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  1. Thank you for your respond, it is really strange that they did not reconsider our requests, it would so much easer to work in Affinity
  2. Thank you so much for your respond, I did not know for this, I thought that there is no option for marquee-select objects without completely surrounding them, I thought it was a glitch.How stupid of meπŸ˜€, thank you once again!
  3. I noticed with last upload in Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo that now I can select object with Move Tool without draging mouse over whole object as you can see in video bellow, but that does not work for Affinity Publisher, or AD and AP within Publisher. A Friend of mine can not select object in this way in Affinity Designer, it is the same as before, you have to drag your mouse over whole object to select it?!?..Does anyone else have this issue? I mean it would be great if it could stay this, but I think it is some kind of glitch on my version.. Video_2021-03-10_082616.wmv
  4. It would be great that we can scale size of panels with text to be larger for us with sight problems. As a Windows 10 user I can set in Display settings to have larger text and panels but that usually mess up everything else like icons on desktop, they take all desktop space..Is there any hope in future that Affinity Team add this feature? Sorry for my English
  5. Thank you so much for replay, I did as you told me and it works, THANK YOU A LOT!!!!!πŸ˜€
  6. Hello, Assets missing on Affinity Publisher, I try to uninstall program and reinstall it again, I try to copy assets.propcol file from Photo and Designer into Program Files-Affinity-Publisher-Recources-Affinity Publisher and still nothing. It is complete empty. Any solution for this problem? Thanks in advanced!
  7. Thank you so much for answer, I solve it:)
  8. Hi, I bought AP but I have a problem to open a macro, it says "File not affinity document," or when I try to import through the library, the folder macros are empty..it not "see" the files ..How to solve this? Thank you in advanced! Sorry for my english
  9. Hello, I have problem to open macros, it says "The file is not an Affinity document", or when I try to import via Library , the folder of Macros are empty..it does not "see" files..sorry for my english
  10. Thank you for replay..I know that..I just thought that maybe exist some option to downsize toolbar but to bi visible not to turn it off..but obviously it does not..thank you all for help
  11. RC- R, thank you, I know for that and my toolbar is set without text but the working area is still quite small. I am not Mac user, and in Windows beta version there is no option of Separated Mode or I miss something.
  12. Is there any way to downsize toolbar window in Affinity Designer so the working area could be bigger? Thanks in advanced!
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