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  1. The German Affinity Publisher shows the following two small bugs when trying to add index entries: Nothing is selected, the Index studio is not active (0:00). If you now go into the text and activate the Index studio, the Add marker button stays disabled, even though the text cursor is located at a point that should allow an index marker (0:02-0:09). Only after moving the cursor somewhere else and back again is adding a marker possible (0:09-0:21). The Topic name edit field of the Add index marker dialog allows pasting text from the clipboard, which is nice. Unfortunately, text is pasted including paragraph formatting here, which seems strange: In (0:22-0:36), I select the word list in the bulleted paragraph, copy it to the clipboard, open the Add marker dialog and paste from clipboard, which not only pastes the word 'list', but '• list' (meaning <bullet><space><space>list). The same is valid for (0:40-0:55), where the word list copies from the numbered paragraph is pasted including the numbering. It would be nicer if the Add marker button would be correctly enabled/disabled when the Index studio gets activated, and if pasting inside the Topic name field would strip paragraph formatting. index.mp4
  2. Affinity Publisher (and previous versions) can automatically capitalise the first character in sentences. In order not to capitalise behind abbreviations, a list of common abbreviations is supplied. Fine. Unfortunately, the detection of the end of a sentence without abbreviations is more unreliable than with other programs: Apparently, Publisher not only looks at the last character entered and checks for end characters like '.!?' and such, but also at other characters before that, resulting in unwanted capitalisation. In all following examples, the second part of the sentence was wrongly capitalised, because Publisher finds an exclamation mark somewhere, but fails to realise that there are other characters between the exclamation mark and the rest of the sentence: He cried “Help!”, But nobody came. But - alas! - It was not so. Aged 104 (sic!), She began to play the piano. It would be nicer if Publisher only looked at the last entered character and derived the end-of-sentence information from that, instead of looking at lots of other characters. Andreas Weidner PS: Mind that the second example uses hyphens, which are typographically nonsense there. With the correct n-dashes, the second part of the sentence is not capitalised...
  3. The German Affinity Publisher (and previous version) behaves as follows (see video): The image is pinned to a paragraph that is automatically numbered. The pin is located somewhere inside the paragraph. Everything is OK. As soon as the pin position is moved to the beginning of the paragraph, the automatically created numbering of the paragraph changes size. Moving the pin position back into the middle of the paragraph also restores the correct numbering format. Attached is an edited version of the original document to reduce file size... Andreas Weidner PinNumbering.afpub PinNumbering.mp4
  4. anweid

    PDF import fails

    This is what happens: When opening the PDF file in Publisher (not placing), it shows a PDF options dialog on import, where the (really small) page preview more or less exactly shows the correct page layout (see screenshot 1). But Publisher apparently wants to make texts editable and complains about missing fonts, which it either wants to replace or not. Whether or not I choose this option doesn't really matter, because both result in destroyed text and layout (see screenshot 2). It would be nice if a PDF page could just be opened/placed as a single entity (not necessarily editable) that looks more or less exactly like the original. If this is what you mean with the words PDF pass through, then that seems to be it. PagePlus X9 (and not X8 as I claimed before) apparently does that as follows: On PDF opening, I can either use the embedded fonts, or replace them by something else. Any of these creates an editable document, and the option with the embedded fonts looks quite good on first glance. On PDF placing, an image is shown that looks exactly as the original PDF (no questions are asked). And now I realise that if I select this image, an option called PDF-Passthrough is shown in the toolbar. So yes, apparently I would very much like to import such files with such a PDF passthrough... Andreas Weidner
  5. The German Affinity Publisher (and previous versions) fails to properly import the attached PDF file, which mainly consists of one page of text: The font and all character positions are wrong. All PDF viewers I tried can properly display the file, and PagePlus X8 also properly imports it. Andreas Weidner 1MHzCheck4-partlist.pdf
  6. The German Affinity Publisher (and previous versions) behaves as follows: Bulleted lists can easily be created with custom bullets. With a dedicated character style, it is even possible to make the bullets very large and position them much below the baseline, without changing the leading of the 'real' text. Wonderful. The attached screenshot uses a 10pt font, and the hand bullets are 40pt with a baseline offset of 14pt. This is exactly how it should look. Fine. But when selecting some text in this bulleted paragraph, the selection marker itself vertically extends from descender to ascender of the very large bullet (instead of the selected text), which is rather confusing. In the screenshot, the word 'the' is currently selected. It would be nicer if the selection would only extend to the dimensions of the selected text itself. Andreas Weidner
  7. Ah, that's a good idea - thanks. I still think that the mentioned behaviour is a bug, but at least this workaround helps me to continue writing for the moment. Andreas Weidner
  8. This also happens in version, which I just found...
  9. The German Affinity Publisher behaves as follows (see video): A text style is used defined with an exact line distance of 15pt (0:00-0:10). Inside the text is an SVG graphics pinned as a character with an offset of 0pt from the base line. If the pin offset is now increased, the SVG moves down, which I find counter-intuitive: It would be more logical if increasing the offset would move the image up. But this is not the main point... The main point is that when increasing the offset to a positive value, the line distance to the next paragraph (which is also defined with an exact height of 15pt) suddenly also increases, which is not intended (0:10-0:19). This already happens if the graphics is still inside the range of the font's descender, which is even more unintended. If the offset is negative (0:19-0:31), the graphics nicely moves upwards without disturbing the line height, which I find wonderful. It would be nicer if changing the offset of a character pin would behave the same for both directions, at least in case of a well-defined line height. Andreas Weidner PinOffset.mp4
  10. Please ignore the above post. The issue already seems to be corrected in the current beta (I should have checked that before posting). Andreas Weidner
  11. In the German Affinity Publisher (Windows), underscores in file names are not correctly shown in the Resource Manager: Instead of showing the underscore as a separate character, the character following the underscore is underlined (as is usually the case with keyboard shortcuts). Andreas Weidner
  12. That's an idea. Let's try... Andreas Weidner panorama.zip
  13. After downloading the picture attached to the above post, I also cannot read it with any program anymore, because it seems to have become corrupted either by uploading or by downloading. Please tell me how to send you the original file, bypassing this forum. I managed to read the original image with SnagIt, Directory Opus, ImageGlass, Paint, Edge, LibreOffice, XnViewMP, InDesign CS5.5, PDF24. I had problems with Serif products, FireFox, TextMaker. Andreas Weidner
  14. The German Affinity Photo (and its predecessors, and all other Affinity programs, and in fact all other Serif programs including PhotoPlus 8) simply dies silently when trying to load the attached JPG image of size 12128*1888. All other programs that I ever tried can load it without any problems (including Microsoft Paint). It would be nice if Serif programs could also manage that. Andreas Weidner 20191027_115327.jpg
  15. Well... Of course you could reduce the abbreviations list, but that would still leave the bug that some character combinations might be capitalised that do not appear at the beginning of sentences. The above auto-correction should only capitalise words that really do appear at the beginning of a sentence, but not elsewhere. Andreas Weidner

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