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  1. +1. I would like to open images on Google Photos using the Share -> “Share to...” option. Procreate and Art Studio Pro have this option, I wish the Affinity Suite would have it as well.
  2. Yay for the pattern layer!!! +1 on child vector objects on repeat being very useful. I would like to suggest being able to add pattern layers’ properties to the Styles panel to easily apply them to other objects. Thanks to @dominik for mentioning the Data Merge Layout tool for vector pattern creation, can’t wait to try this workaround!
  3. Wanted to add my vote for this feature and wishing for a palette export as well. This, together with the Global Colors feature, would really be useful to have on the iPad.
  4. Your detailed suggestions is wonderful, @Mithferion! I really like the idea of adding filters as needed, to keep the Select Panel uncluttered. To add, I would like to suggest a feature to save and load selections so that we can readily choose objects based on previously set selections. Aside from AND and OR, adding a NOT filter would be great too. Thanks to the Affinity staff for the “Select Same” feature! I can't wait to use this on the iPad! 😊
  5. +1. Bumping this thread to add that having rulers would be a huge plus in using the iPad app.
  6. On the Export Persona of Affinity Designer, I am able to create column guides via the Guide Manager but snapping to them doesn't work. I made sure that snapping to guides is turned on the main toolbar. Snapping to ruler guides does work, yay! I would also like to be able to reposition placed ruler guides by dragging directly over them aside from editing their values on the Guides Manager while on the Export Persona.
  7. Happy holidays, Serif team, and looking forward to an awesome 2020!
  8. Hi, everyone! I’m an artist, graphic designer and happy to be here. I love the ease of use in all apps and being able to work cross-platform on the PC and iPad. I can’t wait for Publisher on the iPad! Thanks, Serif, for the wonderful software and making it non-subscription to boot.
  9. +1 to being able to place assets into frames. I would love to have this feature as well. It seems intuitive to use the Assets panel to place images into picture frames like the Stock Panel does and I was surprised I couldn't. I'm currently using 2 monitors so having the Affinity Publisher application and Explorer window open isn't too cumbersome. Once the Affinity Publisher makes it into iPad (I can't wait!!!), I can probably load the Affinity Publisher app and Files app in split-view but the screen real estate is diminished.
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