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  1. Radediciones

    PDF export fails

    I found the solution. The problem was not styles but duplicated fonts in my system.
  2. Radediciones

    PDF export fails

    The same bug I have reported (Posted October 15, 2018) when I apply Styles, but now with the no beta version.
  3. PDF export fails with all presets with the document I am giving as example. Any option to solve this? Thank you. Dom1.pdf Dom1.afpub
  4. Radediciones

    PDF issue

    Another bug with PDF: Words with a defined style donĀ“t print OK in PDF. PDF bug.pdf PDF bug.afpub
  5. Radediciones


    Add footnotes and endnotes please. They are necessary in professional layout.
  6. Radediciones

    Bugs and improvements

    AdamW solution is fine. But I find the behavior of the different places / buttons in which you can work with sub and superscript contradictory. I tried with my big collection of fonts and until now I did not find any that behave like they do in Adobe Indesign with respect to this item.
  7. Radediciones

    Change Case

    OK. Thank you!
  8. A very needed function is Change case in words.
  9. Radediciones


    Ebook export option: very important.
  10. Radediciones

    Bleed View

    Preview mode with bleed, please!!! Really important.
  11. A very needed function is Change case in words.
  12. Radediciones

    Preflight panel?

    Preflight is a professional needed tool.Add the option, please.
  13. Radediciones

    Bugs and improvements

    Examples All words selected to superscript. All words selected to subscript
  14. Radediciones

    Bugs and improvements

    To Patrick: Superscript and/or subscript fail in Character/Typography menu, selecting one or more characters, or combining both attributes.
  15. Good first impression, but... -It is necessary to import Word and Excel files. -Add footnotes and endnotes. -Subscript fails.