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  1. Agree with this. Maybe it's me, but I find those videos with music, seem to have quite a pace to them. I know you can slow the video down but with doing that and having to switch off the sound, I just move on to the next video. I do the same with the videos that have been sped up. I have found quite a few videos, that would have been good tuts, something I want to learn, but frustratingly, because of the above I have to click off. As a last point on tuts! I like the tuts on this page... https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/tutorials/designer/desktop/ ...because they are precise and show you how to use the tools correctly, I've brought the designer book for the same reason, but what I'd really like are many more videos that show you how to have fun with the designer product. That's why I brought it. There are SO many really good tutorial videos, made on that other similar software, showing an array of things you can do with it, and shown in the tutorial style us beginners love, but I struggle to find as many Affinity designer tuts in the same vain. I recently found a youtube channel with a man who converts fun tut videos from that other software to Affinity, but that is in photo. I have that too so I've subscribed to his channel. Anyhow! Ranting now! I'll end here 😢
  2. Made use of them already...thank you πŸ™‚
  3. I've watched many of your youtube videos lately, mainly designer, they have been a great help...thankyou πŸ™‚
  4. Just had to say thanks for this video and others you have made on your youtube channel, they are easy to follow and have been a big help to my learning curve πŸ‘Œ.
  5. These look great and as an extra plus I found your store with many more goodies I like the look of, and are at very sensible prices πŸ‘. (I can't see paypal though πŸ˜•) Do all the brushes at your store work with Affinity designer? As for these brushes above, are they good for commercial use? I don't do graphic design professionally, but if that changes I want the freedom to do as I wish with what I download. I'm never sure if that is always the case with what is offered on this site πŸ€”
  6. I brought photo and designer about four years back. I played about with photo but hardly used designer, I don't use them for professional use. Anyhow! With all the free time I/we now have, I brought the Affinity workbook for designer and I started watching youtube tuts on designer too, as the lockdown started, and decided, after watching about a 101 of them, to give it a go. I've created logos and such like with it, but with what I've learned I thought I'd have a go at artwork, and below is what I've come up with. I also used my recently acquired Blast and Xenon brushes. I thought the picture was okay for my first attempt, even if it took me sixteen hours 😢. I now have a new hobby. So thanks Affinity πŸ‘for making such a great piece of software. I recently brought publisher...maybe in about four years I'll get around to using that too. I will also be making more use of the forum and other Affinity hang outs, like the affinity youtube channel, as I try to improve.
  7. I have to wonder why such a great tool, which is perfect for using on things like logos, isn't in the Designer app and only in the Photo app, it seems to me at least, the perspective tool is all designer needs to be the perfect app. Is there any chance it could be packaged with Designer in the next update?
  8. Having brought Photo and then designer I was happy their file types worked together but then I updated designer and that ended that! I updated designer back on the 6th of October and found I had a problem with file support so I posted a question - File type not supported - see here https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/25938-file-type-not-supported/ and found out it was because of the update to designer. Since then I have checked for the update everyday. As you can see in that post I was firstly told the update to correct the problem was a few days away, then that quickly changed to, there will be an update soon, and, shouldn't take too long, but here I am a month later still waiting... Yes, I was told I could install betas of both the apps but I don't want to use betas & so I said I'd wait for the update, not relizing it would be so long. My questions to the staff.... Why issue an update that makes the apps incompatible? Why wasn't a warning given that updating to the latest version will make the apps incompatible? Why has a fix been so long in coming when, as far as I can see, being able to use both together is paramount? I use Designer for serious things like logos and I use Photo for fun only, the only tool in photo I use with designer is the perspective tool and I have to wonder why such a great tool, which is perfect for using on things like logos, isn't in the designer package, it seems to me at least, the perspective tool is all designer needs to be the perfect app. At the moment I am holding back from rating and writing a review about both apps because as you can see I am a little frustrated about the currant predicament. I think both apps are great and would recommend to a friend, there are lots of tutorials for both apps to help me progress and this forum is top notch for the help and questions that need answering but this update and incompatibility issue has left a sour taste. Apologies to readers for turning what was going to be a simple question into a rant & so I best ask the question.....When is an update to Photo coming?
  9. Yes, the file was a screen shot of the info from the saved png file. So I'll have to make the file bigger then if it gets rid of the jagged edge.. No problem, I just won't use the pixel preview :D Thanks for your help...
  10. The file size I set was 800 px x 500 px. The file info says I've found pixel persona! 2nd from the left but no pixel preview mode.....I dunno :rolleyes:
  11. Thanks for the reply. Can't find pixel preview mode at the moment to see what you mean. I always use 300 dpi to start a new file. Have to admit, still a bit lost....Looks like I need to clue myself up more... This is the 3d box exported as a PNG file, & the file was set up with 300 DPI. Still looks a bit rough.
  12. While I'm still waiting for the update to photo so I can use it with designer :rolleyes: , mainly the perspective tool in photo, I have started trying to use photo for text but photos text tool has jagged edges, don't know why, while designer has smooth ( I use them both the same way, the only way as far as I can see). I need the perspective tool for 3D effects but I can't use it anyhow with this problem. (see screen shots taken from both apps) I thought it might be the font style but I've tried changing it in both photo & designer & it's no different. Thanks in advance for any help. See right side is very jagged in photo. Same 3D box, front M also jagged but not as bad as side (zoomed in view with photo) M from designer is smooth (see below) Zoomed in on M with designer.
  13. Already watched some of your videos on youtube and found them helpful so I will be certainly looking into this, thanks :)
  14. Hello all I didn't want to get married to a certain other photo/designer program and pay for it for the rest of my life, luckily I found Affinity who had no marriage intentions and so it was a no brainer. I've got designer for the serious stuff, designing logos, etc and also have photo to mix and match with designer but photo for me is also for fun, I like to have fun with pictures. Anyhow, thanks for being there Affinity and thanks for having such a great forum to complement your product..... :D You deserve many more conversions to your product.......
  15. Wow, thanks for the speedy response...you're a star........ok I'm back to it ;)
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