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  1. I just bought the Affinity Photo (for Windows) in the past few hours. I plan on buying the Affinity Designer (for Windows), too. I haven't installed the Photo program yet. I'm a complete newbie to Photo Editor's, but I saw a "Video Commercial", that came on before a youtube video. In the video commercial, I saw a Salvador Dali "warped clock" like example and I just had to click on the link. I thought I'd let you, the maker's of this software, know how I became aware of this product, because there wasn't a survey on how people found out about this software. Anyway, not much to know about me, except I love editing video's and I believe adding these tools will help my video's go in another direction. I also want to make original artwork for my hobbyist, jewelry making adventures. I'm hoping, that once I become proficient in Affinity Photo and Designer, I can use my video editing skill to contribute back to those who will help me. :D
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