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  1. On average, I am using 10 .ppp files a day and I am adding new files every day. These files are print ready and I use them as a proof and backup. I used to save all my files as a PDF, but because I had some issues with color change, objects missing etc. sometimes when reopening the file in PagePlus, I started to save them as .ppp files only. The problem is, that no matter how careful you look to find these defects, the chances are, you are going to miss something and there is always somebody pickier than you, which is the customer. I can easily lose $300 just because some check box wasn't there and the customer needs the product the next day. It is not necessary to me to import .ppp files directly into Affinity, which would be ideal and for me it is incomprehensive why it isn't done, but any reliable option to get the files transferred into the new program will do. A file converter perhaps, which I would be happy to buy.
  2. Hi Patrick, Let assume, that I am willing to convert all my over 3.000 files into PDF, which can change the colors of the design slightly, but still significant if you are a printing company or just picky like me. Unfortunately, I have to go through this procedure no matter what program I choose for the future. What is guaranting me that the same doesn't happen in the future to the affinity files, if there is a new product line lunched? Cornerstone-rem.pdf Cornerstone-rem.ppp
  3. Mario S

    Affinity Publisher (1.7) Launch Announcement

    So, you are happy now that it still doesn't allow you to import *.ppp files?
  4. This is not a satisfying answer and also not the first of this kind. I think you should merge Jim B to the following threat Open PagePlus (*.ppp) file Never mind, you guys already closed this topic in 2018

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