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  1. See my attached file(in my previous post), it is more responsive, at least to me. Yes to switch to your rtx graphics card is probably best and come to think of it are you using that build in garphics card? I mean is there a monitor connected to it? If not,maybe switch it of on your system
  2. https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/tutorials/designer/desktop/video/303013089
  3. Only a few ps plugins work with the affinity programs at the moment It seems to be in the works but nothing definitive yet.
  4. It's because you have so much vector shapes it will slow the system down while it tries to recalculate every vector part Just grouping those already made rulers will reduce the lag tremendously. GroupedUnits_4K.afdesign
  5. Af files are working files and jpg/png/svg/gif are files you use in sites,on paper and such. So you need to export to one of these files
  6. +1 Might I add if we could use custom units say; myUnit =5mm
  7. At least buying a win pc may be cheaper instead of buying a new mac and leaves you some money to buy new license(s) of Affinity.
  8. Check the "align to nodes of selected curves" option on the toolbar when using the node tool.
  9. If you used the same email address which you bought the programs with, it should be no problem to run it on your second(personally owned) pc As for syncing you have to do it yourself by embedding the assets(see assets menu) into the document and open the file on the other pc. Or export all your assets to mail/dropbox/googledrive and import them on your new pc.
  10. Using a standard gradient (white>black) Shift+Drag the black handle to the bottom of image and let it snap Shift+Drag the white handle to the same point and let it snap Now ctrl+drag the handles to match precisely on the image bottom and make it snap(can be fiddly to have a right angle but is doable) Use the rotate button to match the direction you want
  11. No not yet, You'd better change your forum name in your profile settings as it is an email address and might be collected for spamming you.
  12. How about using the gradient tool to create a hard gradient where the end(white) and start(black) points are in the same place with no transparency
  13. These are currently the approaches for what you want. You can make use of the studiolink to switch between designer/photo/publisher but it will still be editable parts
  14. But if you really want it to be just a single layer you could always group these objects and rasterize and make it one big bitmap/pixel layer

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