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    Lance617 reacted to ChrisatBRIL in Open PagePlus (*.ppp) files   
    Yes, agreed very much. Those of us who have been very loyal Serrif users (for decades!) should not be forgotten. I am really surprised that you did not think of this right from the start, especially given the similarity of design and layour of your new Publisher. It means those of us with legacy documents that might be very important will have to maintain PagePlus and the new Publisher. So please don't just put this on the backburner, but get on and implement it.
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    Lance617 reacted to Sam Neil in Open PagePlus (*.ppp) files   
    I too love to see this feature (even as a plugin)
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    Lance617 reacted to Allan PW in Open PagePlus (*.ppp) files   
    Please, please, pretty please! The structure, from what I've seen, is very like Pageplus and I've got years of stuff in that. Recreating a lot of text and document formats all over again would be a major pain. In practice, I wouldn't purchase until I had to unless this was on offer.
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    Lance617 got a reaction from Steps in Auto Backup & Archive Timed/Automatic/Manual   
    If the target of this product is for professional use there needs to be not only an automatic timed backup feature but an ability for version or revision creation.
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    Lance617 got a reaction from walt.farrell in text style export and import retreval & file system   
    Thanks Walt. Seems like a good subject for part of a  tutorial video. Every Thing You Wanted to Know About Text Styles | but was afraid to find out.
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    Lance617 reacted to Chris_K in Error Msg: Failed to save document   
    Hi Lance617
    This is a known issue with embedded files on the master page. It's something the team have sorted and we are just waiting for a new build with the fix in to be made
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    Lance617 got a reaction from TonyO in Customize Toolbar Icon Shortcut Links Menu   
    Some of the most frequently used edit commands are not available from the toolbar. E.g., the Edit > Undo and Edit > Redo functions would be productively convenient.
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    Lance617 reacted to Martigny in How add Hyperlink (url) on the text   
    Count me in for the hyperlink request - it's essential.
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    Lance617 reacted to Mr. K in How add Hyperlink (url) on the text   
    Absolute deal breaker without hyperlinks. I'm making plans to distribute as PDFs with links to online sources. Publisher is useless to me without hyperlinks.
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    Lance617 reacted to afroniquely in How add Hyperlink (url) on the text   
    Adding my +2000 votes for this. This is a MUST HAVE feature. This would be such a time suck to still create books/pdfs in Affinity Publisher and still end up having to use an external tool to link urls in text (whether explicit links or ones hidden behind custom text).
    Please certainly consider adding this to the immediate release, and I truly believe this feature alone would be a winner for many. 
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    Lance617 reacted to Frankie Faruk in How add Hyperlink (url) on the text   
    Desperately needed,
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    Lance617 reacted to fde101 in How add Hyperlink (url) on the text   
    Very important feature, yes, but if it squeaks into 1.8 in order to allow for more thorough debugging and hardening of 1.7 I think at least some of us could live with that...
    The reality of the way this is being developed is that what some people will consider "1.0" will be different from what others will.  The release version of 1.7 will be the first "real" version for a few, 1.8 will for others, etc.
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    Lance617 reacted to JoeC787 in How add Hyperlink (url) on the text   
    Add me to the list of folks who would like to have a hyperlink for a company logo.
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    Lance617 reacted to barningendorf in How add Hyperlink (url) on the text   
    Hi dear Affinity Team,
    you`ve made a very clever job with publisher and i adore the way you make things simple. But at least i must suggest to make Hyperlinks a skill for the first release, it's absolutely essential for modern online publshing.
    Thanks a lot
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    Lance617 got a reaction from pruus in Templates   
    Is there a template facility on the beta version? I know there are no templates presently, but I'd like to create some templates.
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