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    Roar got a reaction from Throne777 in Guides Manager: Copy Guides & and keep panel open   
    That helps Walt, a lot!   But it would be even better to have copy abilities for guides.
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    Roar got a reaction from SisMoon in Guides Manager: Copy Guides & and keep panel open   
    That helps Walt, a lot!   But it would be even better to have copy abilities for guides.
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    Roar reacted to Mediafuel in AP - Can I copy and Paste Guides?   
    I am working on a series of product images. These images will be displayed side by side in a web shop. The finished images are simple composites made up of two separate images. I want to make each of the finished images have the same proportion and product positions. I am using guides to do this. Rather than go through the process of setting up guides for each of the different product documents, is there a way I can copy and paste guides from one document to another?
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    Roar got a reaction from MaxCreates in Internal Affinity File Manager (Persona?) Needed   
    Relatively new to the Affinity Publisher & Photo system and for the most part liking it, but it is not without its quirks.   Coming from previous experience with Adobe InDesign and Photoshop (never warmed up to Lightroom though!) getting files "placed" into Publisher leaves a lot to be desired!   A reasonably simple file browser internal to the Affinity platform could simplify things dramatically.   I've tried various software for organization: PhotoMechanic (very good but expensive and not justifiable this year in particular), FastRawViewer - FastStone - XnView MP (all three opensource) and keep coming back to Adobe Bridge (now free).   Even the best of these do not integrate with Affinity Publisher's "place" function and relaying on the operating system's finder seems a stop-gap solution at best.
    Judging by the years of requests for a DAM, I'm not alone. See: DAM Poll,   Affinity Photo DAM,   File Viewer,   etc.
    Although I'm not sure I would use the term "Digital Asset Manager" as that's probably too all-encompassing for what is needed.   A file manager is probably a better description, much like Adobe Bridge, built in to the Affinity platform to facilitate easy opening/placement of images/files in Photo, and/or Publisher.   Maybe as a individual persona.   Being able to sort by and edit metadata would seem a critically needed function.
    I'm determined to assembly my next book using Photo & Publisher, forcing myself to learn the differences.   Fortunately, I am somewhat settling comfortably into the system, believe in the Affinity team & Serif's endeavor and would love to see it continue to progress.
    Please have a look at what the competition is doing - DxO PhotoLab, Capture One, Adobe, etc.
    ...and seriously consider this,
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    Roar reacted to tallrob in Your Affinity 2021 wishlist   
    DAM, or something that looks like it. I switched from Aperture to C1 and I'm regretting it, but like everyone else here (I assume) I won't do Adobe. Affinity asset management is a must.
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    Roar reacted to walt.farrell in Guides Manager: Copy Guides & and keep panel open   
    In the meantime, as a workaround (in case youre not aware of it), you can create a Master Page, put the Guides on it, and then apply the Master to any spreads that need those guides. Of course, when applying this new Master, you'll need to remember to not replace any existing Master the spread may have
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    Roar reacted to Helmar in Guides Manager: Copy Guides & and keep panel open   
    It would be nice if I could copy guides to use in another spread.  It would be nice if I could keep the Guides Manager open when switching to another master page or spread.
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    Roar reacted to Arte in [Poll] Do you need a DAM? And what should it be like?   
    That I agree with, a good, functional and flexible DAM program should be able to stand on its own and work indepentely of other software running or not.
    I wouldn't mind if it could integrate with e.g. Affinity Photo for storing and keeping track of RAW edits in a non-destructive way, so that you could use Affinity Photo for RAW development and if possible copy the editing settings to other RAW files as well (e.g. similar to what some other RAW editors with DAM functionality have).
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    Roar reacted to Ulysses in [Poll] Do you need a DAM? And what should it be like?   
    Ohhhh yeah! I remember conversing with you about that approach. I do find it intriguing. Even though I don't see us moving over to that approach, I can understand why the workflow works for you. How are you able to process the latest batch of RAW data from newer cameras without updating to the Creative Cloud versions of Adobe software?
    With an Adobe workflow, the tasks are split between Photoshop, ACR, and Bridge. A Lightroom user essentially combines ACR and Bridge into a single program (but only partly since Lightroom can't do everything that Bridge can). My current workflow is similar in that I now split my tasks between Affinity Photo for pixel-level editing, Capture One Pro for RAW processing, and Photo Mechanic for keyboarding and metadata management. It's easy enough, although not as elegant as the integrated Adobe solutions. But when I ran away from Adobe, I knew it would also take time until the Serif solution is as fully integrated. Overall, though, I'm more content than if I'd stuck with Adobe's Creative Cloud.
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    Roar reacted to Ulysses in [Poll] Do you need a DAM? And what should it be like?   
    Sorry about this tangential point. But here's why it's not simply academic FOR ME: If you want to maintain access to all of that capability, you need to follow where Adobe is going to lead you. And that means being led to their Creative Cloud. Many of us have less than ZERO desire to go there. 
    Allow me to explain what I'm trying to say: I stopped upgrading Photoshop at CS6. I stopped updating Lightroom at version 6. I opted to avoid renting software from Adobe and having my data potentially held hostage. I also didn't like the costs for their cloud storage options. However, I recently updated to the latest Adobe Bridge CC 2019 as well as the latest version of Adobe Camera Raw; after all, they're both FREE, so why not. I was hoping that I would now be able to process RAW files from the latest cameras from Nikon, Canon, etc. But I can't! Why not?? Because of the the message attached here.

