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  1. I can not confirm that, everything is normal Das kann ich nicht stätigen ,alles normal
  2. Hello, the GAOMON M106K is supported in Ap or someone has a GAOMON M106K with AP in use or experience with this graphic tablet. Greeting Olaf
  3. Hello, I don' t have this bug Win7 German
  4. For me this is. Aphoto file created in can also be opened with version
  5. I just tried it and can confirm this behavior. No cursor is displayed above the icons and the menu.
  6. I then uninstalled the version and wanted the previous ver. Install, the funkionierte synonymous not. Had to delete the old folder and then install, now the Ver. 15269 again. Greeting Olaf
  7. Hello I get the Ver.16071 installed, but this version is not running. Error message at start
  8. Hello, I rename the file by hand, hang the version number at the back. So I always have 2 - 3 versions for the emergency. I know this from some programs with different versions
  9. I had 15 pictures for a panorama and tried to put everything together at once and then finish with inpainting. As a second try I have created 3 x 5 Panos pictures and then put together the 3 Panos.
  10. Ich habe auch sehr oft die Fenster-Meldung "Keine Rückmeldung". Diese Meldung tritt auf wenn ich eine Datei schliesse und auch während ich ein Foto bearbeite.
  11. The same happened to me. Have a panorama edited and suddenly the SSD was full (it was over 20 GB free) and 16 GB ram full. There was then an error message "Too little memory" and abort the processing. After which I rebooted the computer and AP were once again over 20 GB on the SSD again free. Actually, the TEMPORARY memory is on another drive.
  12. I have the Ver. 52 over the .51 installed and so far runs AP without problems.
  13. Ich habe das auch einmal ausprobiert und auch einen Programm crash gehabt. Habe den Ordner mit WinRar gepackt. 1.0 (Beta).zip
  14. Hallo, bei mir läuft AP eigentlich ohne grosse Probleme. Nur bei grossen Dateien, zb bei Panorama bearbeiten kommt schon mal die Meldung "Keine Rückmeldung", diese verschwindet nach ein paar Sekunden wieder. Versuche mal die Beta 151.51 über die 151.47 zu installieren. Win7 , 16 GB Ram, AMD CPU
  15. I have 7 pictures of 3 Aufnahmmen. If I first develop the HDR recordings and then the panorama with InPainting fetched want the program breaks with error message. Then I tried another approach. Have all pictures (3 x 7 pictures) at once as a panorama and finished with InPainting finished. So it worked.