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  1. I haven't had the crash, perhaps because I only have 30-40 external references but it is a pain to have to close all the message boxes.. This only seems to have occurred, for me, with the .238 version. Also, references to cloud locations (Onedrive) that are only in the cloud (not downloaded to the PC) show as "Missing" in the Resource Manager.
  2. Ignore the previous message - I found my mistake.
  3. I have a table populated with text. I don't want any sort of framing on the table entries. However it seems that there is a default (?) of a thin set of lines around each cell. I go to display the Table menu in the Studio view and it shows under Frame a 1.5 pt grey stroke. All the options to change it are greyed out as is every other option to change it. I can't imagine that would make sense but perhaps I'm looking in the wrong place to make the change.
  4. Is there a way to open and/or place a .pdf "as is" - without trying to do font substitution? I simply want to paste in additional text on top of an existing pdf supplied by someone who uses fonts I don't have (and probably won't). I can convert the pdf to a jpg but it seems like there should be a way. Thanks,
  5. willernest

    CPU Loop in .209

    Went back now to Designer to close it out. Stuck as no responding on the Brush Editing window. 0.1% CPU reported. Cancelled as well.
  6. willernest

    CPU Loop in .209

    Using the .209 versions of both apps. I haven't been able to duplicate it but Photo went into a loop (ended via Task Manager) in the following circumstance. I was creating a number of .png images to use as nozzles for a brush. I went to add these nozzles to the brush and when going to use the brush things seemed to stop. I thought it was just slow in Designer but on checking Task Manager it was Photo that was hung up. Going to Photo it asked me if I wanted to save the current image I was editing; I said no and the screen went gray at that point. Photo was running at 98% plus and I cancelled it. I went back and did what I thought would be equivalent but it hasn't recurred.
  7. willernest

    Export Text Styles

    Thanks. Makes sense, in a way.
  8. In the dropdown menu for text styles there is an option to Import styles. However there doesn't appear to be an option to Export them. I created my own styles in a document and would like to bring them into a new document. Is there a way to do that? The import would look to export the whole set rather than selective so presumably the export would be as well.
  9. That could well be it. I'll do some experimenting. Thanks for the reply.
  10. I'm new enough at this to assume I'm doing something wrong rather than reporting a bug. I'm building a newsletter. I create various text boxes. When I go to enter text in order to get the same appearance of text, I'm finding that if, for example, I set font size to 10 pts in one, I may have to set it to 18 pts in another to make things match. The same character style and paragraph style looks to be in use as well. The result is that I pretty much have to adjust every text box as I go along. What am I doing right or doing wrong? Thanks.
  11. On the Windows version, the Fill tool (vector persona) supports "Extend" options (including Repeat) and "Quality" options. These options don't seem to be present on the iPad versions of same - or am I missing something? The extend options are useful for seamless bitmaps to create a background for example. A nice example is the case example for the Daub watercolor brush set. Is there an alternative way of accomplishing the same thing? Thanks.
  12. Fixed in .188 Thanks
  13. If on starting AD (beta) I create a new document (default). A nice white document appears. If you add a layer everything seems to proceed properly. However, if I have a blank document (no layers) and select Pixel mode (switch in upper left hand corner), the white document disappears (blank area) and AD hangs. I would have expected it to switch and when I used a Pixel brush to add a layer. At least for me there is no option of creating a dump file and I simply had to end the task. It's repeatable although I can obviously avoid it in the future.
  14. Once again the Setup Failed message. Attached are the log files. The problem seems to be tied to administrator privilege. Ran the install both directly from the download (not run as admin) and with admin (Open with admin privilege) - same result. Setup.log SetupUI.log Now of course with a reboot and an install it will complete successfully (no requirement to open with admin). As I am the admin (and only user of this system), there's something amiss. It appears the uninstall part worked fine - just couldn't get itself going.