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  1. basicly: Ignore that photolab is expecting an .exe, type the whole name of your .bat file (or copy -> paste the name of the .bat file) and click Open
  2. Basically we have tried to help which, however, failed due to a certain kind of consulting resistance 🤐
  3. Die Frage ist ob das mit dieser Lösung auch mit zukünftigen Updates funktioniert
  4. Da wäre ich mir nicht so sicher, es ist zwar keine "Microsoft-App", aber eine "Windows-App" sonst würde diese nicht im Ordner WindowsApps landen. Affinity Photo V.1 gab es zuvor parallel ja auch schon als WindowsApp. Blöd ist es allemal
  5. Ignoriere einfach das hier nur .exe auswählbar ist, Kopiere (oder Tippe) hier einfach den kompletten Namen der .bat-Datei welche du erzeugt hast in das Feld Dateiname und klicke dann auf öffnen.
  6. As I said in my previous posts. I don't have time for this hack nonsense. Affinity 2 should be in my programs folder, as Affinity 1 is and all my other software that was downloaded to my PC. There is no sugar coating this botched release. ok, you don`t have time to just make it right but you have time to post that you don`t have time i now have wasted my time to help you so good luck
  7. The Problem here seams to be, that you have saved the File as a Text File (.txt = Text Document), just save it under the File Type All Files (*.*) as NAME.bat. alternative = enable that you can see the file extentions in windows and remove .txt from that file (it should now be Name.bat.txt). Then just copy the whole filename to the clipboard, choose in photolab "open in application" -> choose the right location where you have saved your .bat-File and copy the Name into the Filed -> Open So basicly you have to blame microsoft for this issue and not serif alternativ = use the V.1 Versions
  8. i have now the same Problem "The Footline is not displayed and so the filters not usable" with the latest final Affinity Photo and NIK Collection Version on Windows 10. The Problem seams to be randomly, one time i can see the bottom part of the plugin, sometimes not.
  9. Thanks a lot for your answer but this thread is more than 2 years old now and at that time it wasn`t possible to change the icon size 🙂
  10. I always checki the final result on an iPad Pro. Exporting JPG files with the integrated sRBG color profile is far too colorful for me. Without a color profile, the colors have a kind of washed-out look for me, in direct comparison to the original. I export with a compression rate of 85% on my cheap old monitor there was no such difference
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