    Photoshop isn't what's handling your RAW images. It's Adobe Bridge and Adobe Camera Raw. BUT apparently without a qualifying version of Photoshop, Adobe won't allow you to access any of that. This arbitrary limitation is merely one of the reasons I needed to walk — or rather RUN — away from Adobe. And it's why I hope Serif will treat users differently. 

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    Roar reacted to hari1983 in Crop Tool Set Default to Original Ratio   
    This is true for landscape where you spend most of your time composing your shot. But it doesn't work that way for wildlife photography. It would better if we could set the default for crop to Original Ratio instead of unconstrained.
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    Roar reacted to Old Bruce in Crop Tool Set Default to Original Ratio   
    My knee jerk reaction was that that is wrong, but hey you know what? You are correct. I will use it occasionally, most often with panoramas, but most time it is a preset of a print size or the original ratio (for your aforementioned reasons).
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    Roar reacted to Sugar Lion in Crop Tool Set Default to Original Ratio   
    I do every single time I have to crop. Having to select it every single time by default as opposed to Photo starting with a constrained ratio is so annoying. Free form cropping is VERY rarely useful in photography in my experience. 
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    Roar reacted to MarcoMCM in Set different default crop setting   
    HI Thanks everybody, but what I am searching for is that my custom preset will be the first in the list or the first to open. Now it always starts with 'unconstrained'. I have to edit a lot of photos and crop them in the same way.
    Is there a possibilty for this?
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    Roar reacted to casterle in Pointer Support (general help improvements)   
    Good question and good comment. I landed here in search of the same answer.

    For many things the docs are useless. No cross references or cross-refs that point to nothing useful such as explanations that consist of parroting the name of the option in question. Some features are very good, like the 'interactive' graphics that demonstrate effects, but much of it serves only to fan frustration.
    This needs to be addressed at some point, and I hope that point is version 2.0. Given what Serif gives us for a very small price (which of course limits resources that can be devoted to docs) I find their products a bargain and recommend them to anyone who asks.
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    Roar reacted to TEcHNOpls in Pointer Support (general help improvements)   
    What is "Pinter support"? Help does not help here (•Choose whether to enable pointer support.).
    There many places where the help is lackluster, to say the least. A general revision of help system would be useful, even if you have books about this, a clearer description, even rudimentary should be available.
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    Roar reacted to Tobias.VFX in Save Custom Workspaces   
    Please enable the ability to save custom workspaces in Photo, Designer, and Publisher.  Often, the end user will need to create custom workspaces for various workflows.  At present, none of the Affinity products allow for saving and recalling custom workspaces to apply to different workflow needs.  While the ability exists to change the default workspace that loads each time you launch the application, as an end user we are "stuck" with only one option or reverting to factory defaults and starting over with a new desired layout. This is highly inefficient.
    I've discovered that the code has already been completed for this feature but for some reason has not been provided as an option to us.  Please correct this blunder as soon as humanly possible.  Custom workspaces are standard practice in virtually all professional workflows.
    Thank you kindly!
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    Roar reacted to MEB in On how many WindowsComputer can I install Affinity Photo   
    Hi NiCoEinZ,
    Welcome to Affinity Forums
    If all the PC's are running the same OS, you own them alll and are the only one using the application for commercial purposes then yes, you can install it on all three using the same license.
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