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Canvas Resizing not evening Up around the edges

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Please Help if you can.


Here is my problem, and It doesn't always happen, but when it does, its annoying.


After I developed my raw images, I sometimes like to put a border around them in Persona before exporting---and maybe some text.


For the border, which isn't working properly right now,


I first go to the Document tab and choose to RESIZE CANVAS, and add in my new dimensions and choose the middle anchor, but too often it only adds the new dimensions to the left and top of the photo, and not completely all around the photo. Doesn't matter if I keep the ratio locked or not.  When I do get an even canvas resize I then just add a fill layer and make it the bottom layer---beautiful border.  


Was wondering why this is happening on and off ---and if it is a bug or if I'm doing something wrong before beginning my process. 


I am noticing that my photo has this blue line around it, which is not necessarily my crop from developing the raw image. 


Love the program, just not sure how to fix this problem caused by this blue line---what am I missing?5afcd5ca20387_blueline.thumb.PNG.f2b3c468dcee655f398c4f78766bb737.PNG  

blue line.PNG

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Hi thesestars,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

This happens when you crop the image but don't rasterise the layer after the crop (to get rid of the hidden cropped data). Affinity Photo Crop Tool is non-destructive - it keeps the cropped data hidden in the layer.  When you enlarge the canvas you are adding space around all the edges - including around the area you have cropped and that's not visible - that's why you don't see the added space around spme edges. To fix this, right-click the layer/image in the Layers panel and select Rasterise (it will discard the hidden cropped data) then enlarge the canvas to add the border as you are doing. It will add space around all the edges as you'd expect.


The blue line you see around the image is its bounding box and means the layer is currently selected. The crosses over that line means the layer is locked (it has a padlock icon in front of the layer in the Layers panel - click on it to unlock the layer if you want. It's bigger than the canvas because it still includes the hidden data you cropped from the original image (so it represents the size of the original un-cropped image. After you rasterise the layer as I described above it's size will match the size of the cropped image (because you got rid of the hidden data).


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NOTE: thread moved to the Questions section.

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Thank you so much for all your help.  It work beautiful! Got a full border.


I also took care of the username---not sure how I got that wrong.  Thats for the catch and instructions to fix.  

ChipMunk in Cup 1 903 by 903.jpg

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