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  1. Probably better to start with something on the cheaper end of the scale as some people find them difficult to use initially and end up going back to using the Mouse. I started with a Wacom Bamboo (£49) and loved it. I would say my graphic making is more than a hobby and soon found I needed something with a bit more flexibility/versatility and splashed out on an Intuous Pro, Medium. Expensive Yes (everything is expensive in the UK) around £300 back in 2013 but worth every penny.
  2. Thanks for sharing these beauties V_kyr.
  3. Great, thanks. Can these be downloaded freely or they copyrighted?
  4. I think these are brilliant videos and explained very well, thank you Bri-Toon. I look forward to seeing more from you.
  5. Oustanding brushes, a real treat to use. Thanks Stuart. Got your later sets too, fabulous.
  6. I would like to see the OK button removed please as it's easy to forget to click on it especially as other tasks are automatically applied. Thanks.