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  1. Hi better to point at a certain time frame in the video would help. Now we need to look at 18 min footage to guess what it is what you want
  2. @iMac1943 Here you go,a crude video CogWheelShape.mp4
  3. * * I'm sorry but the keypoints setting is the one you should uncheck and not the geometry setting. and have the move by whole pixels turned off also** Because that works. And besides your bottom shape is 17 px wide and thus not an absolute even size. If you divide its width it is 8.5 px and so is its midpoint. So if you drag the node with the snapping keypoints setting checked it will snap to this midpoint. If turned off it will either snap to 8 or 9 and not the midpoint at 8.5
  4. No, this is to be expected because the snapping to object geometry is also on. If you have a shape with absolute integers and absolute even numbered width/height, it snaps just like it should.
  5. Alfred please see my first reaction in this thread
  6. It's in the premade shapes and looks like a cog This can be used as a star like shape with a hole in the center,just like the shape you have shown in your first post
  7. Use the cogwheel shape and adjust some of its settings if you want the same kind of star.
  8. I know about the text overflow. But that's ,I think, just the point. Create a text frame have it overflow into a new text frame and break the link but let the text remain in both text frames but not linked anymore. This prevents that text A influences text B if one decides to add text in between paragraphs. This can be done in other ways but the suggestion makes it easier. As for the OP; Breaking up a text frame into two and auto link on page for changing layout work. This can be done in other ways but the suggestion makes it easier.
  9. Yes Walt, But that means the text is also gone. I think the OP wants to split the text in a single frame into to two frames (like a column)but to be placed where you want and have it linked. So no need to create a new text frame and have the text flow into it. And @Graham Hermon wants the link broken but have the text remain inside the second text frame
  10. Serif decided to have a more keyboard and shortkeys approach on the desktop versions to keep the main UI as lean as possible. But again the affinity range is still in its infancy and one cannot expect all things happen overnight. And even than,not all things may be implemented in a future release.
  11. 1.7 beta desktop versions(win) have a little cogwheel on the toolbar with predefined shapes. And holding shift while dragging the shape on the canvas,makes it evenly sided
  12. Better tell what program you're using? edti:I see you want it for Ipad,better ask this question in the Ipad section
  13. @Chris B If you use a regular shape like a rectangle or any vector shape,the fx remain but if you first use an image layer,the applied fx are gone. If one rasterizes the image layer you cannot convert to PF. If one converts the image layer to curves, you can convert to PF but the image is just the bg of the clipping container and obscured by the cross