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  1. I second (or third?) this feature request! The method mentioned below isn't a real alternative to what the OP (and myself) really required. I believe what this does is to develop first and then apply adjustments on the developed file (presumably only 8-bit). On the other hand, developing persona does use the higher bit info (10/12/14 depends on your camera manufacture) in raw files. This will results in significant difference if one need to adjust aggressively. Here is a demo attached: the first picture is process in batch with a macro (+3EV and some denoise tweak). For the 2nd picture, the same tweak is applied in develop persona. I intentionally used a way underexposed photo to exaggerate this (note the bright spot in the sky is moon). But you can see the difference is non-trivial
  2. Till very recently I thought curve has to be a connected line (either two or zero end points). However, I have seen this (see attached screenshot and file) now: a single curve that has multiple, separated lines. Each has their own start and end lines. This is generated from matplotlib, a python plotting package popular among statistician. I saved figure as SVG in matplotlib and open with designer, and got this as part of the axis. I think I can achieve similar things with matlab. Note, this is not achieved by "grouping". So my questions are: What are they? Can I create them in designer myself, or it can only be created by other software? How can I edit this? I realized I could move nodes around and create new ones inside one of the lines, but not creating new nodes outside it. untitled.afdesign
  3. Hi there I am wondering if there is any updates on this issue? I have the same problem. What I have observed is the develop persona is mostly very good but batch is terrible. Why can't just run develop in batch? I don't care if it take 20 second to develop one in batch, comparing to manually develop all of them (which is almost impossible). That should be hard from a programming point of view right? I agree with @Darthvirc, though i am just a amateur.
  4. Thanks for @Joachim_L the SVG file. It worked. @DWright, I kinda figured it out, and it's a font issue. In word there is a "Normal text" function that allows you to use non-math text in equations. If that is enabled, affinity designer will just import fine, but the equation look less "math". Not sure what changed with that function. BTW i don't know why you saw Calibri. It was Cambria Math from my side in the PDF I uploaded.
  5. Hi I was trying to import a math equation from PDF, which I made with MS word (see attachment). And it ends up in all question marks. Did i messed up some setting? or it's a know problem form pdf/word? MM_Equa2.pdf
  6. I guess my problem with the "styles" are that, if I set a style (say "main text") on a block of text, and then stretching it. It become "main text +" and no longer governed by the "main text" style. I have to later select every text block and change them back to "main text" style. Maybe I missed something here...
  7. Greetings I am wondering if there is a way to keep font size when doing transforms (shrinking, stretching...). I am trying to keep the whole documents with the same font size, but need to resizing some of the groups frequently to arrange things. I know it may looks wired if some of the text don't resize as other components, but I can adjust them later, still better than I have to fix every text one by one. As in most cases, they looks fine actually. Thanks!
  8. Same here. Really hope it got patch soon. Tried to copy a entire artboard to a new document, does not solve the problem... and tried around with opening it in affinity photos, no luck again...
  9. Hi I recently have a heatmap that I wanted to edit in affinity designer. But when i inserted the image into affinity designer (drag and release), it loses its color dynamic range. Here is what it looks like in windows photo And in affinity designer: I suspect this is due to color management issues. Anyone has the same issue?
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