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  1. Fine! I'll try this out. In Final Cut, there is the color picking, to chose with color scale one wishes to erase. Anthing as direct in Affinity? Or is our advice to make that same operation "easy"?
  2. Thank you Wosven!* I must have clicked on these anarchicaly... Any idea why selecting with Brush looks so easy and perfect (even when it comes to hair) on tutos? My results are always terribly bad... *and Alfred, and HVDB
  3. Thanks for having a look. Here is a screenshot. Also, couldn't find our how to get these nice masking seen on the tutos... How could it be more accurate (or less gross)?
  4. Hello, I don't understand the error I managed to perform... but now, when needing to erase a part of an image, I get a green (composite) background I can't neither use nor change this into transparent. I absolutely need the transparence to see the layers beneath any other...
 This problem scares me to death!
  5. Castle Al


    As already mentioned, and as editor and book’s creator, a direct ePub export would be dearly appreciated. I'm about editing as ePub 10 of my paper titles. There is a way to get them made directly out of Scrivener... but with a totally (and not necessarily nice) different look. But, is there any plan to have the feature integrated in Publisher in a near future?
  6. Though this happens frequently, I - perhaps - found out why... It looks like the drop-down menu's Vertical Alignement function is only active when using it when Text Area is selected to point on it. If this is the right tip, I suggest it could be pointed out more clearly for the user. Otherwise, the thing will only do as it would be a randomly appearing hazard.
  7. Hi folks, This is not a new problem, but I still get puzzles with it: How can I manage to force a last page of a chapter to have a top justification? All pages are based on Master Pages (mainly with a horizontal and vertical justification). I have created a TOP justification Master, but can't apply it while the text positioning work is already started. Here is what happens if I try (see picture). When trying to change the justification type on the used page, the choices are grey. When training to replace the Master, and link the following text, that remaining part of it gets invisible... and even so, justified the wrong way (yet pretending it is top aligned!) How can I definitely solve this dilemma?
  8. High Walt, Yes: Master can't be swapped on existing documents. The turnaround is to unlink the next page, change Master, then link on the new one. This means to work (for a multiple-page book) taking care of not doing things too much in advance. Thanks for your help.
  9. I yet do wonder if it is possible to change the attribution of a Master page on a document on the fly, when text (or any content) already has been placed on the pages. By now, whatever exist on the page's document will disappear when trying to modify by changing its Master.
  10. Ho! Of course... this is a domain I haven't drive through yet! I'll have to, for sure! Thanks a lot.
  11. Yes, right. I just made by hand (as I used to): create a text frame upon the one already existing from Master Page. Onto the document, I duplicated that new drawn frame and linked those in order to place my text. Doing it this way, any frame can have any alignment. That shows me that creating "active" text formats directly within Master Pages is no time gain at all, even if hundreds of pages have the same format used. Is there another way to get more automation done through specializing Master Pages?
  12. I do not past into Master pages... but on applied Master pages in the book construction on the right side. Then, I do the same operations I used to do with the Beta (already done 3 books with the beta, without encountering this issue).
  13. OK, I made another try: • The overlapping text to the last page will not align to the top when asked (in fact the submenu says it already is). • I cut the text stream at the for-last page, applied my justify top master to the next. • Copy pasted the end of text separately to the top aligned page... It looks like I shouldn't create Master Pages with the already formated text frames to avoid this problem...
  14. Thank you for your prompt reaction. A. Copy-past of the text into Master pages "Numbered", which text zones having already a vertical alignment to "Justify". B. The last page of the text should be vertical alignment "Top". But when trying to click on "Top", the alignment doesn't change (seems Master Page is ruling over). C. Therefore, I applied the Master Page "JustifyTop" I created for that purpose to force having the top alignment on this page. D. Text disappears, since the Master Page swapping naturally does so. E. I click and pull (from the triangle to the new formated page). F. The text becomes invisible and I can't find out how to get this end of chapter visible on the page.

By now, I will have a look at what happens to the next chapter's end page, to see if the same phenomenon can be redone.
  15. Hello, I couldn't force justifying text to the top of the page... So I tried to apply my "Justifie TOP" master to the last page of the chapter. But that part of text becomes invisible. How do I have to manage this to get the right result? Still would have lots of chapters to arrange that way... Thanks for any hint.