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  1. @Chris B Thanks for passing to the devs. @HVDB Photography Yes, of course a German keybord. And thank you for your hint. I tried your setting and it works well, just like "Alt Gr+the square brackets". Perhaps I will use your suggestion in future, but the handling "alt+left+right mouse button" I was used to do it from earlier Photoshop times... Have a nice day! Peter
  2. Hallo! May I show my problem? I want to change the size of the selection brush by using "alt+left+right mouse button. When I now move the mouse to the right or left side, there appears a second, blue circle, which shows the wished size. The first white circle vanished, when I unhand the keys. And then, I think, the white circle jumps around "uncontrolled" in the picture. This is very strange and disturbing behavior. Video shows several times, when I move and stop the mouse and start again. Always with pressing alt+left+right mouse buttons. And the jumping circle. It's confusing to work with two circles. Is it a bug or a feature? (Please ignore the read circle in the video...) Btw: Using the keys "Alt Gr+the square brackets" works very well... Thank you for an answer. Best regards Peter PS: Bug(?) appears in the current beta and in all other versions before. (Win 10 aktuell) Brush size change.mp4
  3. Hello everyone! Not a big wish - but it would help enormously: Can you set up in future that these items were sorted in a alphabetical order? See attached screenshot. Thank you very much! Peter
  4. Peter2017

    Develop Persona too dark

    @MEB Thank you for this information. We are waiting very tensely. Peter
  5. Peter2017

    Develop Persona too dark

    Same with me. Laptop: Win 10 aktuell, Intel HD Graphics 520, 8GB Ram. First foto shown in FastStone Image Viewer as a RAW (ORF) - is okay. Right out of the Camera. Second foto, same one, was opened in Develop. Settings in the Assistant are off. (No matter - the pictures stay always dark. No matter i use the "Assistenten-Einstellungen" or not.) Also no "presets" or so. Peter
  6. Peter2017

    Dark RAW files

    Confirm this. Same with my ORF Raw files. Running beta Peter