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  1. Even van ai omgezet naar pdf en daarna in designer gegroepeerd Succes d'r mee Fattern.pdf Fattern.afdesign
  2. Look in the "The Styles" folder If there are .afstyles>drag it to the canvas of afdesigner
  3. To scroll through the 3 options just click with ctr+alt+leftmouse button Only drag up/down to change hardness Only drag left/right to change size To fully reset go to the more button on the toolbar and use the reset button
  4. Try double clicking the handles, with the fill/gradienttool, to reset the distortion
  5. Select all image layers. Select fill/gradienttool(G) From type dropdown choose bitmap>go to folder and choose the replacement bitmap
  6. Or merge curves like you did to get the two curves objects
  7. The cross isn't there for nothing. Create your pages Add the PF from assets panel to your pages>adjust the empty PF's to fit your layout Zoom out to see the pages in the working area Place>(shift)select multiple images A gallery will showup>click the PF's to populate
  8. You should resize the PF before placing an image or adjust after, still the same amount of time methinks.
  9. Drag an empty PF on canvas>set its settings in properties (Scale to Max Fit) Add it to the assets panel and it will have these settings whenever you drag/drop from assets panel onto the canvas.
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