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  1. I have just used my other camera, again a Nikon, file format: .NRW still on windows 7. The exact same problem, will the new fix encompass this as well as NEF?
  2. Thanks Chris, I appreciate your efforts and look forward to the fix. Dave
  3. seems the developer team are keeping mum on this one, have they picked up the issue?
  4. I have not seen the serif team acknowledging this as an issue yet, has anyone else?
  5. I used my DSLR Nikon D7200 for the fist time since installing .258, when I try to open the file Affinity goes so far then just shuts down, I tried files from last year which previous builds had opened, same effect. I have 112 Gig of free disc space, I use windows 7 and have 8 gig of ram. one time I had the error message below. can you help please.
  6. Ron, Perhaps you ought to review this thread, my comment was in reaction to someone else talking about how I should of known about what beta is and what is meant by 'production'. People brought up in the software industry or are young enough to have been taught software jargon at school would immediately have understood. The Seriff assumption is that everyone has these advantages. To non software tech people, or people from different environments or educations the jargon is not obvious. Perhaps a more generic phrase my have helped? 'for community testing and comment, may have bugs, do not use for important work' Either way I understand now. I don't think the situation was handled incorrectly, I have had to learn, presumably there are a lot of others like me out there. There was miss communication based upon the use of jargon which I did not interpret the way it was intended, I had no reason to question what was going off, I skimmed over the disclaimer and it rang no alarm bells to me. I wiped out 1.6 because I thought I had to so I had no workable Affinity Photo. My system did not crash, look at my first posts, 'Develop is not working properly'. the flag of a problem, I got a work around which I found irritating as 1.6 did not have the problem. Then everyone seemed to start scoring points. I went back to 1.6. Another beta release came out with a long list of fixes, but not addressing what to me was a fundamental issue, frustration. I have now found that yet another beta has been released today fixing my bugbear, excellent! I shall revert to 1.7 but with eyes wide open.
  7. Mark, Your comments about disclaimers is just hiding behind jargon, how many of us amateur photographers think of what we do as 'production'? I certainly had no inkling what what was meant, nor what what was implied by the the term beta. but put all that aside, this colour profile issue affects 100% of all the users using affinity to work up raw images. the other items fixed may affect a small percentage of users, so why was this develop person issue not prioritised? Dave
  8. Andy, I went on line, and just downloaded 1.6 without removing the beta, I now have both! As to your other comment about knocking on in years, so am I, my computer skills are, well, questioned by my kids. Next time I play with beta versions I shall at least understand what I am getting into. I do wish a rough timescale was available Dave
  9. I am a bit more philosophical, we all know that sh1t happens, no one would willingly degrade something in front of customers, nor would a good management punish as you suggest, you want a team that will explore boundaries and take balanced risks. In my experience at the sharp end, it is how you react in communication to those affected and then in both speed and thoroughness of the fix. Affinity have acknowledged the issue, have said there will be a fix in the next beta. My mistake was in not realising the full implications or what a beta is and my frustration is around not knowing the time to fix. To the chap who quoted wiki, you need to know you have a gap in knowledge to want to look something up, and wiki is not what I would call 100% authoritative of references.
  10. Ron, I am not up on all this beta stuff, in my industry we used to prototype test, re- prototype & test as many times as we had need to, then launch onto customers, I guess that this is not safety critical stuff like I dealt with. Different industries, different approaches to product development, and I have been retired a long time now. I thought that a beta was an early release to existing customers to get used to, 'not be be used in production' as my license was for 1.6., not 1.7. Being retired, that is not an issue for me, I use the program for my photographic club comp entries and other hobby stuff not for any productive or monetary gain. I thought I had to wipe off the 1.6 from my computer when I put the 1.7 on to it, which I did, so I have no access to that, and, as this was an update to the earlier 1.7, then that version which worked better is lost to me as well. Can I re-install 1.6? do I have to wipe off 1.7?
  11. I am not seeing too much benefit from this new beta, and one very big problem. I am not saying that the improvements are not real, but the dis-benefit from this bug cancels it all out
  12. Whilst all this is very interesting, it means that whenever we want to use Affinity Photo, we have to work around this bug, so when is it going to be fixed? it was not there before on Photo 1.6 so the fix should be pretty straightforward, time scales please? Dave
  13. Is this a function or 32bit versus 16bit processing?