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    YM77 reacted to Darthvirc in [BUG - RAW development?] after batch processing RAW -> JPEG pictures are too dark (pictures don't look the same as the RAW(original))   
    Bump. Without a proper BATCH processor This program is Useless to Professionals. Any way I can get a refund?  This Bug seems to be here permanently. 
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    YM77 reacted to Sempervivum in Images too dark after having been converted in batch mode   
    Hi there,
    I've converted some images from Olympus Raw (orf) to png format by batch processing (File - New Batch Processing). Unfortunately the brightness of the png images is reduced a lot compared to the original ones. How can I fix this?
    Best regards - Ulrich 

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    YM77 reacted to Joachim_L in Import math equations from PDF results in question marks   
    When you look into the PDF, the font is called Cambria Math. Illustrator complains about Cambria%20Math missing. Attached you will find a SVG with the equation and editable text.
    Someone interested on how to convert the equation? Maybe interesting for those having only the PDF.

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    YM77 reacted to pdejong in Math Input   
    Is it possible to make Affinity Designer suitable for use with Windows Math Input Panel?  To make slides or ilustrations with mathematical formulas for scientific publications and presentations.
    'Math Input Panel outputs equations in MathML format. MS Word, its OpenOffice analog, and some other software do render MathML.'
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    YM77 reacted to shaneparsons in Switch between Artistic & Frame text   
    The functionality to switch between artistic and frame text would be a great addition to Designer... Illustrator's implementation of doing this (double click a specific node on a text object, or right click > convert to...) is a perfect example on how it should be handled.

    Here's a thread with a whole bunch of other people wanting this as well.
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