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  1. The development started out for the mac system and later on for windows. Why would they have invested in the development for windows to now abandon?
  2. Press ctrl+shortcut for all affinity programs>select all items>close the programs. This will reset the programs. And reboot the computer
  3. It was mentioned before in this thread
  4. Ok you're right it misses some features that is in the standalone versions. On the other hand there's still an "edit in photo/designer" present in the menu,so all is not lost
  5. XnViewMp shows the affinity formats except afpub And this is a free for personal use program
  6. Ok sorry, misread your post But if it's the same profile wouldn't it be always the right color no matter what is on screen?
  7. Well, PNG doesn't support CMYK may be the answer. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portable_Network_Graphics
  8. Press tab key to hide/show the toolbars comes close to what you want but there's no designated presentation mode
  9. Easy way is to create a shape with preferred color>make size a bit larger than the image(make sure both centers align)>put shape to back Menu>document>clip canvas>done
  10. Like said, If you must have webp which isn't widely supported,you can convert with xnviewmp And have Serif add it to the export formats when it is fully supported.
  11. Usually you can set a stroke color on the toolbar too