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  1. Donald, Just so I know where I might look for a solution: Would you please tell me if you have a mini keyboard installed? I'm very frustrated by this. As an example, I will have been saving the file all along as I work, only to find out the keystrokes aren't working. Grrrr.... And it is hard to believe that we are the only two folks this is happening to. I realize I bought a bargain-priced software, but I still expect it to work! Joan
  2. Hi Donald, I have not had time to see if it is affected by a different user name, though, I confess, I really don't want to. Misery loves company and I'm sort-of happy to see someone else having these difficulties. Joan
  3. When the keystrokes quit in AP, the mini keyboard would not work either.
  4. The problem keystrokes are associated in the AP keyboard shortcut settings and I am using the default keyboard that came with AP. There is a standard keyboard installed. Was using an old Omni keyboard, but switched it out for a generic Dell, then a Packard Bell from the thrift store! Now the system says I'm using a generic keyboard and driver, BUT also have a "mini keyboard" installed. I uninstalled it but it returned when I plugged the USB interface back in. It is a small remote keyboard used primarily to update an internet page I am tasked with keeping tabs on, even when I'm not near the computer. I didn't associate it with a keyboard as I don't use that function. Made by FAVI Entertainment Could that be it? Doesn't seem likely but... fe01_(with-backlight).pdf
  5. Sigh. It did it again so, I ran sfc/scannow and it gave this message when finished, "Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations." Any other suggestions?
  6. The last option was the easiest so I tried it first (uninstalling keyboard). I don't know if it worked yet, but I somehow ended up with about six different keyboard installed!
  7. I will try your suggestions. Thank you!! The answer will not be immediate as AP sometimes plays nice with the keyboard and sometimes not.
  8. No, I do not. Of course, Windows comes with Ctrl-c, Ctrl-v etc. working.
  9. When they stop working in Affinity, they continue to work in other apps. AND yes, I have tried reinstalling.
  10. Running Affinity Photo on a desktop with WIN7 64bit installed. I'm having a problem that I don't have with any other app: the shortcut keys (Ctrl-J, Ctrl-W, Ctrl-V, etc.) will suddenly stop working. Can not figure out the steps taken that go before it stopping. Works the same in retail as in beta version. I changed the physical keyboard to a plain run-of-the-mill keyboard, and went back to the default keyboard setup with AP. Same behavior. I have to quit the program and restart AP. Any ideas how to stop this behavior?
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