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  1. Could we please have the Align panel back on the Studio. In Serif Publisher, this was really useful for me and saves a lot of time clicking through menus. I tried to find a way of adding it, but I'm not clever enough. Thank you.
  2. Thanks again, walt.farrell. All understood now. I thought I had seen a convert to Picture Frame somewhere, but was looking in the wrong place.
  3. Thanks, haakoo and walt.farrell. This works. I still don't quite understand why it can't work the old way (saves messing about making frames of the right dimensions), but anyway, I can live with it. Or it might be nice to just add an image and then be able to convert it to a frame (probably something that is available already, but can't find it).
  4. Thank you haakoo, but this is not what I need. I have a page with, images for publication in a scientific journal. These all must be the same dimensions (native from camera), and could come from half a dozen different directories on my hard disk. I just add one, then copy it as many times as I need. Then I need to be able to go directly to explorer (I have instances of this open for each subdirectory I need) and drag an image to simply replace the ones I wish to change. This works wonderfully on Serif Publisher, but not at all in Affinity Publisher (or at least, not the way I am trying to do it in the same manner as I can in Serif Publisher). See the quick example attached. Would gradually be built up by dropping appropriate images right on top of the place holding image. D&D images Serif Publisher.pdf
  5. In Serif Publisher, I was able to set up a page with multiple images, and then drag and drop replacement images into them as I needed. In Affinity Publisher, this no-longer works, and I have to go to 'replace image' and then be confronted with having to find the image I need in an file explorer type interface. This takes a lot of time, especially as I often have need for images from more than one subdirectory, whereas drag and drop from one or more directories open in explorer is efficient and very satisfactory. Also, when clicking on an image in the Serif product, I was given the option of 'replace picture'. This isn't there on the Affinity product. Can this be implemented somhow? I cannot find it anywhere when searching the various help options.
  6. Yes, agreed very much. Those of us who have been very loyal Serrif users (for decades!) should not be forgotten. I am really surprised that you did not think of this right from the start, especially given the similarity of design and layour of your new Publisher. It means those of us with legacy documents that might be very important will have to maintain PagePlus and the new Publisher. So please don't just put this on the backburner, but get on and implement it.