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  1. I guess you like voleyball very much. I would love to see how they look on shirts.Very nice work!
  2. Hello! And welcome to the forum. I don't quite like the embossing, it looks strange to me. Flat and more minimal would be better in my opinion. Keep it up!
  3. Wow, looks like made with 3D program. Nice work! I quite agree with @GarryP , shadow looks a bit strange. But overall, stunning work.
  4. Awesome work! I wonder if I could get some of these as wallpapers? They should look sick on my desktop or phone.
  5. I had the same face in my mind.
  6. Wow nice. Did you make this for some kind of project or just for yourself?
  7. Looks interesting. I see the part of human face here. Nice.
  8. Looks chaotic but nice at the same time. I think you could make it a little cleaner and it would come out as a very cool wallpaper.
  9. I like first one the most, because it blends with the background very nicely! Others are great too! Keep it up. ;)
  10. It is actually not fully finished. I've been thinking about series combined with various animals and different parts of cenery. I don't have much free time, but I Will do it someday. :)
  11. Funny illustration, but I would disable some shadows and bevels/emboss. Keep going! ;)
  12. I like this so much! :) It would be nice to see original photo, though. ;)
  13. Haha, I definitely didn't think about gravitational waves when doing this. :lol: It's more like a moon shine. :) Thank you very much. :) I have more ideas in my mind. ;)
  14. Nice work! I was looking for a site like this. I hope this site will have plenty of resources soon! ^_^
  15. Thank you very much. ;) I have this as my desktop wallpaper right now. :)
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