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  1. They have been working on a DAM, and making promises, since I first started with the Beta version. Affinity have wasted resources on I Pad versions but not yet finished the main software product. I find this frustrating to say the least
  2. I have been looking at some of the photo enlargement and re-sizing software, and Genuine Fractals seems to be as good as any around, and works both standalone and as a plugin to photoshop. If I invest in this I want to be able to use the process in my workflow in Affinity Photo. Has anyone: tried Genuine Fractals and is it worth the money? is it compatible as an Affinity Photo plug in? Dave
  3. I want Affinity to release its DAM asap, most of the other software are weighed down with duplications of photo editing software, this I don't want. What I would like to have is a DAM dedicated to photography but concentrating on catalogues, tags, key words searches etc. not red eye, cropping and contrast etc. This is what we bought affinity for. Dave
  4. It's these glasses, combined with the fonts on the forum I have been miss-reading the single word you use builtin as bulletin not built-in, I have just spent some time searching the built-in help to find a further 'bulletin help' which I thought may relate to updates not yet included in the 'built-in' help. Such confusion and its not quite Christmas yet. As to Alfred's comment on the the use of the spelling 'dialog', I was just following the Affinity help spelling convention, which in turn follows the industry standard. In this case using the American spelling. Can RC-R, or anyone else, recommend a lexicon on photo processing, or the Affinity version of the terms. I have seen on one video the instruction to check (tick) the 'alpha' in the dialogue box. However the term 'alpha' is not explained and its this level of pre-supposed knowledge that is making the use of this programme difficult to get to grips with.
  5. This issue is not addressed within the in-built help, which I would have expected to be kept the most in-step with the product's features, indeed this help is very skimpy in my view. Especially as I have only ever used Seriff photo-plus which this product supercedes. As I have only ever a Windows operating system, never Mac, I (and others) would not have recognised Mac traffic lights or know what they are used for. I suspect that anyone who had tried to use, or is familiar with Photoshop may have understood at least Affinitiy's terminology. I think a jargon translator would be useful. This Affinity product has to be one of the most difficult programs I have ever had to grasp. Not at all intuitive. Even AutoCad has been easier than this. However as I am learning the meaning of the words in the dialog boxes and tool bars I feel I am making progress. How much of this is the use of Americanisms instead of English, or just an attempt to differentiate the product from others, I don't know but the Affinity team could consider an 'Affinity lexicon' in their help system. Most items that I have struggled with are not, or not adequately covered by the in-built help. but the videos have been extremely good and those I have started to work my way through since I have decided to ditch PhotoPlus and wholeheartedly adopt Affinity photo. I never expected a further layer of difficulty resultant from residual Mac hangovers. I don't know what the bulletin help is, where do I find that, and if the product is updated should the in-built help not be maintained in parallel? Dave
  6. Thanks Chaps, I now understand, no mystical Affinity Magic, just the use of Old Mac tutor videos to teach a new Windows product launch. Nothing like keeping product support up to date with the product Dave
  7. Hi RC-R The Traffic light description would fit BUT: I must be blind or something, I am running windows as you surmise, but the traffic lights are not there on the top right of the dialog box, or the picture pane, or the overall affinity window, nor is there anything that does as you describe...... can you be more specific? Dave
  8. On your tutorial videos the live filter dialog box has three dots in the top left hand corner, the left most one goes red. I believe that this is how you keep the adjustment degree open for further correction. On my purchased installation These three dots are not present, why not? what am I doing wrong? Dave
  9. I find that the refine tool is very problematic, you can be part way through refining a selection and it just re-sets itself, no warning, dialogue box, all that work wasted.
  10. I have been trying to achieve a cut out with a subject with hair wisps. I have used the selection brush, then selected refine. I start the use of the refine brush through the refine window however it suddenly seems to loose what I have done and reverts back to the initial selection loosing all the refine data. If I 'refine only a small area, then let it re-calculate, then sometimes I can go onto the next area retaining what has just been done. Again, for no apparent reason, it will reset loosing what I have just achieved plus what I thought I had successfully worked upon. Is this a bug?
  11. I have been following the plugin installation instructions and I can see the plugins from NIKEFEX that I want to use when I use the filters menu chain, but non of them will open. The preferences - photoshop plugins- window was used to set the directories, and the use use unknown plugins box is checked. Is this a bug or a function of Beta release?
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