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  1. haakoo

    Remove Glare in Photo

    You know you'll need some more java if someone is serving you this
  2. haakoo

    How can i split a text layer in two?

    Having some smaller tweezers to nitpick. So actually its the flag of The Netherlands
  3. I think it should be an option to set this in preferences With having standard angles and custom angles.
  4. Or holding ctrl button to not snap, Like with the selectionbrush edge on/off snapping in Photo
  5. haakoo

    Adjustment Layer no Effekt if Grouped

    But you group only the adjustments(you shouldn't) You should group with the layer itself Forum - Teeth demo V2Adj.afphoto
  6. haakoo

    Adjustment Layer no Effekt if Grouped

    Don't know what you're after. But after you adjust something and want it grouped you should group with the object/layer you're adjusting to Forum - Teeth demoAdjusted.afphoto
  7. haakoo

    Adjustment Layer no Effekt if Grouped

    Maybe a testfile with same workflow and swopout the person by a free- pixabay/pexels/unsplash image
  8. haakoo

    Adjustment Layer no Effekt if Grouped

    Maybe post an afphoto file instead of a screenshot so people can have a look at your actions and may give some pointers to do it differently.
  9. haakoo

    free experimental brushes

    Thanks Frances
  10. haakoo

    UX Persona

    You know it's free now https://www.adobe.com/products/xd.html?promoid=PYPVQ3HN&mv=other
  11. haakoo

    offset tool/capability in Designer

    @firstdefenceYou were shocked and had a stroke ? (sorry,couldn't resist)
  12. This is possible with multiple text- and vector-objects, vector-objects will also be converted to curves, though
  13. When you drag/drop from file-explorer to "no document open" workspace or to the top side of the workspace it's automatically converted to a pixel layer. When drag/drop to an open document it's an image layer,simply assign a shortcut for rasterizing(I use 'R'),click the image layer>keyboard 'R'>it's rasterized, Or paste into project>push 'R'>done New from clipboard>push'R'>done so it's just a click and a keyboard button and it's done.
  14. Guess it would distract
  15. Very similar https://mymodernmet.com/couple-cartoon-styles-kells-ohickey/