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  1. Open image>create your backdrop layer>make it 10% larger as your image>drag to snap in the center or use the alignment tool>put the backdrop-layer to back. Menu>document>clip canvas>done
  2. The heart shape is the simplest of solutions but one can do this; Create line with pentool>use nodetool to drag a side to make half a heart>duplicate>flip horizontal>make them snap in the middle>geometry>add(just two or three(?) nodes)
  3. All your uploaded files don't seem to work Neither the aphoto file nor the zip file
  4. Thanks @Dan C Had to point it out before anybody takes a run with it @tiger01vincent Take a look at XnViewMP where you can define color profiles,didn't try it out but may be just what you need.
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  6. Seems logical to me as you didn't commit to your aligning when you were grouping. Since you grouped during the process,my guess is that it has become one object and the program sees the spread as the selection bounds,but I could be wrong. If you want to group, do it upfront and then select items within the group and then align the objects. Or group the the objects after the aligning.
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    Expand stroke still sucks

    It isn't deleted
  8. https://www.digitaldutch.com/unitconverter/length.htm
  9. @MattP @Sean P you should create a WhatsApp group at the office But nice to see it's been worked on.
  10. Not the grow/shrink option. I meant the promoting a shape to a selection as one can in APhoto,this feature isn't in ADesigner and APublisher. This I thought was worth the mention as one should use another procedure. I am more a vectorian and would create a duplicate and use a shape as clip and adjust non-destructively and maybe rasterise in the end
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    Strangest thing is; I exported a tree group as svg>re imported it>still shows as separate curves but now I could geometry>add