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  1. Congrats, good for you! I hope the trophy will help all of us to grow and flourish.
  2. Good job. I rather read Spotlight articles than stare at ads. Well spent marketing money.
  3. This was posted to the Windows Developer mailing list: "There's been such enthusiasm and it's such a tight race, that we've extended the voting to May 5th." I would guess that, in other words, they have received very low number of votes in some categories.
  4. Hey, this is simple. It's all tight together. Designer, Photo, Publisher, some-next-generation-thing, some-other-next-generation-thing. Serif has a vision. If a Photo user votes for Designer, he/she votes for better Photo in the future.
  5. Yes, fair play appreciated. Please vote only once, even if you have multiple MS accounts. Winning with a fair play will taste like strawberries and champagne. Got the email too. Good move, Affinity Team.
  6. Designer deserves all the publicity, including this. Time to help a bit? If you are a member of any photo or graphics art related forums, maybe you could post a friendly message about the matter and ask people to cast a vote for Designer.
  7. Great brushes, thank you. A general question: I guess there's no other way to rotate a brush than manully in the brush settings? No keyboard/mouse shortcuts?
  8. You got my vote too. I'm a new Designer user and started the first real project for a client - UI design with artboards. Pure joy. So fast and intuitive. I hope Affinity products will have a bright future.
  9. And if that is true, it's not about technical formats. It's about user experience. Making workflows shorter and making things faster. Well, that's what I hope and believe.
  10. Serif seem to have a strategy to tie Affinity products very close together. Just speculating here, but since Photo and Designer currently even share the same file format, would that be the case with APub as well? A new member of fully integrated Affinity family? For users, maybe the offering would be: - get one product -> work with personas to get limited set of tools for images, vectors and layout - get all three products -> work with with full set of tools for images, vectors and layout I understand Serif does not want to share too much about their future strategies. The competition is tough. But if we are foreseeing an intuitive, fully integrated pixel-vector-layout work space - that would be a game changer. Uuuh. I hate speculations. Just did it myself. Hmmm.. the beer, maybe...
  11. I've been trying out Affinity Photo's HDR merge couple of times with 360x180 panoramas. Today I had problems when composing an indoor photosphere. One of the images had a window and incoming sun rays. After HDR stacking the image lightning and contrast was different than with the rest of the images. I used full manual settings in the camera and the same Affinity HDR preset for all the images. It looks like that HDR merging has a dynamic nature and the results vary depending on the lightning and contrast of the scene. Is this correct? Is there a way to set "static" or "manual" behavior for HDR, so that the end result is the same compared to other HDR stacks? This is quite new area to me, so I may be asking stupid questions here, or doing things wrong way. If you have any tips or experience on the HDR panorama workflow, please let me know. I'm using Hugin for stitching the photosphere together.
  12. I have not tried any PDF to HTML converters, but there seem to be plenty available. Since APub will most definitely have a strong support for exporting PDF documents, maybe that'll do the trick? One step more, but exporting APub document as PDF should be no more than few clicks.
  13. Hi! I'm More Karvonen from Helsinki, Finland. I'm an IT freelancer and SW developer. On top of coding, I'm doing lot of UI design too. And more and more involved in clients' branding work - logos, business cards and presentation templates. Even designing printed ads and brochures lately. I've been using Photoshop CS6 for ages but really needed a tool set that can also handle vector graphics and printed publications. Adobe's offering is simply too expensive for my occasional needs. Thank god I found Serif products and I have now PagePlus X9, Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer in my toolbox. They have all the features I need and the user experience is very pleasent. Keep up the good work, Serif team!
  14. I'm a part time graphics designer, creating mainly web page visual elements, business cards and logos. I have been using Photoshop CS6 and Inkscape for ages and have been reluctant to purchase expensive Adobe license for my occasional needs. Then, couple of months ago, I checked out Affinity products and wow - they really shine. All the tools I need and the user interface feels snappy and has some clever functionality. -> Purchased My client, who was really happy with a website layout and graphics that I created earlier, asked me to design two company brochures and two magazine ads. I realized that I will need a proper professional tool which supports exporting high resolution PDF with bleeds and crop marks for a printing house. Damn. Do I need to purchase Adobe InDesign license just for this? Maybe just for one month? Nah, the client probably needs updates every now and then as their product line changes. But then, after searching more, I found PagePlus X9 - very cheap. After watching couple of videos and reading some reviews I decided to buy it and give it a try. Bingo! It seem to have all the things I need for the job - spread pages, text flow between text frames, hi res PDF export with printing-house-friendly options. That's my story. I'm very pleased what Serif is currently doing. And I'm not a big fan of what Adobe is doing these days - using their hegemony to build a stiff monetizing model which really does not feel fair for everyone. I hope Serif succeed with the Publisher and brings some healthy competition to the market.
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