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  1. Hi Alexey, sorry for your trouble, working fine for me.
  2. How about a toggle check box or button to choose between option 1 and option 2
  3. @walt.farrell Thanks for your suggestions. Yes, I can get it to work in V2 by changing the settings e.g. "Basic" will work. Just the "Automatic" setting does not work in V2.
  4. All works fine in V1 not able to activate grid in V2. Also CTR+' not working in V2
  5. Thank you for well made point I understand you position and I sincerely hope that Serif will come up with a suitable update. Perhaps we have to ask Patrick to give this request the priority it really needs (no doubt he will read this). Like you indicated, it will give them a lot more business as well. Best Regards again, Peter.
  6. Not for me. Not by a long shot. I have mentioned this before, we need to realize that Serif is working with limited resources. If we make the comparison with Adobe and their vast company (read resources) then we can draw the conclusion that Serif is doing a marvelous job! They are also not charging us an arm and a leg for a beautiful program. Perhaps we need to be a little more patient. Best Regards Peter.
  7. Totally agree, yes there are outstanding bugs and hopefully they will be fixed soon. I just want to express my appreciation to the whole Serif team. They have done a marvelous job with limited resources. Best Regards, Peter
  8. Not able to replicate neither with OCL on or of. System load also as expected, nothing out of the ordinary. Hope you find a solution soon. Regards, Peter
  9. You're welcome. I don't actually experience any crashes at all, with or without Open CL. Peter
  10. I can confirm this issue with Open CL on. Also affecting sharpening brush. Regards Peter Win 11 i7 16Gb GTX1660super
  11. Affinity Photo Designer
    Desktop: Windows 10 21H1 i7 10700F RAM16GB GTX1660Super
    Laptop: Windows 10 21H1 Ryzen 7 4700U RAM16GB Radion Graphics

  12. Perhaps you could also give the latest Beta a shot. A lot of improvements with regard to HW acceleration have been implemented. Runs fine for me. You can download from this link: Success! Peter
  13. Hi Stupac62, You can download the beta using the following link: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/144029-affinity-photo-windows-customer-beta-11001085/ Success, Peter
  14. Not so long ago, Walt made an interesting comment about drastically increasing virtual memory. I am not able to find that suggestion on the forum anymore. Personally, I benefited from that greatly, without even thanking him. So I'd like to do that now. Perhaps this may help you too. Peter
  15. Yes, also confirmed in 1.83 In Beta 1.84 works as expected.
  16. Sorry guys, please ignore my previous message. I made a mistake.
  17. Same workflow here. From LR just edit file as a tiff and history will be saved just fine in AP.
  18. Thank you Chris, Yes this was the problem. Changed preferences and all is Fine. Thank you too Greyfox for spending time, trying to help. Much appreciated to both of you! Regards, Peter
  19. Hi to all, The straightening tool from the crop menu is producing jagged lines. This was only a very minor adjustment. Windows 10, external edit from LR to AP, tiff converted to .afphoto Affects both stable and beta Hope you can help me. Thanks, Peter. Before_straightening.afphoto After_straightening.afphoto
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