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  1. Thanks firstdefence I din't know about that trick it does wonders. Now I can see loads of mist in the first one and it looks flat compared to the levels adjusted one.
  2. Some edited in Capture One some done in Affinity Photo Canon EOS M50 Lens EF-M18-150mm f/3.5-6.3 IS STM Tv(Shutter Speed) 1/80 Av(Aperture Value) 11 ISO Speed 200 Focal Length 84.0mm
  3. Hi Hi guys I've been busy, I've enabled the artificial horizon in my camera so I can't get the lamp posts and horizon as wrong. Thanks for all your input, I think I've improved a lot. I might get that EF-M prime lens next. I took this shot from near Winter Hill looking towards Manchester. I had a go at a bracketed photo merged the three shots in Affinity Photo and did a bit of magic. Got myself a tripod now. Canon EOS M50 + EF-M 18-150mm f/3.5-6.3 ISEdited in Affinity PhotoBracketed HDRISO 125AV 11TV 1/100
  4. Thanks for the tip, my first photo edits look dreadful now.
  5. Thanks ianrb I found once I've uploaded pics there's things I don't like about them a day later so I'll review them for longer before posting. I've backed way off a bit on the tone mapping. I like the oil painting sort of look I used to paint, I'm a big fan of Constable and Johannes Vermeer. I agree about the modern cars there's an alarm box on the house at the top pic I was thinking of using clone to remove that, only thought of it after editing. The tractor was fenced in on a driveway, when I get a tripod I'll experiment with going far lower to the ground if I can. Anglezarke reservoir looks great after the fire fighting on Winter Hill and the heatwaves dried up the shallow end.
  6. Yea top one is a bit over done thanks for your input.
  7. I'm Ant

    Squid having a chat

    They doing it wrong they need a candle and lay their hands on an upturned glass. I like it.
  8. I'm Ant

    I drew a POTATO!

    Really like it, reminds me of the art style of Garbage pale Kids. it works upside down too.
  9. photos taken near Winter Hill, Lancashire, England Camera: Canon m50 Lens: Canon EF-M 18-150mm
  10. I just came across this problem I'm trying to crop my camera photos so they are full screen on my computer screen I set the exact size for HD then it messes up if I move the crop box. Hope they add vertical only key soon or a crop box that doesn't wonder off the edges of the picture.
  11. I'm Ant

    Introduce Yourself

    Welcome to Affinity Diane.
  12. I'm Ant

    Affinity Designer Workbook

    It's a great book well thought out and well printed.
  13. I'm Ant

    DOOM inspired DTM logo

    Very nice work the pattern reminds me of the early 90s late 80s shoot em up games like R-type and Pulstar.
  14. I'm Ant

    Introduce Yourself

    Hello all I'm Ant from NW England I got into computer graphics in 2000 when I got my first PC learned Cinema 4D, Softimage XSI and adobe software then gave that up for Blender for workflow reasons. I tried going freelance but it didn't work out so moved on to learning music and designing presets for synthesizers. Now I think I'm ready to share my music so been busy this week learning Affinity Designer and photo for my band image. I've just released a downtempo track called Hole In A Hole, I think a synth pop song with vocals is next. My logo was done in Affinity Designer vectors are so easy in Affinity thanks. My band name is Humans R Ants.

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