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  1. I second this request. This is a must have feature. Doing anything complex makes real pain navigation through layers tree.
  2. I discovered that Color panel and drop down Color panel aren't really the same. There are features and functionality disparities. The most prominent is the Opacity slider. Please improve the the drop down Color panel and add an option to see/add numeral values to the opacity. When you adjust the opacity with drop down Color panel there is no way to know the opacity value. Which is terrible UX decision. The other thing is the drop down menu(1) for the opacity in the color panel. What is it for? Why it wasn't implement simply like a filed(2)? It seems very redundant when there is a slider to adjust the opacity and the option to add a precise number manually.
  3. I have a request to improve the functionality of the transform panel coordinate and size fields. 1. Ctrl + Enter, apply or dismiss aspect ratio option on the fly based on the current state of the Lock Aspect Ratio. This combination enables or disables aspect ratio when your enter your numbers. It saves you a lot of time by removing additional physical actions with your hands that are needed to turn on/off Lock Aspect Ratio icon. Ex. You write in W: 110 and press Ctrl + Enter. If Lock Aspect Ratio is On then operation ignores it and we get W:110px, H100px. If Lock Aspect Ratio is Off then operation works as if it's On and we get W:110px, H110px as a result. 2. Ctrl + Alt + Enter, make equal other field to the current. When you simply want to match the position or size of the shape on both coordinates or lengths. It saves you time from doing double work by typing and pressing twice the same information. Ex. Let's say you have W:110px, H:50px. All you need to do is just choose any field, type let's say W:100 and press Ctrl + Alt + Enter and other field will reset to the same number. P.S. It's also best if you make these modifier keys not hard coded but leave an option to assign different combinations from each modifier set. Different people might have different preferences to which modifier keys they'd like to use.
  4. Please add the support to the Affinity apps for numpad keys. I was very surprised to discover that Designer couldn't assign numpad keys.
  5. I too have some apps where visibility icons on the right. But I don't need to access them that often in these apps. Based on the use case I would prefer visibility icon on the left. But click and drag response with visibility icons must happen. It's a very good QoL functionality. Makes workflow so much smoother and natural.
  6. Thank you for a workaroud. I love hotkeys and use them all the time. Still, I stand by my request. When my curse in the green area dealing with layers order it's much easier and faster to controls visibility with the cursor if the checkbox is close by on the left side.
  7. Really enjoy many sides of Designer. Unfortunately, there are still many things that frustrates me. I have 3 request regarding Layers Panel functionality. 1. A lot of work is happening in the green area. I move, arange, clip, mask and re-arrange layers stack. I very often need to control layers visibility. Please move layer's visibility check to the left side. It will reduce the distance I have to move my mouse/stylus at lest 5 time. Right now Designer makes me do 5 times more work in the layers panel. I'm really confused why visibility check boxes are on the far right side away from all the action that is happening with the layers on the left side. Please fix it. 2. Make visibility check boxes respond better. When I need to deactivate/activate visibility of 3 and more layers in a row it's a real problem. You have to click on each box. Please make visibility checkboxes recognazie click and drag action for improved and faster working experience. 3. Pure aesthetics request. Can you make checkboxes into an eye icon? It's much better recognized in it's functionality. Use of checkboxes is weird. P.S. Propagate this design change across all packages.
  8. Please make it possible to invert masks. I have to use workaround right now but they're quite ugly. I would simply expect to be able to make path negative/invert it. It doesn't work right now.
  9. It may be, but I'm not convinced yet. The fact that I am the only one who reported it doesn't say much yet. If it's a rather unique issues it might be just the case that there are people who observes it but isn't bothered by it. Even less so have time or desire to report it on the forums. I don't think Affinity's userbase is big enough yet to report all the smaller issues on a variety of hardware options. At this point I can help by providing all the request info to help developers if they want to figure it out. Other than that I don't see how I can debug the veiwport behavior in a closed commercial software I relatively recently began to use. I have a hunch it might have something to do how Designer updates/renders viewport but other than that I have no idea what can cause it on a software level. I doubt it's my system although I don't exclude it. It's been very stable for a long time.
  10. Sorry, it was my mistake. I am on 1909. No need to update.
  11. Hi @Sean P. It's nice that you don't have these issues. Unfortunately, I do. My display resolution is 2560x1440 at 100% scale. I have two GTX 1080 Ti cards installed. Running latest Windows 10 1909.
  12. Make it possible to decide where to keep conflicted shortcut on the fly. Without the need to go to the conflicted command and change the shortcut. Side note. Make the preference window resizable please. At least vertically. This is too small of an area to work with on bigger monitors.
  13. Is the an option to change modifier keys behavior? I don't find it intuitive and pretty disruptive across all other apps I use. It feels like right click select in Blender. While it might be more powerful way to work it was too different usual conventions to the point of total rejection until they changed it in 2.8. I wouldn't mind having non-standard standard in Affinity for modifier keys as long as I have an option to change this behavior in preferences. Is there any?
  14. I didn't know there was 1.8.3 update. I was on 1.8.2. Downloaded the latest versions for both Designer and Photo and the delay is still there. It's not as prominent in Designer if you do slow moves but I tested it with extreme behavior and it doesn't look good. It's even worse on Photo. I wouldn't worry about extreme use case but it's still noticeable and irritating because it happens with slow moves as well from time to time. It give Affinity products a sluggish unresponsive feel. I hope it'll get fixed in future releases. lkWZMQTLXE.mp4
  15. It's definitely not what I'm talking about. Have you watched the video?
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