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  1. Right. Leaving Quark for InDesign was quite a challenge for over a year… Now, to my opinion, Publisher is pretty easy to switch to. Personally, I already left Adobe behind and even used Publisher to print two of my last books. Working right from scratch makes it easier to forget about InDesign. Of course, I don’t need to work with older Adobe files (and even then, there’s still Adobe on my older Mac).
  2. Just thinking: The ideal would be being able to select all the similar elements and replace them all by the same but hard space one. (But maybe it allready is, and I am just overseeing it because of my lack of knowledge...)
  3. Hello again, I have few other questions: • Is it possible to choose another color for highlights? There is already quite much blue and I'de rather had them in a warmer easier way to see the highlghts immediately. • How can one fix a hard space (to avoid having a ":" at a sentence beginning)? • When searching a glyphs (":" in my case), they appear all in a list, but won't be highlighted all at once. • When clicking on a found element in the list, the highlight happens only if I select the "A" icon in the UI. It turns back to "A-frame" each time I click on the next searching line. With few dozen of the identical glyphe to be checked, it soon gets heavy. RECTIFICATION: In the meanwhile, Publisher quitted, and something changes when reopened. I went on with correcting the none hard spaced ":" and notice that, with "A-frame" icon on, a grey highlight appears now with search line selected.
  4. Hi folks, Using Publisher is allready almost delightfull! I remember when jumping from QXpress to InDesign, lots of glitches and frustrations where poping on screen again ans again: here NOT! I had some troubles with the search and replace, though, but I guess it was my way of clicking too many times on the "Replace all" button. ;/ As small editor, one thing would made of Publisher THE total ID killer: Antidote integration. As you probably all know, typography is a quite demanding matter (and maybe in french printing even more? - Or at least with different glyphs) and transfering text is sometimes a play with lots of unwanted changes. Is this feature in the pipeline already, or will it be in a near future?
  5. THANKS! mac_heibu + Fixx, Simple and straight: 245 pages clean as any QXpress or Indesign work. I'm sorry for the terms used in my messages: don't know those in english... Will see if Publisher supports french well in the future. Have a nice time all together.
  6. High folks, First of all: big applauses to the team that works on Publisher! I am really impressed ... and it is "only" a beta! I tried a compile of a 245 pages book, and everything worked out real well and smooth from a-z. One question: Exporting a facing paging creates a PDF with double pages. How can I order a rail of single faced ready for printing? I'm looking forward testing out Publisher even more through these next days and weeks. Cheers.
  7. Great anshwers folks! Thanks, I'll follow thèse and give you a back up soon.
  8. Hello, Yes, but this affects the text and not the box itself (border). What about having the usual text within its own framed and/or shadowed ground (Without having to add an extra background that will bug on e-pub export). Picture: Illustrates the opposit of wished effect.
  9. Hi folks, Wondering if it is, or will be, possible to add shadows and/or distorsions directly around the text boxes (not only "text effects", but "text box effects"), without having to use extra framing that will not work well when a book migrantes from peintes to e-pub. Regards
  10. Hi everyone, First of all I have to congratulate the team for the overall work and the hope it brings me to get ridd off Adobe's InDesign. Yet few glitches to polish, so good luck folks! Here my little problem (see joinded pictures). Text follows nicely from page to next, yet, when I delete the unused empty pages, a strange thing happens: The end of text has to be rebound with next one. But doing this, the existing text is like copied as an overprint on most of the work. It's semais it has some interference going on with the master page involved... Hope it helps. I remain at your service for more détails.
  11. Castle Al

    Vectorize Text, Images etc.

    Hi folks, Maybe it makes sens with CookyMonster's question, and you'd be interested with my last experience. For this i tried out with both: Photo and Designer. I had to vectorize large texts in order to have a flag printed with the needed font: 1. I isolated the text and exported it as EPS. 2. I flatend the background with the logo. 3. I verified on my old Illustrator: the text showed up as vectorized. Sadly, I had to be fast and finished my job by exporting it as AI file from Illustrator, and I'll see tomorrow how the printer reacts on this partly Affinity tweaked result... But, definitely, this no "direct vectorization" is probably the biggest handicap for pros to get rid off the usual tools.
  12. Hello, Finally got these freebies downloaded. They're all in my download file... what is the next step? How do I install those into Designer or Photo? Thanks in advance for your help.
  13. Thanks! I was desperately looking for that tool for half an hour Any idea when this fondamental and essential vector-dot-eraser will be integrated? BR