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  1. Thank you Gabe. Illustrator exactly supports this feature. I hope affinity supports the feature soon!
  2. Now, I am creating a leather crafting sketch for laser cutter. In the sketch, I need to to draw 0.001mm dash line which is used as hand stiching for leather craft. And the line should have 4mm gaps in any scales. Affinity Designer on iPad has dash line features, though, the gap size depends on the stroke width. I would like to specify the gap size by mm which does not see the stroke widgth. Is it possible to draw such lines?
  3. Hi Dan, Thank you for your comment. Yeah, I noticed I could set very small values with the calculator. But it is still confusing. I hope this feature will be soon available on iPad
  4. I am using Affinity Designer on iPad and Mac. I would like to use "Decimal Places for Unit Types" on iPad since I need to write very thin lines (0.001mm) for laser cutters. I found an interface setting on iPad but there are no "Decimal Places for Unit Types ". Is it impossible to adjust decimal places for unit types on iPad so far?