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  1. The Affine filter is essential for my work. Please make it a live filter, it makes me crazy to re-type the values in an in again. Also the filter need to be improved: 1. reacted to the current workspace (not to the layer selected, if the layer is bigger) 2. transform by pixel, not percentage. thanks
  2. Every time I use the Mesh Warp Tool it happens that suddenly one edge of the rectangle vanish and then AP crashes with no option to save. This is really annoying, please fix it !
  3. The flip horizontal feature will use the middle of the selected layers. But I need very often to mirror layers from one side of the image to the exact other side. I haven’t found a way doing that else the with a little trick. I select my layers, do a copy. Then flip the whole image. Paste and then flip the image back. Doesn’t work with text, but for shapes its fine. So anyone knows a better trick?
  4. If you want to convert a shape/spline/etc. to pixels, you can do that in the context menu. If you have more then one shape layer selected, you can't. You have to go through each layer right click and choose pixelate. Well you can of course flatten the whole document etc. but maybe you just want to work on an area where created 10 little cycles. I haven't found a work around here, but this should really improved. Also merging layers should automatically convert shapes and images. Its just so time consuming to see it fail again and again.. and then go through all layers finding the bad guy.
  5. Maestrorobertus

    On-screen 'express keys'

    Absolute. I would suggest that the iOS interface could be available for the Desktop version too. So you can really benefit from the Touch Screen options. Not sure if the Developers actually had that in mind at all.
  6. Maestrorobertus

    Tablet working

    Ok, thanks there it is. It was a bit strange to first need to set the percentage to make it work. Was used to presets that do that all automatic, like in sketch tools.
  7. The only feature I found that enables the pen pressure is the little button in the tool menu. But it only controls the brush size. Is there more? Or more to come? It looks currently really poor.
  8. Just a General question, if I own the Mac Version do I still need to buy the Windows Version seperately ? Well to be fair, I bought it via AppStore.. so I have no license key, or?
  9. Maestrorobertus

    AP FR: Closing image

    When closing an image (Close in file browser or the X button on the image frame), AP asks the user to save the image, if there where any changes. However after saving the image is still open. Thats like a bug, because the user wanted the image to be closed, no matter if you saves it too.
  10. Little annoying thing when painting in Masks, while Mask in general are Black White, Affinity doesn't change the colors. For example Photoshop color palette for front/back color swaps when painting to mask to Black and White. Thats annoying because you first need to adjust front and back color before painting into a mask. Also please add the possibility to use color correction filters on masks.
  11. I'm still comparing to PS, so the things that slows down my work in Photo: - Filters are always set back to default after using them, so if I set my favorite setting for a filter, with like 4+ more values, I have to do that each time again that I use the filter. That can be really annoying. Photo should keep the last settings alway, even after restart. - When I quickly need to adjust a selections colors I have to put that on another layer, or mask the adjustment. That maybe sometimes also desired but if you work fast it slows down your workflow dramatically. I mean yes some adjustment you want to take back or tweak, but the better you are then less likely you do that. - I often need to use transform tools on a selection. In PS thats just a natural action. Select something activate the transform tool and tweak it. In Photo I first need to copy the selection to an own layer to have transform affect only that part. If you do that a few times you get crazy on it. It also mean that you need to flatten layers again and again to affect areas you already did transform. I really need transform tools that work on a selection only.
  12. I try to do patterns that repeat both in Designer and Photo, but I can't find any tools helping me except affiliate, for copy. But thats not a filter and so its almost impossible to work that way. So maybe I'm wrong but aren't there ways to do that? Like having a layer and instance it with an offset. Or a tool that preview the repeating pattern etc? Just in case anyone knows the trick.
  13. Hi there, its now 6 month I use your tool from beta to 1.4.1 release. So far I started with Photo but got also Designer. So there are things that hold me back using Photoshop, which is a bit sad and thats why I wrote this little report. PROs: Lets start by telling you, that you done an awesome job on improving many things bugging me since 20 years with Photoshop. Best of all are the wonderful integration of vector tools in both apps. Thats so great! The Text tool alone rocks over Photoshop. But honestly the idea to connect both Designer and Photo App is fantastic. CONs: This is longer, but believe me it would be very long for other Apps. 1. The thing bugging me most is the lack of a good transform tool. Indeed its extremely poor at the moment. For example I would like to select first, then move and change perspective without dropping the tool. Also the warp tool should work on selection not on total screen, that really is not a working solution for me at the moment. 2. I totally understand that you feature your own file format. Anyhow, if I open a jpg, make a transform mirror and close it I don't want to have the App forcing me to save in Affinity file format. At least I want to see an option like: save in original file format or looseness affinity file format. So please let us do this, its such a cumbersome workflow to always go via the export file format first, if you have opened a file in a different format. 3. Filters don't remember there previous setting. Thats a workflow nightmae to me. Sorry, but in PS I'm used to set my default setting for filters and then have them all the time. For example if I once used the sharpening mask, I don't want to start next time with zero values again. Think of the Pro users who use a filter 50 times a day... got it? 50 times per day setting the values is really dull. 4. Where is the polygon selection tool? I have used lasso a few times, but I prefer a polygon selection tools for getting quicker straight lines. Its missing terrible. 5. Alphas and Masks. I come from the post production side and an alpha is basically a black and white image. In Affinity its an image with transparence. Ok that makes it hard sometimes. You can't simple take an image for the mask of a layer. The bigger down point is that you can't invert the alpha with a command, like you could a black and white mask. Never thought I prefer PS here, but I see a big down point here. You really should consider in having an option here in the context menu. And not going via raster layer and alpha layer in the channels list. 6. Vector Masks. Vector mask using transparent channel too, without an invert option.. For example if you draw a rectangle and use it as alpha for an image, its a nice use of vectors, however you totally forget an invert option. So I can switch between inner and outer selection. For example: You want a black plate with cut out letters. So you do the black background and the text, use the text as mask.. and you run into a dead end street. 7. Direct filers. Its cool that Photo is so little destructive when it comes to color filters. But sometimes it would be very useful to quickly change the colors of a selection that filters would not be added as layer but directly used. Think of an optional way for professional artist that work quick and dirty, because they know how. 8. Stamp tool. Thats something you should look into. I compared the quality of the stamp tool to PS, and PS wins. The problem seems that AP stamp tool is more blurry and less sharp. I have not idea why its even different, but PS does it way better. Please check that out. 9. Where is the crop command? I mean if I do a selection and want to use it to crop the document? I use that in all photo Apps and I think its a terrible missing. The current option to crops the transparent area.. not so good for working with images. 10. Can I use the OS Color Picker? I have all my color tables there, can't find an option to do so. 11. Just a personal wish for texture painting, please add the affine transformation as live filter for all layers under nice. Would be cool to have. Ok, I can be wrong with this, or missed some features.. if so please tell me.
  14. Maestrorobertus

    Some Requests

    First of thanks for doing great work in Affinity Photo. I know its not yet a PS replacement, but there are things that would be cool to have. - We really need EXR 16/32bit support. EXR is a very much used format in post production, I would call it even a standard. - DNG/RAW suport, I think that clearly speak for it self. - Stitching support. Photographers need it so often. For whats there I miss a few things. - I haven't found a crop function. I think its one very useful feature that is so essential that I wonder where it is. I mean making a selection and crop is so much different then using the crop tool. - I know you guys have reasons for an own format. But It stresses if you open 10 jpegs, change something and close them and AP just want to save it in its own format. Yes there is export, but I think the ending term of the name should define what you want. So closing 10 jpegs should save 10 jpegs in a row. Thats simple workflow related.

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