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  1. It's windows Walt, but I guess your question is which version and which updates are installed
  2. Hi, In this beta the live perspective is blocky and slow rendering.
  3. Just double click any flipping part FlipandRotate.afpub
  4. Or export those pages first and bring them back in through the picture frame and have the picture frame be flipped/rotated
  5. No need to rotate the table if you can rotate the newspaper,right? Like I suggested flip/rotate the content? Much easier in my opinion.
  6. Look in the report bugs fora for mac or windows,whatever your os is
  7. I get that you want it as a macro. This is limited as explained before. The question is coming back that you cannot set the canvas to 100%x200%,allthough the rest of us can. What is the end goal you like to achieve? A stretched image? Or a smaller crop of the image?
  8. Well,it seems one wants to rotate the document to make the view upright to see what one is working on. at least that's how I read the question. My suggestion is an alternative to this by rotating the content instead of the document itself.
  9. Did you use the place/image function or the picture frame ? The picture frame works like a charm as opposed to just the image/place function
  10. What if you created a rectangle with said dimensions and use the menu>document>clip canvas option. or clip image with the rectangle with said dimensions and then use menu>document>clip canvas option. Does this work?
  11. Maybe not the best time to apply for a job in the UK
  12. Tried it out and have the same outcome as the others.