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  1. And then the strange effect that the clone brush loses its function after own pixels. If the mouse button is released briefly, it works again. Can anybody confirm this? Or maybe the graphics card may play a "negative role"? ______________ @edit: 14. Jan. I checked that with another computer. This error has its cause in my laptop. Probably the same thing about the described "ghost clones".
  2. If necessary, I want to precisely guide and align along edges or lines the source circle, if that is appropriate. This is not possible with the source cross.
  3. I'm still not happy with the cloning tool today. I expect the source's cross to be in the same relative coordinate position even when I release the mouse button. I want to position the source so exactly that my desired result is visible. I can not do that; because the source's cross always jumps to the first selection point. And this is very very annoying. And, I have "zero orientation" in respect of the outer limit of source surface to the outer limit of the target surface. Because the source only indicates a cross without displaying the source area, which is subject to the cloning process. And then I regularly have this unwanted effect, when cloning, there are always results that do not correspond to the position of the source cross at all. After a short time, it seems as if from a "memory" pixels are additionally cloned that does not exist at the source cross. If the mouse button is temporary unloaded, then this effect disappears. The cloning brush is one of the most important tools for me. @edit: added: "After a short time, ..."
  4. I want a brush with the following feature. The limits of the tool marker should indicate to the pixel exactly the limit of its effectiveness. In reality, with a 50x50 pixel brush for example, the marker is 5 pixels smaller. I find that annoying when I just want to edit completely straight edges. Have I overlooked something? Also with the copying brush it bothers me, if the marker of the source is only a cross and does not clearly cover the same area as the target of the copying process. Can not you do anything there?
  5. Version 1.6 Oh, wow. I start with my new laptop within 7 seconds. Tthat's what i was looking for. A program to start quickly and for immediat use. I love it now. i5-7200u processor, 12 Gybte RAM, 128 Gbyte SSD.
  6. I can correct myself once again. It is relatively stable for the first start 15 seconds. Tested several times. This is acceptable to me. (8 GB RAM) RAM is only to be replaced by even more RAM... :rolleyes: @PS I love this program more and more.
  7. Now Windows 10, RAM 8 GByte first program start after systemstart - 1:15
  8. Windows 10, RAM 4 GByte. Load times are therefore not the shortest. first program start after systemstart / loading first file (6 MB) - 2:20 / 0:33 second program start / loading first file (6 MB) - 0:25 / 0:08 (Reference Photoshop CS2: 0:17 / 0:04)
  9. This is a result during the exploration. All in all, I can handle relativily easy the concept of AffinityPhoto.
  10. StefanK

    technical drawing

    @VIPStephan, thank you very much. This is a good idea. I'm looking for a replacement for Micrografx Designer 6. It does not work under Win10. And Affinity Designer (and Photo) seems very close to my working habits.
  11. Just bought the designer. Actually, without test. But much is already known from the Photo Public. The first impression is impressive! I'm excited. But one thing I'm looking for. These are measuring lines with arrows, that can be attached to objects. Can something be done?
  12. A request for tool cloning. The source and destination symbol should be designed so that show two identical symbols (in size and shape). The important advantage: aligning both symbols for maximum precision and synchronization is much better. Sample (from excellent Micrografx Picture Publisher) :