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  1. Thanks for your prompt answer MEB, which for some strange reason I did not receive notification off, hence my tardiness in replying. I quite understand that the ever increasing forum activity must be putting an increased demand on your time and appreciate you giving it. I also understand that the release of the Windows version of AffinityP is only a recent occurrence. I had hoped that as loyal Windows users had (obviously) been the mainstay of Serif long before the advent of Affinity for MAC that even before the official release of the Windows version some thought would have been given to their needs. Serif have been selling third party plug-ins, mainly Topaz, for PhotoPlus for years and were even selling plug-ins (which I purchased) as recently as only a month before the release of Windows AffinityPhoto. Needless to say I do hope that I will be able (eventually) to use these plug-ins. Whilst I appreciate the marketing reasons, and the hard work, behind Serif's development of Affinity products for MAC, and welcome their great success, it does seem as if the loyal Window users are being treated as 'poor relations' and are still being put at the back of the list.
  2. I now completely see and agree with your first point. As to the second, who knows if it is possible, or if it were whether it would be deemed necessary to introduce. There is no doubt that the increase is due to the release of the retail Windows version because Windows was the OS that was used by the loyal purchasers of Serif products over many years, when the more 'professional' Mac users did not have access to them, or even want it. This Windows user base is a base that was, let it be admitted, not given the consideration that Mac was in the development of the Affinity apps, hence the increase in the number of topics started on the subject and the number of questions that still cannot be answered. Because of this lack of consideration of the Windows users many long time loyal member of the 'Serif Family' are left still having to have Legacy apps installed alongside Affinity, and maybe/possibly now feeling 'the poor relations'. The previous is not meant to belittle in any way the hard work that the Serif developers put into the Affinity products, nor to lessen any my good wishes for Serif's continued success in their increasing inroads into the Mac market.
  3. Hi MEB, Dare one ask how soon is soon for the 'official list' of Windows plug-ins for AffinityP? I have been following this subject, in the many ways it has kept been asked and the answer is always the same.
  4. All the awards, praise and congratulations are obviously very well deserved for all the hard work that Serif's developers have put in. May these awards, based on the hard work, which has opened Serif's Affinity products up to the 'Wondrous World of the MAC' bring from the increased marketplace their due rewards. BUT in the midst of all this 'jubilation' may I ask that 'the young guns of Serif' do not forget those long loyal customers who used Serif products, then called programs, when to the professional market they were looked upon as being not much more than for the hobbyist. All those long loved programs, the loyal, repeated purchase of which in their various forms helped fund the development of Affinity are now confined to the status of Legacy, with no further development. To add insult to injury it has been made obvious that there is, and will be, no 'cross platform' between DrawPlus/PhotoPlus and Affinity Designer/Photo, nor in the future between PagePlus and Affinity Publisher, meaning that if those users are to remain loyal to Serif they will have to have Legacy programs installed alongside their Affinity apps.
  5. OK, now on closer inspection, I discover yet another disadvantage of old age - that along with my failing memory and ability to keep-up with program, oh sorry, app development I also need to get new stronger glasses.
  6. I was not meaning to imply that you were being dense any more than I am sure you meant to imply that I was being. Your post that I was replying to stated (copy/paste) "so they may not be aware that more than one forum exists", it did not mention guiding 'backdoor entrants' to different Affinity apps or versions, on different OSs, only that their method of entrance might leave them unaware of a 'multitude of forums' - which the addition of the plural "S" would (hopefully) bring to their attention.
  7. As we both well know Alfred "what you can, and should do" is often very (obviously) different to what people will do, as others have said. If there was some 'mandatory' box, where the OS had to be checked before a posting could be made, this would alleviate any possibility of an 'inconsiderate' disregard to state OS being used or tag. Thank you for the clarification of how 'status' can be/is gained, solely on an automatically reached post count, irrespective of content. I will refrain from commenting on the ability to 'self adjudicate', although your designation is well deserved ;) :).
