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  1. Hi - major important feature would have to be bleed view, being able to work out how much bleed is on one edge to the other is important in large exhibition / packaging projects. Also be nice to be able to set bleeds up when setting new doc / page all in one place.
  2. DarrenLm

    Affinity photo for iPad 4

    thats exactly it, I work with quick pixel selections to make adjustment layers / distortions etc - Just like Alfred says, is there a way?
  3. DarrenLm

    Affinity photo for iPad 4

    sort of... but I was hoping there was a quick way to make a selection of the object in the layer, like you normally do on Mac, command click, selects the object shape. possible on ipad version? Thanks
  4. DarrenLm

    Affinity photo for iPad 4

    Hi, is it possible to make a selection of a cut out image in a layer, so I can create another layer and flood fill etc its a really simple thing to do, just can't figure out how to do it on iPad version! Thanks