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  1. Also to note the used linked file has a small border on the right side. This will show through when using transparency. Better overlay a transparent shape to create the same dimmed outlook.
  2. You can tab through the nodes with the straight bracket keys Select a node before the needed one and tab forward to it ,it will select the bottom one first. If tabbing backwards it will be the opposite
  3. Click anywhere in the textline>press the end key on your keyboard,this will take you to the end of the textline. ctrl+end will take you to the end of the total text. Home does the opposite. This is for win keyboards,can't tell if such buttons are common on apple keyboards.
  4. Strange indeed as I'm on windows it shows the same issue. Maybe a dev can shed a light on this
  5. Your export settings aren't the same as the original. As to why it works that way I can only guess. Shadow Flattening Ungrouped.pdf
  6. Set blend mode for the group to normal instead of passthrough
  7. Make sure to add it to all beta shortcuts as the desktop/taskbar/program files are not the same shortcut
  8. No need for clipping Just duplicate donut/ring on top and adjust the gap to obscure.
  9. Rasterize smoothie image Remove linear burn blendmode from it Menu>filters>colours>erase white paper Make only the white blurred ellipse and the smoothie visible>select both layers>rightclick in layers panel>merge visible
  10. My take: Select part you want to copy,paste copy ctrl+click the thumbnail in layerspanel>choose any selection tool(marquee/brush/freehand,.....) Go to refine button to adjust the feathering of the selection>done For further adjustments deselect the selection but keep the copied layer selected in layers panel>use the eraser with a soft brush to erase the surplus parts
  11. If it gives the results you're after than every workaround is a solution
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