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  1. Affinity Designer for Windows behaves as illustrated in the attached video (3 strange things): Draw a cat with your funny cat tool (which even draws a different one in Photo). Apply a contour and slowly increase the contour radius. At first, everything looks logical. At 0:09, one of the contour arcs snaps to the inside of the contour. At 0:14, it correctly snaps to the outside again. The inside snapping appears to be a bug. At 0:17, a small artefact appears at the right hind foot. At 0:22, a second one appears. At 0:37, a lot of of weird things start to happen until everything looks rather psychedelic at the end. This appears to be a limitation of the used algorithm and probably does not need to be corrected – nobody would want to equip anything with such a ridiculously wide contour, anyway. But take a look at the cat's neck: This is probably where the outline starts, and it seems to start and end with different slopes, creating a sharp groove at the inside of the contour, which doesn't look so nice. I would suggest that, in case an outline's start and end points do not have continuous slopes, to equip the contour not with a sharp groove, but either a straight line or a circular arc between the current contour's 'groove points'. Since this description might be completely incomprehensible: In the attached picture, the red area might be added to the contour, so that the groove vanishes, and everything looks smoother. Andreas Weidner catcontour.mp4
  2. I would like to use one category containing lots of assets in all three Affinity applications. The assets were created in Designer, but should also be used in Photo and Publisher. Unfortunately, I don't know how to do that: The asset category shows up in Designer, but nowhere else. Though it is easy to export the category in Designer and import it into the other programs, this creates independent copies of the original category. Changes in one of these copies are not reflected in the others. I would therefore have to administrate three independent categories and hope that I properly keep them identical. That's a lot of work and rather error-prone. Is there any possibility to share the same category between all Affinity programs, so that changes in that category are automatically reflected in all other 'Affinities' (on the same computer)? Andreas Weidner
  3. Affinity Publisher for Windows has the possibility of PDF passthrough, which is wonderful. Unfortunately, this does not work in conjunction with clipping: Every PDF containing vectors seems to work nicely together with every affine transformation (rotate, shear, scale): The resulting PDF file still contains vectors. Fine. As soon as I do a vector clip with Publisher in order to throw away unwanted things (e.g., a footer with page number), the resulting PDF will be rasterised and not contain any vectors anymore. Additionally, Publisher does not warn during export that anything will be rasterised: The export dialog explicitly tells me that nothing will be rasterised. The only hint I get is the suspiciously large size of the exported document. This happens with every clip, even in case only whitespace is clipped away, or if only 0.1mm is clipped away. As far as I know, PDF supports nested clipping paths. It would therefore be nice if PDF passthroughs could be clipped while preserving their vector structure. If this by some reason isn't possible, it would be useful if the export dialog would at least warn that something will be rasterised. Andreas Weidner
  4. No, they don't. Apparently the forum realises that the images contain nothing but a white area and just refuses to offer them in the GUI (they only appear for me while editing my own post). Anyway: At the colleague's PC, Affinity's display screws up the colours - the images themselves seem to be OK and are also saved correctly... Andreas Weidner
  5. Good idea, let's try. With a little bit of luck, they'll appear...
  6. Hmmm. The display of above message in the forum is also quite fishy: It only shows the large screenshot and the *afphoto file, but not the small PNG and JPG files. When trying to edit the message myself again, they are shown properly. If by some reason the smallish files are not accessible, I could also send them via e-mail... Andreas Weidner
  7. I'm writing on behalf of a colleague who downloaded the 'Affinity Photo' test version today, because I recommended the software. Since his English is not so good, I'm doing the writing... Unfortunately, Affinity Photo for Windows does not work decently for him, because the colours are screwed up. All other programs (including PhotoShop Elements) display them correctly. The following happens: If I create a new *.afphoto file with a white background, white is correctly displayed as white. Such files are always displayed correctly. Now I export this file as PNG and open it in a separate window. The white appears extremely yellowish. I export the *.afphoto as JPG and open that. The white is yellow again. This colour problem appears with all image types from all sources we tried but *.afphoto, even when just getting a screenshot from the clipboard using 'New file from clipboard'. The colour picker tells me '255,255,255' for all the images, even the distinctly yellow ones. He does not use any colour profile or colour correction on his PC. All files are attached. The large PNG file with the screenshot was not saved with Affinity Photo, but IrfanView, because using it with Affinity makes it yellowish again (which would result in 'yellowish-squared' at some places). The screenshot also shows the global colour settings, which are the default ones, and which up to now always worked properly on all other PCs. Whatever I tried remotely with colour profiles and whatnots only achieved slight display changes, but did not remedy the gross colour aberrations. I could not find a way to persuade Affinity Photo to globally ignore colour correction... My own PC displays all files correctly. Do you have any suggestion how to solve this? Thanks. With best regards, Andreas Weidner 100x100-AffinityOriginal.afphoto
  8. Just for reference: The official version again crashes at trying to load the document.
  9. Done. I copied the fonts that Publisher shows in its font manager. You probably have 'Symbol' and 'Wingdings' already installed, anyway. The rest should be either bought, self-made or both... And: If you write 'to investigate the layout issues', does that mean that the document can now be loaded without crashing, so that you are able to detect 'layout issues'? With best regards, Andreas Weidner
  10. Done. Inside the ZIP file, you'll find EAGLEInANutshell.afpub (plus hopefully all necessary images), which I'm in the process of updating from an old InDesign document (not imported as IDML, but newly created from scratch and using copy-and-paste) to a new version with Affinity (currently, Affinity is still missing some functionality). The corresponding PDF file was created with version and shows how the document should look like. The document gets messier the farther one gets to its end, and for the time being, I did not include the fonts, so please don't get a shock when seeing it. If for some reason, you need the fonts, I can also provide them via DropBox (would that be the same link, or a different one?). With best regards, Andreas Weidner PS: Even in the PDF file, the main font looks rather strange. This is due to extremely bad kerning of that font, which I'm also in the process of updating...
  11. A rather complex document (50 pages, several linked images, lots of pins, table of contents, index) created with Affinity Publisher just refuses to work properly with any later version: The beta versions 1.8.x prior to the official version 1.8.0 are able to load the document nicely, but always crash reliably on trying to either update the table of contents, or doing a preflight check. The official version 1.8.0 utterly fails to load the document, and always crashes reliably when trying to load it. The new beta version reverts to the 'old' behaviour: It can read the document, but always crashes on updating the table of contents or doing a preflight check. Therefore, I reverted to the old version again, ignored the current official one, and stopped using Publisher for the time being (which is sad), until a bug fix is available... Since the problematic document is currently not for public distribution, it would be useful to get the possibility for a private upload or something - thanks. With best regards, Andreas Weidner
  12. In Affinity Photo, it works. Wonderful - thanks. Andreas Weidner
  13. Please ignore the above post. The issue already seems to be corrected in the current beta (I should have checked that before posting). Andreas Weidner
  14. In the German Affinity Publisher (Windows), underscores in file names are not correctly shown in the Resource Manager: Instead of showing the underscore as a separate character, the character following the underscore is underlined (as is usually the case with keyboard shortcuts). Andreas Weidner
  15. That's an idea. Let's try... Andreas Weidner panorama.zip
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