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  1. Removed due to realising this is an issue with the Epson driver on Catalina
  2. It's a bit disappointing to find that this feature does not exist as of July 2020. I have made a nice design for a small building but this final omission makes some of the measurements in estimating quantities hard to do on my plan. Lots of things to like about AD, but using it for 2D small building design isn't one of them. (I'm designing a small log cabin style building). Luckily my design is very simple but it it wasn't this would be a hinderance, and I would not attempt a harder design in future. I can only assume that this must be a hard requirement to implement as otherwise it would have been met. It does seem strange to me though. If I am able to set up a grid in ruler units of mm then it seems that all the information is known that would be required to calcuate the length of a line in any orientation.
  3. I'd just add that I'm pretty bowled over by the quality and utility of Affinity Publisher coupled with Affinity Photo for photobook and brochure making and printing. My nitpicking on the assets side is just that picking nits. Being able to flip in and out of the Publish and Photo personas is a really great thing.
  4. I understand. I guess I'm having some problem understanding how one would use assets if they can't be flowed into frames in a document template I've already constructed. Right now I'm thinking that it's far better to just keep assets in a folder in the operating system as a) they can be multiply placed (flowed) b) they can be edited over time as adjustments are made. This is what I'll now do for my current project (photobook). The only benefit I can see in using the asset libraries is the ability to both embed them in a document and distribute that as a unit to allow someone else to make changes without the hassle of finding the source somewhere on a network, while having the ability to embed them in a number of different documents to standardise the use of eg: logos, branding. However of those two benefits, the latter would be enhanced by being able to place or flow the assets in the template.
  5. I may be suffering from noobie syndrome as I'm relatively new to Affinity Publisher and came from Adobe inDesign. So far I have been very pleased with the product and produced my first printed brochure over a weekend, so my complaint is in context that I think it is a great app and worth exploring for more complex projects. It is currently not possible to drag an image in an asset library into a picture frame in a document. I am scratching my head wondering what the point of the assets capability is, if it cannot be used to populate templates/master pages in documents. I have created a set of assets that I want to re-use in a variety of different documents and yet the only way I can find to use them is to do the following a) drag from the assets library onto the document b) convert the placed image using context-click -> Convert to picture frame c) manually resize the picture frame to what I need d) repeat for each asset I need to use. Instead I feel I should simply be able to drag the asset to a picture frame and have it follow the rules defined for the picture frame (re: sizing/aspect ratio). After all I can do this with a random image from the finder... maybe I'm using the assets incorrectly. Maybe I don't need them at all, though it does seem, convenient as a way of organising reusable content. I guess my expectations have been set by a variety of products I've used over the last couple of decades where this kind of behaviour is normal. It might not be me, but the behaviour is highly unintuitive and I would class it as a UX defect as such. Is it just me?
  6. I am truly confused why it is not possible to drag assets onto predefined picture frames. This ought to be the whole point of assets and pre-defining layouts in master pages. To me this is so unintuitive it has the status of a bug. What is X9 by the way?
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