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  1. Im sure you will have a day of questions like this, so sorry here goes...


    Bleed: On setting up a new Document there are no bleed settings until after you create a your first artboard, which you have to add by editing Document setup, but then after adding I cant see the bleed guides? am I missing something?


    Artboards: When working up logos I usually start with about 12 artboards. In the Affinity update I had to create more artboards using the layer pallet (which is a very brilliant way of working artboards) but is there a way of setting these (and bleed) on the new Document panel? 


    Cheeky addition: Also as a nice possible addition, when setting bleed in Adobe products if you input 3mm into the first box, tabbing down duplicates the number so the user doesn't have to type 3mm in each of the 4 boxes

  2. A new Apple TV is on my Christmas list...Guess I will miss Beta stage by then?


    The inclusion of the App store is long over due, no iPlayer made the old one annoying. I ended up buying a Roku for UK TV and just using the Apple TV for streaming video from iTunes. Really exciting to see what this new one opens up.

  3. Very appropriate that Designer is being used for this - I have epilepsy too, so it's definitely a charity I can get on board with! :)


    When it goes live I post up the inks back in this thread, maybe its something thats useful to you in some way then.

    Pretty please to have been invited to create this artwork for them, feel good making artwork with propose.

  4. Thought I would share a lovely little project I have been working on this last couple of weeks.


    Two 30page page educational books for UK charity Epilepsy Action. The story has been adapted for both a Dad and mum version.

    To be published in hard form in 2016 also to be released as a digital download sometime before Christmas.


    Artwork had to adhere to many readability standards and fonts had to follow NHS guidelines for accessibility.


    All illustration was undertaken in Affinity Designer (of course) and page layout in InDesign (let change that soon hey, Serif Devs).


  5. Agreed. Adobe have forgotten the fundamental principal, that people should want to use your product, not feel like they have no choice.


    That's partly what I love about Affinity Designer. It reminds me of a time when software was exciting. 


    Screw Adobe this is an exciting time....Artboards and bleed on the cards for Designer and Affinity Publisher coming soon :)

  6. Schools are using Fireworks??? WTF.


    I guess they're on a budget.


    Haha thats what I said...... The Adobe greedy train makes it impossible for people. 

    Serif need to go in and hand out a few free licences, you'd then have a loyal generation falling out of school snapping up licences for home use.

  7. Good first piece, One of my utmost favourite things about Affinity are layer masking options. if you not using them yet I recommend watching a Tutorial, speeds the hole creative process up hugely in my experience.


    I'm teaching my 16 year old son Affinity Designer at the moment, ready for him to start his media/design courses at college in the Summer. Its really fun watching him start to get his head around the layers and tools and create artwork he hasn't been able to do with software namely Adobe Fireworks proved by schools.

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