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  1. i can't do a screen recording right now, but i followed the exact steps and made screenshots: this is the overview, a rectangle with the color value on the right in Designer and beside on the left is the snipping screenshot from the clipboard. website in the background and leftmost the snipping tool. here are eyedropper values directly from the build-in Designer tool. as you can see, it shows the wrong value outside of the application on the website color field and shows the right value on the clipboard file within Designer (but that field is visually wrong).
  2. i do see the same difference as stated initially of course -- the values are slightly different. the test image only verified that color management is working (no purple tint) with the programs that matter (the image viewer i mentioned was just to see the tint and does not matter). so the issue is not resolved! please note if there is anything confusing about the problem that i should elaborate on. also, the goal with working in SRGB for me is to land on the exact same color as apps that don't color manage as well, because the target apps that is designed for usually does not.
  3. hello @Gabe, i did open the provided image with both, my main browsers and Photo/Designer and they show full color. i also opened it in a regular image viewer that did show the tint, which wasn't present in the former cases.
  4. Hello, Colors appear different than expected/shown in other apps (including ones with color management). to illustrate this, i opened a website with a palette that shows the expected HEX values and used a color picker to confirm: pasting giving code to a field within Designer (also Photo) results in a visually different color, again confirmed with a color picker: the deviation is more noticeable with darker colors. i use the standard sRGB color profile as shown in this image: my display only covers the sRGB space and is calibrated towards that using DispalyCal (80 nits, D6500, 2.2 Gamma) OS: W10/64
  5. Salut, to fix the delay (worked for me), check out the updates on the first post here: Click Me. Cheers.
  6. Thanks for the info Parsec. Why they would not build in smoothing for brushes leaves me puzzled. To me, this seems to be one of the most basic features. How is one supposed to draw in this application with such badly looking lineart? Even when it comes to normal retouching, like drawing back some hair or similar. I want to get some feedback from the developers on this. Normally i would think that this is something they will fix and i just can wait, but since we have to pay for each major version, i don't want to sit on a version that i can't even use right now. Also, this app is out on Mac for quite a while, so if this was there from the start, which i'm not sure of, it would mean that this is of no big concern to Serif. In this case i have to make use of the 14 day refund i guess. What a shame. I hope i get some response to this soon.
  7. Hello pixelrain, thanks for replying, i would still like to know if it actually happens on your machine. Low polling rate should not be the problem here, at least from a hardware standpoint. Whatever it is, its a problem exclusive to Affinity Photo. Here are two reasons: - juicy hardware (Xeon E3 1231 3,4 GHZ, GTX 970 4GB, 16GB RAM, Samsung SSD, Intuos4 for input) - other software like Photoshop but also freeware like Mypaint or Krita and lots of others don't have this problem Even on older computers with way worse specs and old software like OpenCanvas this was never the case. Neither the roughness of the curves nor the delay (which is fixed as noted on top of the first post). It's definitely a problem with Affinity Photo itself. Of course i tried all the different Brush settings as well. 1% spacing is no problem speed wise, but its just as rough as any higher setting (above 25% it won't look like one line anymore anyway).
  8. Hello, i have a favor to ask of you, could anyone reply to this and tell me if the brush strokes are as rough as in the picture above for them? I really want to know if this is something just on my setup or if it effects everyone. My brush settings are a default hard brush with harness set down to 90 because 100 is a lot harder looking than on Photoshop for example. Just do some quick circles and you should see quite a difference compared to curves done with the pen tool when it comes to smoothness of the shapes. Thanks.
  9. Update: I managed to solve the delay problem by starting AP while holding CTRL and clearing all settings. The rough strokes are still present. Also the faster you draw, the more edgy (rough) the curve will get. Update 2: Another Useful note for people who have problems with the delay: A thing you might want to do, is to rename the file "c:\Windows\System32\wisptis.exe" to something like "c:\Windows\System32\wisptis.exe_". This is the file responsible for a build in (Windows) Tablet Service which causes a delay by itself, different from the delay that is exclusive to AP. It was spawning for me every time with Affinity Photo, no matter which settings i changed in order to prevent that from happening. So renaming was the only viable solution for me. ------------------------------------------------------ Hello there, i'm glad to see the Affinity line on Windows, but i have some problems in Affinity Photo. First of all, the brush stokes are delayed for about 100ms (roughly estimated). Rapid strokes as in writing text becomes a hard task. Also, maybe because of this, in the time of the delay, the part of the line you are drawing (within that delay) will be drawn as a perfect straight line, even if you try to do circles for instance. To top it off, the brush stokes themselves look very rough, and curves are not smooth at all. you can clearly see fractions of straight lines that make out the curves you want to draw. These problems are not present in other, similar applications. I want to mention that, different to other applications i tried, the brush looks very pixelated on settings near 100 for hardness. this could be intentional, but i wanted to include it. - Tests are done with a Intuos4 and a Trackball with the same results - I'm on the latest version as i'm writing, - Windows 7, 64 Bit Best regards.
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