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  1. Can't you remove the faulty fonts to a folder so the system won't recognize them?
  2. Use a font manager like Suitcase Fusion or another to turn on and off fonts for your workflow.
  3. Designer is more honest, Illustrator is smoothing things.
  4. There you go. Sorry, maybe it's just me but I don't get all the people "demanding" tools in a first edition that other developers took years to implement. Yes, it's nice to have but understand that implementing tools well costs a lot time and effort. You get a lot for the price the software costs and a lot of features are added for free. Some other developers will only "fix" things in a payed update/upgrade. There's so many people "demanding" new features that the problem is what to implement first. Everybody thinks their requested tool has priority... Ju
  5. The pdf created with Designer is always editable in Designer. Any pdf viewer can view the pdf file as well.
  6. Gigapixel AI is really good. Only limitation is x6, so 6 times enlargement.
  7. If so, then I would logically think that a lot of features used in Publisher could also be implemented in Designer. But, of course I understand that it is not in the interest of the developer to implement too much features of other apps otherwise some might be obsolete. Publisher is for DTP/pre-press, Designer is for vector and Photo is for Photo editing. combining all 3 into one would make it a confusing application and the UI would be way too cluttered. Each application needs specific features. In other words, if you would implement everything that Pu
  8. So, if you use a Publisher file with the feature turned on and you import that file into Designer and it works then I am thinking that the feature is allready hidden in Designer somewhere otherwise it wouldn't work. Logically if a feature is missing it can't work via import.
  9. Yes, but only for Illustrator. It's a plug-in for Illustrator from Astute Graphics. They make a bunch of really good Illustrator plug-ins wich will enhance functionality. Website: https://astutegraphics.com/ The plug-in you're looking for is VectorScribe: https://astutegraphics.com/plugins/vectorscribe
  10. Photoshop kinda works in the same way, you have to choose the % option and then fill in the value of percentage. This is faster. Just fill in 50% e presto...
  11. Ah, you mean those hidden caracters. There is a way to add them into text but not a way to show them. For tabs to make them visible go to paragraph - tabs, click on the + and add a stop, now you'll have options to show the tab stop. Either a point, dash etc. There are 2 little arrows, click on the right one to select how you want to make the tabs visible. Probably won't work with imported text.
  12. In Designer there is something called the glyphs browser. It will show all special caracters. Go To view - Glyph browser.
  13. Illustrator has probably the same problem as you can't fill open paths. Maybe you can group some paths and the end with 0 fill. The second image is possible by using the geometry tool.
  14. Lot of programs, also free, to encrypt files or folders in Windows. Windows 10 pro has a feature for that. Veracrypt, 7zip etc.
  15. We are not worse as you say but Indesign has been developed way longer then Publisher. You can't expect every single option of a way older program into a relatively new program. It takes time to implement.
  16. If you turn snapping on you can make the object snap to the first guide line.
  17. I know, but the question was if you were looking for something like this... It has a lot of advanced measuring tools.
  18. People on this forum are smart enough to figure out what you mean in English. I mean, they are smart enough to use Affinity software...
  19. Something like this? Astute Graphics plug-ins: Dynamic Measure Hover measure closed path area Measure anywhere on your artwork Toggle following information: distance/ angle/ change in horizontal/vertical distance/ distance along path Scaling factor Units of measurement Hover-measure information including: distance along path/ tangent angles/ radius of curve at any point Draw curve normals Extensive customisation through preferences Use standard Illustrator arrow-heads instead of fixed
  20. Probably linux users is a way too small a market for Serif. Windows is about 90%, MAC is about 9% and the rest? Not worth the effort? Some hard facts: Windows 87.50% Mac OS 9.74% Linux 2.14%
  21. Sure, probably more tools like that on the market but Visio is probably most popular or well known. OmniGraffle is MAC only, so no go for Windows users. I agree though, there are certain area's for improvement in Visio.
  22. I am just saying that what you're looking for is in another product, wich Serif does not offer. Visio professional is a total different product then Illustrator or Affinity Designer. Designer won't be a replacement for Visio. Visio also accomodates a lot of professional type of elements, like ICT models etc.
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