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  1. This has been a feature I've used in Illustrator and CorelDraw since the early 90's. Corel has had it for nearly 30 years. It's a must-have for banner or signage. I would literally pay Adobe prices for this feature.
  2. Illustrator does this. CorelDraw does this. I would pay ...well... I guess "Illustrator CS6" levels of money for this. Without this, Designer is pretty much useless for typography.
  3. @MEB: The use-case that the OP has in mind is one that's possible in other design applications: creating text where each letterform has its baseline skewed at an angle tangent to the curve at the center of the letterform's baseline ("b"), instead of merely rotating the letterform tangent to the curve at the center point, as is the case currently ("a")
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