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  1. Maestrorobertus

    Use black with channel as mask

    well dragging into onto a layer does only work, if its mask. Meanwhile I got it to work, seem to be an issue with the color proof of the file. (32bit). Looks promising, will keep testing it so. Anyhow, why isn't that command directly under the layer popup menu? It was one of the hardest thing coming from Photoshop.
  2. Maestrorobertus

    Use black with channel as mask

    Did some tests on 'Rasterize to Mask' command and have to say, that stinks! Such a bad translation of a Alpha mask. Its nothing more then taking the black 100% color and make a stencil out of it. So every grey is ignored and the mask leaves a clear border on the edges. I can't understand why you can paint with black and white in a mask, but that stupid mask is not considered like a black white image, like in other painting software. It looks like Affinity created a real problem for users here. So the work around is like before: select a color in the channel with the Select Sample Color and great a mask manual. Bad job guys..
  3. Maestrorobertus

    Use black with channel as mask

    Thanks. Didn’t seen 1. Before. Yes about 2 that is a needed feature. Sometimes I need to mask things inside and things outside. Using the same shape here is really helpful, especially if changes keep coming. That and instanced layers.
  4. Maestrorobertus

    Use black with channel as mask

    I often get masks as black/white images from rendering or other tools. Is there a quick way to turn them into masks? Or use them as mask... And another one: How can I invert a shape mask effect
  5. The flip horizontal feature will use the middle of the selected layers. But I need very often to mirror layers from one side of the image to the exact other side. I haven’t found a way doing that else the with a little trick. I select my layers, do a copy. Then flip the whole image. Paste and then flip the image back. Doesn’t work with text, but for shapes its fine. So anyone knows a better trick?
  6. Maestrorobertus

    Copy paste a selection and then move.. ouch.

    Typo: Feather
  7. Maestrorobertus

    Copy paste a selection and then move.. ouch.

    You only get that if you turn the feature feature on.. by default its 0 px.
  8. If you want to convert a shape/spline/etc. to pixels, you can do that in the context menu. If you have more then one shape layer selected, you can't. You have to go through each layer right click and choose pixelate. Well you can of course flatten the whole document etc. but maybe you just want to work on an area where created 10 little cycles. I haven't found a work around here, but this should really improved. Also merging layers should automatically convert shapes and images. Its just so time consuming to see it fail again and again.. and then go through all layers finding the bad guy.
  9. If you do a selection and copy paste it you get a new pixel layer. Thats what should happen. If you then move the new selected by pressing V you see things moving, BUT !!! the developers added a trap here. Because you just move the selection and as there is always some smoothing you will see a tin frame in there area where you pasted. So, thats not a good workflow at all. Either drop the selection first, and please make that automatic, or you will always have to think: ctrl+d before pressing v...
  10. Maestrorobertus

    Tool switch to last

    I got totally confused about what happens to when I click the short cut of a tool twice. Normally nothing should happen. But AP just cycles through tools. Well there is no checkbox for turning that off, so I removed all shortcuts till I had only one key for my tool, but then the next thing happen. AP now jumps between selected and last used tool. Well, some people might like that, if you focus on screen and not on the buttons on the side, or even like me like to hide them with just shortcut usage you constantly run into problems. Is there a way to turn it off? If not please add that, it drives me nuts.
  11. Maestrorobertus

    Listen to the users... please

    I read a lot and I think the new 1.7 is not going anywhere close to what many users express here. Just a list of things people want: 1. Convert Black/White to mask. In PS its easy, take any black white image and use it as mask. Thats what an alpha channel looks like anyway. Not so in AFP. This should be a one click action. 2. Merge Layers. In AFP you need to convert layers first to pixel than merge.. that is annoying. We need an option to make that work in one step. 3. Transform areas of the image. It cost so much time that, each time you want to transform a selection you need to copy it first to another layer, then fiddle around with transparency and get the transform to the area it should work. Please make things easier. 4. Brush Scale. Brackets, may be the keys for US users, but people have different keyboards in other countries. Each time I need to change that to , . for 20 tools. Thats annoying. Also we need a better workflow to adjust the brush size on Windows. This simple is essential! 5. Remember filter settings. Each time I use a filter again, I have to input the values against.. balls... thats so super annoying. You ain't know how many times I do that per day. And where are the actions still missing to build own actions? 6. File close.. each time I close an image, AFP ask me to save it.. no mater what I do it will be still open and I need to close it again. These are the most annoying things that need care. I could write a longer list, but I done it quite some times here... so please give us things we really need, not another app for iOS, Android.. and other fancy unprofessional stuff. ;-)
  12. Maestrorobertus

    On-screen 'express keys'

    Absolute. I would suggest that the iOS interface could be available for the Desktop version too. So you can really benefit from the Touch Screen options. Not sure if the Developers actually had that in mind at all.
  13. Maestrorobertus

    Tablet working

    Ok, thanks there it is. It was a bit strange to first need to set the percentage to make it work. Was used to presets that do that all automatic, like in sketch tools.
  14. The only feature I found that enables the pen pressure is the little button in the tool menu. But it only controls the brush size. Is there more? Or more to come? It looks currently really poor.
  15. Just a General question, if I own the Mac Version do I still need to buy the Windows Version seperately ? Well to be fair, I bought it via AppStore.. so I have no license key, or?