  8. I find it very concerning that despite the support and interest shown in this thread for the need for some measurement tool(s) ( and the need for arrow head line ends) - plus it going back to October - that no member of Serif has shown any interest, nor posted any answer or comment. Edit: I have just looked at the Designer 'Road Map' and whilst arrow head line ends are included there is no mention of any means of measuring. Also there is no mention of any means of locating the ruler origins, something else much needed.
  9. The list, with which I fully agree, as do I the first 'bold' line of Michael Lloyd's post, needs not be as long as it first appears as the 'Training sections' could be incorporated into the 'Support sections'. Things are only going to get worse/more confused/more confusing with the (eventual) release of Affinity Publisher. Despite what others have said regarding the shared feature of two OS's I firmly think, and wish, that there could be some way of making clear which OS is being used in any post. As for people who do not arrive through the 'front door' not being aware of there being more than one forum there is the simple solution of the addition of "s" (Forums) indicating the existence more than one forum. Perhaps those who have never used it should have a look at the way the forum(s) for the 'Legacy products' is set out, covering a much larger number of products I will take this opportunity of saying, with respect, that some of the 'advanced members' (and I'm not even sure what that indicates) & some other 'advanced' but not acknowledged as such members are not very understanding in their answers towards those of 'less advanced abilities'. At times it is almost as if we of 'less advanced abilities' need a section of our own, to 'wade through the jargon'. Again, with respect, having used every Serif product over many, many years, and greatly appreciating the hard work that must have gone into developing both Affinity products, and the setting-up/ running of this Forum, I have to say I think this Forum in its present 'chaotic' form does not do justice to that hard work.
  10. I agree with Alfred buy now while the offer is still on. In x years of dealing with Serif I have never had any problems with returning an 'unsuitable' programs to them.
  11. Hi MEB Thank you for your very quick answer and for the solution to my problem. everything now OK ........ brilliant :D If I manage to get over to Cascais for this Christmas I will lift my glass to you. Regards Ian.
  12. Thank you for bringing back memories of the first car I purchased, aged 18, by your exact representation/presentation of it, even to the colour :) The word "vintage" though does make me feel very old :( . Regards.
  13. I have Affinity Photo installed on my two laptops and my desktop, all running Windows 10 Home 64 bit OS. I installed the free macro pack onto the two laptops, following instructions give of VIEW > STUDIO > LIBRARY > Import macros without any problems. When I tried to install the free macro pack onto desktop I found out what when I got to the STUDIO > VIEW that all tools were greyed-out and inoperable (although defaults can be seen as selected) except for bottom two. See attached. What has gone wrong? All and any help, in simplest form possible, would be greatly appreciated. Desktop Affinity Photo.afphoto
  14. I do hope that your statement that "it won't be compatible with PagePlus files" is not correct, and if it is then this 'omission' will be given more thoughts/consideration in the development of Affinity Publisher. As a customer of Serif for longer than I can remember I will be purchasing Affinity Publisher when it is released but when I do I do not want to also have to have legacy PagePlus installed because of this incompatibility.
  15. Hi MEB, Thanks for quick reply, that's what I thought. My confusion was due to Nashville_Su's post and your answer being in a thread about getting/installing UI kit for Affinity Designer. I can quite understand her/him (?) posting in the wrong place because this forum gets more mixed up and confusing with the passing of every day, with Affinity Designer & Photo posts scattered all over the place.
  16. Are you talking about installing the free UI Kit for Affinity Designer here, which is the (part) subject of this topic? If you are then I am completely baffled because in Designer I cannot find any mention of Library, either in the program nor in Help. Going to View > Studio there is no library shown........but there is in Affinity Photo. Is it possible that Nashville_Suz is trying to install UI kit into Affinity Photo? Again I will say, like others, that I really do think that this forum should have Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo posts segregated in their own separate sections.
