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  1. I did use the same file settings in all the exports 800x800x24png @300dpi LanczosNS 800x800x24jpg @300dpi LanczosNS 800x800x24pdf-x4 @300dpi LanczosNS 800x800x24pdf-x4 @300dpi LanczosNS all rasterized TestSize.zip
  2. @Medical Officer Bones I didn't made the statement about the pdf export,the OP did claim he expected the same pdf file to be bigger when exported to png or even jpg Even you reacted to the op at this matter it would be a big file But for the comparison the same pdf will export to a smaller jpg and even a smaller png which the OP did find strange as he expected a much larger file Besides you can create an all bitmap pdf which doesn't retain the vectors and creates even a bigger file as opossed to non-rasterized pdf files
  3. Just tested your claim; exported a simple all vector diagram to pdf and gave a file of 387 kb exported the same diagram to 300dpi /24 LanczosNS png and gave a file of 21 kb exported the same diagram to 300dpi /100% quality LanczosNS jpg and gave a file of 67 kb
  4. That's what I meant it reverts to normal or last chosen. So not a conflict persé.
  5. I know it isn't a vector eraser as one would find in other vector programs,I guess it's in the pipeline for a future version. At least this one should give some results but doesn't.
  6. So it seems a complete bug , as I think it should erase while brushing over the underlying parts,don't you think?
  7. Doesn't it give you a negative space in the underlying shapes/objects?
  8. @R C-R yes in windows the brush blend options stops at contrast negate. In layers blend mode it is there though.
  9. I made a bug report of it .linked to this thread
  10. Hi there doesn't seem to be an erase blend in the brush options as it does in the layer blend options See:
  11. I did learn German in highschool but it was a long time ago Pontiac1960 will get it ,i think But don't you think this is a bug?
  12. If layers exists>make one layer a child layer by dragging If you then select this child layer you can use ctrl+shift+n to create a new child layer. But you need to be on the sub layers level,otherwise it would create a layer at toplevel
  13. Radieren ist in den layer options aber es ist nicht in dem brush options
  14. @CallumThere doesn't seem to be an erase blend option in the topbar for the vectorbrush,it's only in the layer blend options? Because there are two options it conflicts and make the layer blend option unusable. Meaning the top blend options overrules the layer blend options