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  1. Thanks Walt, I feared as much. The only alternative would be to use A3 Landscape 'pages' ... but sorting out what goes where would be a problem.
  2. Is there any way I can force viewers to view my PDF magazine pages side by side, please? Obviously, double page spreads are wasted if the file is viewed in single pages. I need a way to export it so viewers get the full effect! Thanks.
  3. Idiot me, yes 260. OK, I'll go back to the Help file and see if I can! David
  4. But that's not what I see on my version - Doesn't work, either, unfortunately! Have I not got the latest version? David
  5. Yes - it would be nice to just tap CTRL-U or whatever to get there. Hi Walt, thanks for helping.
  6. Is this possible in AP? The Help file suggests that it isn't. I hope someone can prove me wrong! Just a key combination to open the Edit Hyperlink/Hyperlink Properties dialog. Otherwise I'll have to look into macros ... 😞 David
  7. Thanks - yes, I just wondered if I could do it in Publisher, rather than using Photo. No probs.
  8. OK, no rush - I've saved my cutout as a PNG instead, which works fine when I drop it in. Still - if you get an image with a white background, CAN you make the background transparent instead of white - in Publisher? David
  9. I've made a gif with a transparent background. When I place this in AffPub the background shows as white. How do I show it as transparent, so I get the cutout I intended, please? David
  10. Good guess Bruce! Stupid ... Mind you, I still can't see the difference if I set the document to RGB. I've played around with the screen settings too. And the colour picker still shows just the same values for the page and the image background. D
  11. Advice please. I have an image with a dark background and I placed it in the centre of the page, which I wanted to be the same dark colour so the edges of the image wouldn't show. I used a colour picker to check the colours were the same - but when it came back from the printers it shows as a dark background image on a slightly lighter page. Not the end of the world but annoying (I didn't get a proof this time). Interestingly, the image background when in Publisher picks as RGB 28,26,27, so that's what I set the page to - hence the problem. But the same image in PSP 2019 picks as RGB 24,24,24. I'll know next time but - a) does anyone know why the same colour should pick wrongly in Publisher? Surely there must be a reason for this? and - b) am I doing anything obviously wrong? David
  12. Thank you very much for going to all that trouble haaakoo. It looks like what I've been doing but I'll try it with a new image! David
  13. Thanks D but it's the first I want, like the top does here - I select the image. I select the Fill Tool - or I select the Fill Tool and then Type>Linear - and the image goes monochrome, which is not what I want. There may be a horizontal gradient adjustment line from side to side (I want a vertical gradient). Playing with the Gradient dialog I can get a vertical gradient but only monochrome. I can't keep the original colours with a vertical gradient - each time I come out of one to go to the other dialog it goes wrong. Version
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