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  1. The way I see what @sirromz is driving crazy;you can not make a selection from an image layer. Simplest solution for the devs is; Either make auto-convert to pixellayer when a selection tool is used(brush, wand,lasso or predefined) Or Make an imagelayer selectable by the selection tools and work with the image as is _Hans
  2. They went on a bus to some fields with berries
  3. Au Qay, But have some Mersey and Let us be submerging into a paperback. We can work it out.
  4. If you own both computers you're allowed to install on both. So no need to buy again. ps.There's a search function on this forum and you could have found the answer before you posted https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/search/
  5. @carl123 I know how and why it works as it works . The OP tried to have a selection of an image and it didn't work as he/she would like it to be.
  6. No really? They did already? Them little critters know their way around the web
  7. The thread "help" is found on so many fora ,they should write a song about it,
  8. Maybe a photo-persona in APhoto then?
  9. Noobism,Lazyness or looking for answers in the busy street, _Hans
  10. But than you need to first convert it to a pixel layer,don't you? Ok converting the image seems a bit harsh but creating a pixel-layer copy when the selection is drawn on an image could work. At least takes a way confusion and is directly applicable.
  11. One could follow only the tags for let's say the windows APhoto and choose this in "my activity streams" or create a stream like https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/discover/unread/&stream_include_comments=1&stream_tags=APhoto photo windows _Hans
  12. @Alfred That I understand,but it seems most people are converting to a pixel layer from the get go. Or at least they think a selection should be already occurring to it. Why not have the devs convert automaticly an image into a pixel layer when the selection is drawn? _Hans
  13. This doesn't work on an image layer(Selection/marching ants) Why isn't an image layer directly converted into a pixel layer?? Seems more logical or maybe the devs have a purpose for it to remain an image?? _Hans
  14. Just your simple request makes me wonder what APhoto you are using? APhoto version ?? Mac or Windows ?? Wich versions of Mac or Windows ?? Or maybe IPad ?? Or a Windows tablet?? Which version of Windows?? All of these factors are of importance You see the dillema of splitting fora?
  15. Has been asked before but many actions/options are interchangeable in both programs. Besides it would mean that wrongly placed questions have to be moved and might get lost. As long as people add the program,version and the OS it will be alright. And people whom have both can be of more assistance as opposed to have to look at several sub fora _Hans