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  1. You might want to try to reboot and reinstall. There's been a regular problem with updating any of the Affinity apps. The update deletes the existing install but fails to reinstall. Usually a reboot takes care of it. It has something to do with Windows "mood" at the time.
  2. Attached is the log file from the failed install - picked Publisher as the last. All three apps show the same behavior. Somehow it doesn't think it has the necessary permission to install. This has been an on and off things - currently apparently on. With a reboot, all three will install without complaint. SetupUI.log
  3. I had asked this before (and then entered it as a suggestion for enhancement) when others said it couldn't be done in AD. You can do it in APub. At the moment it's not a bug - it's a feature in AD.
  4. Perhaps this has been suggested before. I haven't found the search function to be very selective. In Publisher you can change the fill of the Frame portion of a text frame. In Designer you can only change the Text portion. It would seem that the code exists to support this feature in Designer (and perhaps eliminate some duplicate code) so I suggest that that function be added. I had earlier asked a question and was fortunately pointed to this solution for my current project.
  5. Thanks for the quick responses. Nice to know that Publisher has this option.
  6. I've created a text frame from a circle. At that point you can easily change the color of the circle. Convert it to a text frame. Type in some text. Once you're in a text frame, the various options for color are then associated with the text itself. How does one go back and change the background color of the circle?
  7. Is there a way to open and/or place a .pdf "as is" - without trying to do font substitution? I simply want to paste in additional text on top of an existing pdf supplied by someone who uses fonts I don't have (and probably won't). I can convert the pdf to a jpg but it seems like there should be a way. Thanks,
  8. That could well be it. I'll do some experimenting. Thanks for the reply.
  9. I'm new enough at this to assume I'm doing something wrong rather than reporting a bug. I'm building a newsletter. I create various text boxes. When I go to enter text in order to get the same appearance of text, I'm finding that if, for example, I set font size to 10 pts in one, I may have to set it to 18 pts in another to make things match. The same character style and paragraph style looks to be in use as well. The result is that I pretty much have to adjust every text box as I go along. What am I doing right or doing wrong? Thanks.
  10. On the Windows version, the Fill tool (vector persona) supports "Extend" options (including Repeat) and "Quality" options. These options don't seem to be present on the iPad versions of same - or am I missing something? The extend options are useful for seamless bitmaps to create a background for example. A nice example is the case example for the Daub watercolor brush set. Is there an alternative way of accomplishing the same thing? Thanks.
  11. I had started to modify an existing PDF. It came in with "No Style" associated with everything. Logical enough. If you start a new document, you come in with a default set of styles (Base, Body, Bullet etc.). Logical enough as well - otherwise there would be no starting point. There are options to create paragraph, character, group styles and delete styles. That said it would be nice if the default set showed up in such a case to give one a starting point. You can import styles if you happen to have some although there question is where to get them from. That said, while the help documentation (F1) shows a largely different set of options from the Panel Preferences panel currently in the beta - one that includes an Export function that is not in the existing panel. It could also be I missed something since I haven't used this kind of application before. Checking AD it appears there is only an import function as well. Trying to use that gave me the hint that you can export styles from a document which contains them and that perhaps there is no Export container. Sure enough that seems to be the way it works. I think it might be useful to better document how this is done - for experienced people maybe it's blindingly obvious. Not for this newbie. Thanks.
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