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  1. Will not be purchasing anything else from this company! Their support is non-existent. Purchased Affinity Designer and Photo when they were first released. Since then there have been numerous requests to incorporate the facility to open and save dxf/ dwg files in Designer. all requests have been ignored!! This is a feature that is required by a lot of designers. The first request for this was August 2014!! still being requested now but the requests are never answered. So beware when purchasing. Here is the forum with the requests:
  2. I too have given up. They promised to have this sorted but have never delivered. They seem to have lost all interest in those of us that supported them by purchasing their products. As far as I am concerned they can do one now. Gone to Corel Draw.
  3. Corel draw
  4. Flymo Fo, we have been asking for this export option since it was released. I really do not now think this will happen! They have had three years since the release of this software to look at this. It is a disgrace. they don't even answer anything here now!
  5. I really do not think they are interested in including this function!
  6. I agree, full of promises when they wanted us to buy the software! I just don't use this software as without this function, it is useless to me!
  7. Yes, come on this request has been going on long enough now. This is needed by many.
  8. Cmon' this function should be avaIlable by now! probably go back to illustrator if this is not implimented soon. It's obviously well requested!
  9. C'mon, where is the support for the dxf files? This should have been looked at ages ago!
  10. When I use the crop function to streighten a picture, it does not stay streightened! it flics back to its original state when I move on, what am I missing?
  11. Cannot alter artboard on pdf, Every time I try, Affinity stopps working! Any ideas please. Have done a screen video of what is happening but cannot attatch file! CAPSTAN-FUSE-841x3000.PDF
  12. Importing / exporting of cad files would be a good feature to incorporate in the future.