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  1. Hello. This bug is still present in version 2. Are there any plans to fix it?
  2. Exactly! In Corel Draw, when you pick a color with the color picker tool, it picks the color and also whether is a RGB, CMYK, PANTONE color, etc.
  3. Thanks carl123 for the link. I can't afford a Mac right now Hopefully Serif can solve this problem in the near future. The workaround proposed in the post with multiple strokes is fine but it is not ideal because the line of the arrows is of a different thickness than the main line.
  4. Hi. Why does the size of the arrowheads depend on the thickness of the line? I would like to draw lines with a thickness of 0.2 pt, but even if you give a size of 500% to the arrowheads, they are very small. I am doing something wrong?
  5. Hi HenrikM. If you feel the application is not what you need its Ok. I think the transition you want is not called fade but blend (or something like that: in my language (spanish) it appears as "mezcla"). I attach you a video so you can see how it looks. Maybe that transition is not present in the free version. Regarding to the license server, I disconnected for a while and worked with the application and I had not problems. In the forum they say the Internet Connection is required to activate the software, and it just shouldn't do it again unless you change your hardware. By the way: the company is producing this kind of software since 1987. But again, you should work with a software you feel well. I hope you can find it. Greets! blend.mp4
  6. Hi HenrikM. Have you tried Softmaker Office (Presentations)? https://www.softmaker.com/en/softmaker-office-presentations - The licence can be bought in a one time purchase. - It's not dependant on the Internet. It runs on your computer. - The quality is pretty good (performance, compatibility with MS Office, etc.). I use it and I have no complains till now. Also, there is a free version (FreeOffice) with some limitations but it let you try its features before buy the complete version. Edit: The price of the complete version is very affordable too.
  7. This is a good suggestion. There is a studio panel Styles, where you can even create new styles for objects, but you can't edit they for update all objects where applied it. +1
  8. Hi Pšenda. The nudge is the ability to move objects by selecting they and using the cursor keys to change they position (optionally plus SHIFT key, to modify the relative distance the object is moved). I attach an image of the section where you can configure these distances (normal and modified with SHIFT). I really would appreciate if one more modifier can be defined in preferences (with CTRL key). Thanks.
  9. +1 for change the position of the guides through the Transform Panel +1 for move guides by selecting and using the cursor keys (nudge distance)
  10. Hi. I really find useful if you can configure two nudge distance modifiers in Preferences (like in Corel Draw). For example: Nudge Distance (normal): 1 mm Nudge Distance (Shift): 10 mm Nudge Distance (Ctrl): 0.1 mm
  11. Hi. I open this topic here because a few days ago I commented about a bug in the forum of the beta version of Affinity Designer, but I should open it here. The color picker tool has precision problems when selecting colors (especially in CMYK documents; in RGB documents it has them but they are less frequent). When you select a color and apply it, the HSL values change. I attach a video so you can see what I'm talking about. In the video I do two tests: the first with a CMYK document (press ready) and the second with an RGB document (print). In each of the tests I take two samples and apply them. In CMYK, it fails both times. In RGB only the second one fails. See the HSL values in Color Panel. Please, check this bug as it is present in all applications: Designer, Photo and Publisher. The color picker tool is a basic tool that should have precision when taking samples. It should pick the exact color, not just a similar one. Thanks! color_picker.mp4
  12. I agree too. Yesterday Tom Schülke posted something similar to this: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/79462-i-wished-that/
  13. Hello. It would be useful if the print dialog had an option to center horizontally and vertically when using N-Up layout. That way you has not to calculate the top and left distance manually. I attach an image to clarify.
  14. Hi Petar. I understand what you say now. You mean freely edit a master page object on any page, only for that page. Anyway, I think is good that certain properties of master pages objects be locked by default to prevent accidentally move them (or change them) because master page objects are "suppossed to be the same on all pages", at least initially (of course with the possibility of unlock them). For me is a question of agility / safety that could be configured depending how the user feels more comfortable.
  15. Hi. The problem I see with this, is that you can accidentally move some master page element when working on a page and the mistake will propagate accross all pages. In my opinion turning on explicitly the edit mode is a safety step. To make all us happy, this behavior could be configurable under preferences.
  16. Hi Mark. In my case it synchronizes well (stroke width, stroke color, fill color) on both: shapes and curves. Are you sure you didn't switched off the Sync button accidentally?
  17. Hi Mr. K. Here is a workaround: Open the Glyph Browser and insert the character named "Glyph 1" before the "S" letter (using the same font that the text in your list). Now you can select the word "Step" and apply any style you want. The "Glyph 1" character does not add any extra space. The style of the number remains as it is.
  18. Hi Jennymac. Thank you for your answer. You can configure the nudge distance in Options/Snapping. I've tried to do what you say but when I open again the file, the position of the line (or shape) still remains in 40.001 (the 0.001 appears on 40th keystroke, not in 39th.). Anyway, PagePlus is a great software and I'll keep using it to things like color separation, imposition, data merge and other things Publisher has not implemented yet.
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