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  1. Hi, I am trainglot to paste an image from m’y e-mail on a new Photo document on iPad… but can’t fond thé Wayne to gent it dine. May I request some help? How is it possible to do a simple copy/paste from any document into Affinity ? Thanks for any hint
  2. I notice that only Catalina is concerned... I'm on Big Sur now: no troubles with any Affinity app.
  3. Hello, I wonder if there is some trick in order to automatically number the command-J, some way to get an incremental add on to each new duplicate.
If not, it would be nice to have it. I often have over twenty duplicates of a same element, and having automatically a distinct number after the name would be a real plus.
  4. Great Wosven! How could I ever imagine that this cabalistic formula would do that? Today is a bright day: I've learned something fondamental to make another step forward! Thank you!
  5. Yet, sending my PDF for "normalization" in the Lulu printing process, I still get the warning of a document containing transparencies. I wonder if I'll ever mange to avoid this frustrating comment one day... Notice: The PDF as been exporter as FLATEN...
  6. What also puzzles me, is that a "flatten" PDF still contains transparencies... I always thought the flattening process IS to create... a flat image.
  7. Thanks for your fast réaction, Yet, how do you get these options? Using Publisher 1.8.3, there seems to be no way to have an empty presets field... There's also no "Compatibily" choice neigther... Amongst the presets, I can only find a "flatten" option... but this as probably nothing to do with avoiding an ICC profile attribution. It's puzzling, sort of. Auch! No wait... There's a small "Plus" (french version) at the bottom of the main submenu). There I get the following (see image)
  8. Hello, Sending my grey scaled PDFs for printing, these are rejected because of "containing ICC profile". I tried several exports from Publisher, but each time the documents are with ICC... How can I export a black/white or grey scaled pages without generating ICC? Thanks for any help.
  9. Yessss! Of course: I've overseen the "è" in the file name (damned auto-corrector!). Thank You!
  10. Do you think it would be possible to create an ebook just like a website? That would be fine. At least, with HTML, tons of limitations could be clown away and allow beautifully constructed books.
  11. As Scrivener user, I find myself less disappointed of a lack of ePub export in Publisher. Yet as I see how well the job has been done by the Serif's team, I have no doubt that an Affinity Publisher epub export will be amazing. A real Applewise WYSYWIG way of bringing out exactly things you want to have them done!
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