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  1. hint:pictureframe place pictureframe on canvas keep selected drag/drop images onto the pictureframe
  2. Sorry,only tested it quickly and I don't have the afdesign file with the Antonio font saved
  3. https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/tutorials/publisher/desktop/video/286538332
  4. Exported as pdf x-4 and no problem here to select temp activated fonts(FontExpert2018) Tested with the Antonio font and the testfont file by Sean P Font test.pdf Antonio.pdf
  5. haakoo

    Font Manager

    But when the file is open you can replace the missing fonts in a font manager,this works just fine,doesn't it So no bug but either plan ahead,knowing which fonts will be missing. or change the missing fonts when the file is loaded.
  6. My option is to create anything>apply mp> on a certain page ungroup or convert to local items One still needs to get the symbol out of the mp assigned to a local page
  7. Once opened a panel from the view>studio options,you can drag these panels to another panel to make it stick(at least in windows) So one click on a tabbed panel is all one needs to do.
  8. oh another way of creating multiple bg's to a local page is; Create a picture frame > drag image to picture frame Select multiple new images > drag to the page In the layers panel drag those images into the picture frame group Within in this group switch on/off the images you want to use Duplicate page(s) bgWithoutMP.afpub
  9. You are working the other way around: A mp is set to all or specific pages and you create a mp for every layout you want so you can alter a mp everywhere And apply multiple to multiple pages or not It isn't one mp with all concepts you can alter per local page Which version of AFPub are you using? I have on windows Uhm , it crashed here too
  10. No, you need to switch off the visibility of the group, not the image Take a look at my file I posted here above Go to a local page and switch off a mp in the layers panel and switch on another The mp doesn't get changed but the items on the local page has a different visibility
  11. One can apply (multiple)master pages to all pages and you can alter them within any page that uses that master page, Wouldn't it be a good idea to have a context menu option or a button or ungroup option in the layers panel to make an applied mp become local? Now the adding>duplicate objects>dragging them out the mp-group in the layers panel seems a bit cumbersome,workable but cumbersome. Not all is lost since one can re-apply mp's after clearing it from a certain page And vice versa:promote page to master page
  12. The pages panel should reflect the mp usage on the pages. But they do show on the page in the layers panel where all nesting objects are situated Oh and besides that, it does show all mp's used while hovering the local pages in the pages panel