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  1. Thanks. Very informative. Maybe they could bring out a version of Aftereffects and Premier? Anyway, I applaud and materially support their efforts.
  2. Not at all. Plotagraphs are short animated renders from stills. Examples https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gjWQwVMlgOo I understand it is doable in photoshop. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRKJLLYHCko
  3. Where can I find professionally designed templates?
  4. I would like to organize templates for all the major social media. Has this work been done already? If so where can I find it?
  5. I use "Place" quite often. Is there a short cut for this? If not how can I make one?
  6. How do I create a pdf with video and audio files embedded? Do you have a tutorial on that?
  7. How do I wrap one image on to another image in AP? I watched the text wrapping video that puts typed text on to a wall. I want to wrap a tree on to a body so it fits like a wet suit or lycra suit. How could this be done? Is there a video on this already?
  8. is it possible to do a displacement map-wrap-texture-overlay in either AP or AD? For clarification, this would make it appear that the image is painted on to the subject rather than just a masked inlay. If so, how? If not why not? Thanks
  9. Those solutions did not work for me. Perhaps I am missing something that it is assumed I know, but somehow it is not working for me. For exampleI converter an image to jpg. It is on on layer. I selected the flood select tool. It will not select any thing. Other suggestion just caused the program to crash. Thanks much for your time and effort.
  10. Yes, you got it. Whatever happened to the magic wand? I thought I would be able to use it to click click on an area to select the area. Then with the area enclosed selected import an image into the selected spot, then manipulate the imported image as a layer. Is that not a thing?
  11. While I appreciate the use of symbols, this approach does not seem to applicable here. I think I confused things by giving a design which gave the impression that I will just be doing repetitive modules or that I want similarity in the various modules. I have made another image which is a bit less repetitive. I plan to use various parts of the bitmapped image to fill in the blanks in the vector file. Image Fill Test-2.svg
  12. Yes it is. And the point of the inquiry is to learn how to fill any bounded space with a pattern.
  13. Yes, and I do not know how you got to that point. I have a vector of it but it does not do what yours does. For example, the parts fo not break apart.
  14. When I try that AD just crashes. I converted an image [Image Fill Test] to vector. Imported that vector file into AD I selected the fill tool but it would not select inside any of the spaces. I chose styles but also did not allow me to drop anything into a section. Other attempts, like choosing a bitmap to fill in AD, resulted in multiple crashes. Ideally I would like to select a section in any image and drop an image there. Image Fill Test.afdesign
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