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  1. It should,because it indicates if the curve is closed or not, not only that it is the button for the operation. That way one could find out which curve isn't closed because the button would light up. I think it should also reflect its condition in the layers panel; it should state "open curve" and "closed curve" instead of only curve(s)
  2. After double the clicking group you can select single items in this group And using ctrl+click you can also select single items in a group
  3. Strange for a UK based company to file the help under English(US)
  4. @Alfred Change the language from English (UK) to English(US) bottom left
  5. Well I didn't want it to sound snarky. Foremost Photo is intended to edit photos,secondary is painting,drawing and vector. Therefore the tools are made for this and they do work with painting and drawing but not all features may be present. I can edit images in Artrage but it is cumbersome because it is intended for painting and drawing.
  6. @Sean P I found that if one uses a multi monitor setup ,the resourcemanager opens on the wrong monitor,may be related.
  7. haakoo

    Gallery of images

    @Alfred *Sorry for your loss*
  8. The name is Affinity Photo not Draw or Paint
  9. haakoo

    Gallery of images

    Well,If the licensing is out of the way,wouldn't every project look alike when users use the same clipart? For a DAM; it is an manager for any kind of imagery,so to organize and finding stuff to use in your projects. Seems to do what you want. I for instance use XnViewMP as image manager. I can drag/drop from any folder in my system,without the use of Explorer into my projects and create folders for my projects to reuse. It supports many image formats including svg/pdf/psd and even afphoto and afdesign. Also you can drag/drop directly to the assets panel. This is true for most clipart provided by a software maker. They need to create new content all the time just to be relevant and this may be at the expense of development. In time they need to charge a fee because there has to be a designer to create it.
  10. haakoo

    Gallery of images

    Try search for DAM here on the fora because in essence this is what you want. As for clipart, It would bloat the affinity range and may have copyright issues. Besides there are many free or paid clip art repositories on the net.
  11. When in the mp panel>right click the mp>apply master to pages Here are choices to which pages you want it applied. There's a check mark for replace existing>uncheck this Repeat this for every mp you want to apply. If you drag/drop a master page on a page, this will invoke the replace existing always You can change the hierarchy in the layers panel or by the arrange options
  12. Like in your other post about the lines around an image, there isn't(yet) a way you can select by properties and adjust its style,color and the likes This has been requested and may come in a future version. Serif knows how to implement it as they already had in PP
  13. Highlight the button that would be possible and dim the non possible i.e. if open curve, highlight the close curve button. if closed curve, highlight the break curve button.