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    travel bug reacted to walt.farrell in Cropping Preset   
    I think that has been reported, and accepted, as a bug. It's certainly not the first time it's been mentioned.
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    travel bug reacted to Madpeaz in Cropping Preset   
    You can, while in 'Unconstrained' mode adjust the crop tool to a particular ratio you want - Then click the 'Custom Ratio' mode - This will  un-grey 'Create Preset' in the hamburger menu, thus allowing you to save it as a preset.
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    travel bug reacted to walt.farrell in Cropping Preset   
    Choose Custom Ratio as the Mode. Specify the ratio (width, height) in the two boxes to the right of the Mode choice. Click the Cog, then click the burger menu (4 lines) on the pulldown, and choose Create Preset. Note that you cannot create a duplicate, so if your ratio matches an existing one the Create Preset option will be grayed out. (And, for example, 16x9 and 9x16 are considered the same. And 32x18 is considered the same as 16x9.)
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    travel bug reacted to walt.farrell in Cropping Preset   
    That's the way the Crop Tool has worked since 1.7 (or maybe 1.8; I forget). You need to use Custom Ratio if you want to save a Preset.
    I don't think this is viewed as a bug; just an area for improvement.
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    travel bug got a reaction from John Rostron in Clour banding in a photo using Affinity Photo   
    Thanks so much for this link ..... Perfect! I’m old and slow but I usually get there with a little help from a friend.
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    travel bug reacted to John Rostron in Clour banding in a photo using Affinity Photo   
    You can crop a raw file and you can designate your preferred crop size. You can also save this preference or preset.
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    travel bug reacted to John Rostron in Clour banding in a photo using Affinity Photo   
    When you have developed the file, use Document > Resize.  First set the resolution  to 300ppi (or whatever you want) then set the width to 10in (the height willautomatically adjust). If you save as an afphoto file or  export  as a tiff, then these dimensions will be preserved next time you load the file.
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    travel bug reacted to anon2 in Clour banding in a photo using Affinity Photo   
    The Develop Assistant has a control labelled "RAW output format" for choosing 16 bpc or 32 bpc output from Develop Persona when a camera raw file is processed. (When the input is a camera raw file, Develop Persona always works in 32 bpc and the output control only affects the resulting document that you will get in Photo Persona.) Photo Persona in 32 bpc isn't going to help with your particular problem, since you said the Affinity document looks great and only the exported JPEG exhibits banding. The best way to get this solved if you are already using maximum quality in the JPEG export controls is to attach your Affinity document file to a message, but I appreciate that you may not want to make it publicly available.
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    travel bug reacted to anon2 in Clour banding in a photo using Affinity Photo   
    Develop Persona produces a 16 bpc document by default when developing from a camera raw file. There is an option to produce a 32 bpc document from a camera raw file, but the only time Develop Persona produces an 8 bpc result is if a Pixel layer of an already 8 bpc document is edited in Develop Persona.
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    travel bug reacted to anon2 in Clour banding in a photo using Affinity Photo   
    An RGB/8 document has 8 bits per channel (bpc).
    In that case, see John Rostron's message above.
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    travel bug reacted to John Rostron in Clour banding in a photo using Affinity Photo   
    What quality are you using to export your jpeg? If you use too low a quality then you can get banding in your export.
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    travel bug reacted to anon2 in Clour banding in a photo using Affinity Photo   
    Does the 8 bits per channel (bpc) Affinity document look good and only the JPEG export looks bad, or does the Affinity document itself look bad?
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    travel bug got a reaction from anon2 in Clour banding in a photo using Affinity Photo   
    Thank you anon2 for keeping in touch with this issue.
    I think I will try to recreate the issue by re-editing the photo from Raw and see what happens - if it doesn't happen again, it may show that I have caused the issue myself by over editing a jpg file after I had saved it in jpg format and having brought it back into Affinity Photo (just guessing at this point). This particular photo is very special to me personally and I spent a lot of time trying to get it just perfect - and it was perfect inside of Affinity Photo before it was exported. Thanks for the offer of viewing the file - I will do this project again and get back onto this page with the results. Note: I had been a very long term Photoshop user (CS5) and transitioning across is a learning curve in some areas.
    Thanks again - I will come back soon.
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    travel bug reacted to AOI Admin in Affinity Photo Perspective Tool and Cropping tool   
    That needs to be a training video!
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    travel bug got a reaction from firstdefence in Free transform a layer   
    Thanks firstdefence I knew it was somewhere. Appreciate the help.
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    travel bug reacted to firstdefence in Free transform a layer   
    Try the Perspective Tool and/or the Mesh Warp Tool.

