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  1. +1 Pretty please add TRANSPARENCY LOCK! One simple "lock transparency" button in the layers panel applicable to all brush type tools (brush, , smudge, erase, etc.). Assign customization for a shortcut key to it so it can be toggled on the fly. This allows many of us doing iterative design and concept work to get through block ins and finish work efficiently without having to get out of a full canvas view (hidden studio), hunt for the layer to ensure selection, and then hunt for the "protect alpha" button on the specific tool we are using. On some layouts, the button will be hidden which requires an additional click to reveal a menu to find it. Highly inefficient when you're deep in a workflow. This feature would be enormously appreciated! Thank you for your consideration!
  2. Hey everyone. Is there a way to flip the entire document in Designer horizontally or vertically? If not, I suggest this is a must have. Would be very very helpful for concept design.
  3. Thank you. That totally works fine for sure. Extra steps but it does what's needed. I was hoping to avoid further processing steps and have it just work. I still hope the devs consider really looking at it. After all, we don't have this issue on other apps doing the same thing.
  4. p.s. Force pixel alignment had no effect on improving the edge quality in AP when I just did a couple of tests. Use a simple basic hard brush to "ink" an outline gesture. Close it up. Wand select and fill to get a silhouette and examine edge. That's basically the process.
  5. Hmm, ok. Designer isn't relevant to the OP issue. I'll try what you suggest. Another workflow option is smoothing edges in the finalization stage of a painting which works "ok" but isn't really the ideal or suggested way to go about things as this can be destructive to the final product and is not time efficient at all. Totally not poking at Affinity here but I can tell you that this issue is significantly less in your competitors app. I tested it side by side. It's apparent that the algorithm in use by Affinity for edge processing could use a good looking at. Just a suggestion. It's one of those things that once you see it you can't unsee it and it leaves a sour impression in terms of quality. I know when I realized it, I was actually surprised because Affinity is really knocking it out of the park with just about everything else. I've actually come to discover that other users have raised this issue as far back as 2015. If there are other apps on the market that have succeeded in this area, I'm unsure as to why Affinity hasn't done the same. I'm really enjoying all of the Affinity apps for the record. I became a convert some time ago.
  6. Vector objects won't work in my case. These are hand drawn organic outlines. Basically ink drawings.
  7. Anyone got any advice on this one?
  8. Hey all. I've attached an image to illustrate what I'm experiencing in AP. I'm curious if there's a setting I'm missing somewhere that will address the very noticeable aliasing I see in wand selections. I've tried a handful of tests and can't seem to get rid of it. I'm expecting to see a smooth anti-aliased edge on my selection. I've tried various 'tolerance' settings from 0 to N# to no avail. Aliasing persists. Any tips? Latest production version of AP btw.
  9. Originally sketched a lay in and then did all the finish work in AP. Horror themed. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/k4dekl
  10. This is just a quick character head concept from a sketch I did yesterday. Brought it into AP for inking, toning, and finish work. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/k4dGLn
  11. Tobias.VFX

    Brush Stroke Lag - V

    This actually helped a great deal. I missed that the XP-Pen dialogue had a toggle for Windows Ink that seems to be independent of the system settings. Turning this off helped a lot. I've messed with a select set of brushes as well but didn't notice too much of a big difference. That's probably because my machine is really powerful. I imagine someone would notice a greater different with a lower spec machine.
  12. Tobias.VFX

    Brush Stroke Lag - V

    Hi Chris, Yes. I just tested that out. There's about a 2 ms delay in the stroke no matter what brush I use. Not sure if this is within "normal" tolerance but it makes drawing and painting by hand really awkward. Tobias
  13. Thank you but I'm talking about sampling on another screen, outside of the program but on the desktop of course.
  14. Curious if there's a way to use the color picker to grab a color from another document or window (eg, a video window) outside of AP. Any tips?

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