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  1. Thanks! I'm not sure if you have any idea, but are there plans to add that to the Windows version?
  2. Hm. It didn't let me type after I @'d you. Sorry if this is silly, but how do I even select an artboard? I forgot to mention that I am in Affinity Photo, in case you were thinking that I was in Designer.
  3. Hello! I've searched around on the forums, but haven't found a clear answer. I'm aware you can rotate the canvas/artboard with the "Rotate Left/Rotate Right" features that move it 15 degrees but is there a smooth rotation option? I've also heard it called continuous rotation. Sorry if this has already been answered.
  4. Another interesting note - sometimes the layer is there, but I have to dig for it around those layers I mentioned earlier: https://i.imgur.com/0OEvUJC.gifv
  5. Hello! I designed a little scene in AD, and put everything on its own layer(as you would in AI when importing to AE): Each element is separated out, for example: To my knowledge, the current way to get separated layers into AE, is to use .PDF, which seems to work perfectly(also note that with "Karma" selected in AE, it highlights exactly what I want): However, which I convert the layer into Shape Layers using "Create Shape Layers from Vector Layer," the "Karma" text completely goes away and it adds vectors from I don't know where along with a grey background: Karma is no where to be found in the Shape Layers groups and it added layers from somewhere else. It appears that "Facts & Trivia" and those 5 images get put on every layer that I break apart. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong here?
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