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  1. Hello guys! You know that in PS we are using Ctrl / Alt + Space bur to control Zoom in or out. Do you've any keyboard shortcut there in Affinity to control Zoom tool? Thanks in advance.
  2. Look like a grunge background !
  3. Many thanks for these, I just need some basic and useful tutorials such as Photo Editing related.
  4. Thanks Carl123! It makes me happy to get a clue to solve the issue.. Once again thanks so much....
  5. I'm feeling embarrassed with the white color in Affinity Photo, and I know it's not my computer or monitor problem. Because, I saw Affinity Photo itself created this problem. Check screenshot, below. I also have Photoshop CC, but that's fine. So, could anyone say something about this issue, Please?
  6. Thanks both of you RCR and uncle808us . This is working .... and easy to operate!
  7. biju

    Introduce Yourself

    Hello I'm Biju from Bangladesh, I'm newbie in Affinity. Just thinking about it. -_-
  8. ronniemcbride, Thanks so much. I subscribed you. Actually I heard about A recently. I just need A2Z tutorial for beginner like me. Once again thanks so much.
  9. Hello, I'm a newbie on Affinity. I just found an affinity soft [Affinity+Photo+Beta.dmg] that it is a DMG file,Apparently. I don't even know about dmg. Please anyone say something how to open this file and install in my PC?