even see what you had. I have 16 gig of ram so should have enough memory. When I do very complicated designs I make use of PNGs (I believe you can also 'save as flattened'. That combines the work but you can't then go back and rework that file). So once I have a more or less finished design I turn whatever I can into a png open another file and import what I have to that file. I can still go back to the original file to work on it if need be. My experience is that my computer can't cope with long periods of heavy design work so I 'save as' and restart the computer on a regular basis. If you look at the design I have uploaded each flower is a png. The software just couldn't cope with that amount of data. I notice you're using the term 'Inkscape'. Are you using Inkscape and then importing files into AD?
  8. I use a Huion pen display drawing tablet. I can hold the tip of the pen over a brush sample (Jef Brown) and the name of the sample shows. See image (it works with a mouse too). I am making a sample sheet of what the brushes do and their names and under what section so I can find them again in the future. Not the best solution but you soon get to know what you are looking for.
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