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  1. Hi! Two feature requests: I am forced to constantly switch between a Mac and Windows workstation working in the same document (via USB drive). Since Apple and Microsoft use different filesystems and thus completely different file paths, I am constantly forced to reconnect the "missing" files, whenever I switch. Embedding is not an option, because it's a book with lots and lots of large pictures. So 1), is there a way for Publisher, to ignore complete file paths and look first in the home folder of the document? and 2), if a missing image is found in a path, could publisher start looking for other images along the same path, like most video editing apps can? That would streamline the working process of the ressource manager enormously. Thanks, Mirko Schieder
  2. I'm having the same problem, though Designer and Photo have "only" accumulated 15GB together... Closing files and erasing them from "My iPad" and iCloud doesn't help, neither does deleting all brushes I bought. @Gabe: Please help!
  3. Also: I would love to see some kind of "edit resource in external app" - functionality or at least "show in finder / explorer". As it is, when I want to edit a photo in AffinityPhoto, I have to memorize the path and go there manually. That would be one extra step the user could be spared. Or is this coming with Pixel Persona?
  4. Hi! I have a weired problem with Affinity Designer... I'm working on the up-to-date version under Windows 10. I have a couple of icons, that I created some while ago (I believe before updating to .135). These icons are saved as .svg and I need them to be pure vectors without rasterized pixel-portions, because MS Visual studio is supposed to find and recolor the hex-color values. I've been careful not to use any effects that were incompatible with SVG (no transparency, no masks etc.) I attach the SVG, I exported some time ago which has been exported without a problem. Opening the .affinitydesigner file also exports without a problem. However - when I re-open the exported SVG and try to save (via export to svg) it (not having touched and altered anything) Designer wants to rasterize certain parts, rendereing the file unusable for me. Is there something, I'm not getting? new export.svg old export.svg original.afdesign
  5. I'd even suggest an entire panel in Studio allowing you to view any alert, overflow, broken link etc. at a glance.
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