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    travel bug reacted to MEB in Canvas Resizing not evening Up around the edges   
    Hi thesestars,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums
    This happens when you crop the image but don't rasterise the layer after the crop (to get rid of the hidden cropped data). Affinity Photo Crop Tool is non-destructive - it keeps the cropped data hidden in the layer.  When you enlarge the canvas you are adding space around all the edges - including around the area you have cropped and that's not visible - that's why you don't see the added space around spme edges. To fix this, right-click the layer/image in the Layers panel and select Rasterise (it will discard the hidden cropped data) then enlarge the canvas to add the border as you are doing. It will add space around all the edges as you'd expect.
    The blue line you see around the image is its bounding box and means the layer is currently selected. The crosses over that line means the layer is locked (it has a padlock icon in front of the layer in the Layers panel - click on it to unlock the layer if you want. It's bigger than the canvas because it still includes the hidden data you cropped from the original image (so it represents the size of the original un-cropped image. After you rasterise the layer as I described above it's size will match the size of the cropped image (because you got rid of the hidden data).
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    NOTE: thread moved to the Questions section.
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    travel bug got a reaction from Alfred in What is a Dither Layer?   
    OK Alfred - I get it now! Ha Ha very funny - I love words too but completely missed it. I did warn all of you that I was old (but not necessarily wiser). Thanks for all the help everyone.
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    travel bug got a reaction from firstdefence in What is a Dither Layer?   
    Yes that's right I remember that sort of conversation when I lived in England as a young lad but I think the 'ditheridoo' is only used by Aborigines that can't yet read music and play scales on the full blown version of the instrument. Sort of a beginners version.
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    travel bug got a reaction from Wosven in What is a Dither Layer?   
    I was following the 'project' but didn't end up with a 'Background Dither' layer - must have stuffed up somewhere but what does 'Dither' mean?
    Thanks for your reply.
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    travel bug reacted to James Ritson in Colour Profiles for New Document on AP   
    Hi travel bug, Photo ships with a very small set of profiles, the main one being ROMM RGB (for wide colour space editing in RAW).
    The other profiles you're seeing on your iMac were likely installed with other software. For example, Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom install ProPhoto RGB among several other profiles. Do you have software installed on your iMac that isn't on your MacBook?
    The reason Affinity Photo can locate these extra profiles is probably because they're installed to the top-level ColorSync directory on your Mac's hard drive. You can get to it by using Finder's Go to Folder feature and pasting it in (/Library/ColorSync/Profiles/). Sometimes, rather than install the actual profiles to that directory, software will create a symlink that redirects to the colour profiles in their application directory (I know Photoshop does this, for example). Either way, you can always copy these profiles across once you know where they are located if you need them.
    Alternatively, in a Finder search box, type .icc and then choose This Mac to locate all the profiles, so you can track down any that may not be in the ColorSync directory. Hope that helps!
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    travel bug reacted to toltec in Affinity Photo Perspective Tool and Cropping tool   
    Perhaps we are talking at cross purposes. As you are using the perspective filter, forget what I said about Live Filters and cropping.
    Take this image. Make a duplicate layer.

    Apply a perspective filter to the duplicate.

    And get this

    The top layer has been permanently altered.
    The bottom layer is the original, unchanged image. It is not affected by the perspective filter.

    If you crop the document, all layers crop but the cropped part is still there, on each layer, just in case you change your mind..  

    If you want, you can discard the area outside the crop by going Layer > Raserise however, it will only be discarded on the selected layer. The other layers will keep the bit outside the crop area, even if you can't see it..You can get the cropped part back by going Document Unclip Canvas. except for the layer you rasterised.
    The part outside has gone but the other layers restore the full canvas, So you get a transparent bit on the rasterised layer.

    You would need to rasterize every layer or the full canvas size will keep coming back. 
    I hope that makes sense ?
    P.S. The pier is still there. It burnt down a while back. A boat drove through it a few years ago but they keep rebuilding it. We even have a "lagoon" now. A glorified paddling pool, basically. No more knotted handkerchiefs, just baseball caps
    I blame America !
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    travel bug reacted to toltec in Affinity Photo Perspective Tool and Cropping tool   
    Are you using the perspective tool, or a Live Filter Layer perspective ? it sound half and half because "apply" is on the perspective tool, but that should change the perspective permanently. If you copy the layer and the original perspective returns, that sounds like a Live Filter.
    Live Filter layers (like adjustment layers) apply instruction to the layer below, they don't actually change the layer itself. Part of a non-destructive workflow. If you copied that layer without the filter it would be the original. If you use a Live Filter, click on Merge (to apply it) which makes in permanent.
    If you use the Perspective Tool on the Tools panel, it applies the filter permanently (destructively). Any parts of the image you moved outside the canvas when "perspecting" are still there though. It is a type of crop and Affinity keeps it in case you need it later. 
    You can remove it (and get a fully cropped layer) by clicking on Layer > Rasterise
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    travel bug got a reaction from Joonie in Introduce Yourself   
    "I stopped using Photoshop when they went subscription mode and to be quite frank, it would be a major bummer if Affinity decided to go this route. I doubt they will but you can never be certain of anything in these times."
    I too left photoshop because of the subscription model of doing business. My concern is Apple is actively encouraging developers to move to subscriptions by lowering their take down from 30% to 15% but it will be a continuing income stream that actually increases their revenue. I believe that the largest company in the world is just getting more greedy. We left Photoshop because of this arrogant attitude and it will happen again if necessary. I am very concerned.
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    travel bug reacted to Lee D in DJI Mavic Pro Photo format Adobe Raw DNG   
    Hi travel bug,
    Adobe DNG is on our supported RAW list, which you can view here.
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