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  1. Hi @lucaseditor, You can Add format from selection at the Table Formats Panel. Thanks, Gabe.
  2. Hi @zof, Welcome to the forums. Thanks for spotting this. I've logged it with our developers. Gabe.
  3. Hi @sda, Welcome to the forums. Networks install only works for Corporate License, and not for the individual licence. You can contact corpsales@serif.com for more information. Thanks, Gabe. 
  4. You can use TinyTake https://tinytake.com/
  5. Hi @larsh, I'm struggling to replicate this. Any change you can attach a screen recording of this in action? Thanks, Gabe.
  6. Update: I've just replicated it and logged it with our developers.
  7. Hi all, Definitely a problem with Preview, as everything else seems to be fine. I suggest you log this with Apple. I've closed this as By design. Thanks, Gabe.
  8. Hi @VanHeber Can you still reproduce this with Windows Ink Off in Wacom Tablet Properties > Mapping Thanks, Gabe.
  9. Hi @skiphunt, I'm not getting this. Everything is fine. I suggest you contact Adobe as we have no control over their "Open with" dialogue. Thanks, Gabe.
  10. Hi @VanHeber, Is this issue isolated to OneDrive? Thanks, Gabe.
  11. Hi @OzNate, I could not replicate this either. Alt+Space works fine. It only interferes with the default Win if you don't have a text frame selected, which is expected. Thanks, Gabe.
  12. Hi both, I could not replicate this. Can you please attach a screen recording of this in action? Thanks, Gabe.
  13. Hi @postmadesign, Without seeing the original PDF, we cannot investigate this. Thanks, Gabe.
  14. GabrielM

    Fullscreen Bug

    Hi @Scapa, I'm afraid this would not have generated any reports/logs. I'm struggling to replicate this here. If it happens again or if you manage to find some steps to replicate it, please let us know and we can look into it. Thanks, Gabe.
  15. GabrielM

    Style name weirdness

    Hi @John Fleet, Is that just a one-off? Can you replicate it by renaming a different style? Thanks, Gabe.
  16. GabrielM

    RAW. Fuji pro 5 camera issues

    Can you attach a screen recording of this zoom in/out issue?
  17. Thanks. I've logged it with our developers.
  18. Hi @mkaneshiro, I managed to replicate it and logged it with our developers. Thanks, Gabe.
  19. Hi @Jeremy Bohn, Can you please attach the project file? Thanks, Gabe.
  20. Hi both, I'm not sure how it got into this state, but it looks like it thinks the master has got 2 images. You would need to select the mater layer on each page, detach it, edit it and then re-link it. Any chance you can replicate this from scratch in the latest build and tell us the steps? I'm logging the crash on save though Thanks, Gabe.
  21. Hi @nwhit, Is this a general issue or has it only happened the first first time you opened it after the update? Thanks, Gabe.
  22. Thanks for raising this issue - we have closed it as "by design". Those buttons will be available on the day we launch publisher.
  23. Hi @Lagarto, Unfortunately, we don't support importing text for freehand files. They will import as curves or not import at all, depending on the freehand file. Thanks, Gabe.
  24. GabrielM

    PDF imports into APub

    Hi @Jim Monson, Can you please attach the afdesign + PDF so we can have a look? Just out of interest: why do you import the PDF when you can import the afdesign file? Thanks, Gabe.
  25. Hi all, I've logged this with our developers. Thanks, Gabe.