  17. After searching AffinityD, the program & help, for this often needed tool I then found to my surprise/shock that I have to go back to DrawPlus (which I still have not yet uninstalled thankfully) to do what should be considered an often basic/standard design operation. Under the heading BUGS it says "Oops. Did we get it wrong?" - with this omission I think you did.
  18. I am by no means 'qualified' to test a beta issue so my query is - if/when all the changes/additions are found to be stable how will the 'finalised' version be issued or notified. I note that there is no longer a "Check for Updates" in the "Help" drop-down. Please don't say there will only be a notification in/on this forum - I'm having more trouble finding my way around it than I am with the program, as there is no separation of Photo from Designer, as somebody else has suggested that there be similar to the 'legacy form'.
  19. When I made my purchase, via phone, as I use 3 laptops and a desktop and have had problems with over three installs of Serif programs in the past I queried number of installs allowed (I could not find any mention in license) and was was informed that it was unlimited for home use. Missed Alfred's post but I will leave this as is, for further confirmation.
  20. No DesignMeister the last line of my post was certainly not aimed at you, or anybody in particular. It was a plea for the more knowledgeable to be (perhaps) more understanding, in some of their posts, towards the less knowledgeable, of which I obviously am one. We are in complete agreement in users having the option to either have Undo/Redo arrows/buttons or not, dependent upon their preferences, apps, OS, or methods of working. Having used Serif products for so long on Windows where they have always previously been available I could not understand their omission and spent some time looking for the option to add them to the toolbar, much to my disappointment pointlessly :( . Regards.
  21. As a long time user, on Windows, of every previous product of Serif's every one of them has had a Undo/Redo button/arrow symbol - so they would certainly not be "too unusual". For ease and speed they cannot be beaten, certainly much faster than going to Edit or History, or keyboard short cuts for those of us with failing memories. They are one/two of the tools I have missed the most whilst trying to get to grips with both Affinity products since changing over from DrawPlus and PhotoPlus. Whilst Serif have most certainly put a lot of brilliant effort and hard work into producing two such products as Affinity D & P, for a more 'professional' market than they had previously, they should not forget their older, less professional users, with less professional abilities, or needs, who are still loyal to them and who wish to carry on using their products at a 'lower level'. With the greatest of respect I would also point out the existence of such non-professional/hobbyist users to those professional users on here to consider when posting some of their suggestions/comments.
  22. Two questions for Admin. 1) Why is it that this morning - 11th Dec - when I tried to sign in was my password, which was accepted yesterday, rejected and an new password had to be set? 2) After signing in, with the new password, was I able to immediately post twice answering replies to posts I made yesterday, but my third new post received the message that it "required approval"? Not complaining, just asking.
  23. Thank you for the welcome Patrick,I will get the houseplant (not a Christmas Poinsettia) and candle when I go to Ikea to get a laptop stand to go with the coffee table. Thank you for your "like" TechniSmart,You are most probable right about the comparative durability of the Workbook versus Ikea coffee table, having now seen the Workbook. Luckily for me, although in Yorkshire's own universe, my Workbook arrived - on Sunday - 10 minutes after the email confirming its dispatch. I hope that your patience is soon rewarded, it will be well-worth the wait. Thank you for your "like" Sunset.I cannot suggest a suitable book rest that would, now having seen the Workbook, be large and strong enough, nor would fit on the arm of a sofa, but whilst looking in Ikea for a laptop table I found this that might do, unfortunately it isn't available for home delivery, so you might have venture out from the centre of the universe :) :) :) . If you don't like black I think it is also available in pink. BRÄDA
  24. I note that the list is undated and is a "work in progress" so would like to know what the current situation is as I have all the Topaz plug-ins .... for Windows. As I am not 100% savvy on such things I do not feel happy with using a "suck it and see" approach to install plug-ins so would appreciate all and any help on this matter.
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