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  1. i would also love to see oklab make its way to affinity software. it's also pretty easy to implement. i previously ported it to java without much difficulty (except for the gamut clipping) and recently implemented it in desmos in an hour or two. most of the struggle i had with it in java was with seeing the results and i do plan on trying gamut clipping again in desmos. having it as an option for any effects, ideally as the default, would make it more approachable and understandable as it would work better. shifting the hue around would work as a novice user would expect, with it not significantly affecting the luminosity as it would with hsl/hsv.
  2. hm restarting may have fixed it. it froze for a second and then unfroze. i will report back if it happens again and will reinstall if it does so
  3. before reinstalling i decided to check in affinity photo as well, it has the same issue
  4. ok i created a new document, containing nothing, units are mm and it's 400 dpi if that ends up mattering, and it still freezes. i will try reinstalling it next.
  5. i was saving to the internal drive in a non-synced location. i had first had this with a new file but i had copied in some objects from another file before saving. i did try it on a document that i had previously had no issue with, and it happened to that as well. i will try reinstalling the app today.
  6. when saving a document, even when there are basically no changes to save (opening a group and selecting one object), it freezes and does not unfreeze in a reasonable amount of time (i have not left it overnight to see). however it does successfully save the document. as far as i know, this started after updating to the recent security patch. macos 10.15.7 (19H1417) affinity designer 1.10.1
  7. what i'm thinking is another slider on the stroke modal window that controls how much the stroke is offset. on closed curves it would read outwards on one side and inwards on the other, or something like that, and i'm not sure for open curves, but it would be leftwards along the normal vector when moved to the left and rightwards when moved to the right.
  8. Also being able to do this with any image would be really cool. Maybe like a modified version of the inpainting brush tool algorithm.
  9. A realistic grunge banner with a stylized eagle insignia 2, on Flickr Started in Designer, mostly used Photo. 3800x5578 Here is a link to the .afdesign file for this. It includes history and is about 9GB. Copyright Alex Poulsen 2016, copyright includes everything contained with the exception of the fabric texture. Includes the three vector designs. You are free to use the linked .afdesign as a tutorial for creating your own version, however similar the final product may be.
  10. sweat food sounds terrible (typo of sweet, I'm assuming)
  11. I hope you did that in 16 bit color and exported to 8 bit color, because I can see the color banding in the blurred regions.
  12. Vectorized a texture file and the resulting svg was rather large. opened it and at first i didn't think it was opening, a little later, I noticed my map was working rather hard. AD had opened my file. Went to zoom in, it froze, then came back. Went to select all layers to add them, crash. Spinning beach ball of death the whole time. I can't upload the offending file, since it is 200+mb. I think this kind of file warrants a special mode for importing large files; never rendering at a high resolution, offering to add all curves together, and less nice looking pan/zoom. I think the scrollbar (in the layers menu) had hit its minimum size. 2014mbp, nvidia gforce gt 750m, 16gb ram, 15" AD used 9gb+ of ram Would this be considered a bug? I wasn't sure.
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