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  1. @ Julius1de Thank you for your help! Of course - I meant these filters. Remove haze - that's it! My translation was misleading. Sorry! But nevertheless - there were no units like % or px, are they? I think, it's a little annoying feature - not a bug. Peter Off topic: it's always funny reading and answering in english and thinking german - also nochmal: Danke für deine Hinweise!
  2. Thank you for welcome and your help That's what I mean. "Remove Haze". Of course. My translation was too "German-minded". Thank you. But nevertheless - I think, in a workflow it ishould be better for comparability, to have a Pixel-based size setting or %. Perhaps it is a feature and not a bug... Great. I never saw and used them before. But you're right. They effekts a little different things. Thank you and best regards Peter
  3. Hi! My first Topic here! I'm a little bit nervous...Let's have a try. Having Win 10 (German Version) and Photo Beta When using the filter "Dust Removal" (Dunst entfernen) I see no Units, like % or Pixel. It isn't useful. Can anybody follow this? Sorry, if this was mentioned before. I didn't find it in the "Search"-Area. Thank you for reply. Greetings Peter