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  1. Thank you so much for this!! Select object/same was one of the few things i was missing the most. It will make my life so much easier as I'm often editing text and curves for professional printing. Now i can go home earlier thanks to you guys. Amazing stuff!!
  2. I heard there is a new currency in the market called "exposure".
  3. Hello guys, I'm on the latest 1.7 version in Affinity Designer. I noticed that when i select a color by dragging inside the color picker box i end up getting 3 different CMYK values as shown in the screenshot below. I think this is a bug, unless i'm missing something. Can someone explain what's happening? Thank you. Edit: When i minimize the Program window and then maximize it, it shows the correct color in the large picker box, but it doesn't refresh in the color tab on the right until i select another object.
  4. Here is what i did: Unpinned both Designer and Photo from taskbar, then i run the new versions and pinned them again after right clicking on the taskbar icon. (It didn't work pinning them from the start menu).
  5. I really like that "rasterize and trim" option takes the bleed into account. This is just perfect for me. Also finally rasterizing an image without cropping it to the page. Life saver update!! Oh and another one: Being able to resize a rectangle from the sides without having to zoom in and out. A BIG THANKS to the team.
  6. Hi Forum, I have a question about control handles, especially the ones on the short side - middle position. I often need to zoom in, in order to get them to appear, so i can resize a shape (horizontally in this example). Is there something i can do so all the handles are visible without having to zoom in? See the attachments for better understanding. Thanks.
  7. GabrielM That's it!! I've replaced the fonts and now it is working just fine! I had an older version in my home pc than the one in work. Thank you so much!!
  8. GabrielM Of course. Please note that if you select the text, the font name might seem correct, but the actual font is changed. You have to select the font again to be applied. I forgot to mention it earlier. Thank you.
  9. If you mean restarted, yes. This is the only problem in my workflow between home and work. It is huge for me because the files need to have open fonts for modifications after client reviewing and readjusting fonts sometimes takes too much time, depending on the file.
  10. Hello guys, I have noticed some weird font behaviour when opening an Affinity Designer file on a different computer.. Lets say i'm working in my house and i'm using the font Open Sans Condensed in example. Now when i try to open the same file on my work pc, having the exact same font installed, the text defaults (converted) to arial instead of the assigned font and i have to select all the text and chose Open Sans Condensed again to finally have the font assigned. Is there anything i can do to solve this? Does it happen to anyone else? I'm using the latest but it
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